Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 698

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Chapter 698: Clues to the Truth

Late at night, the headquarters of the Starwing Knights.

"That young lady is very nice. She has learned a lot with me." Mumu complacently reported to the leader of the Starwing Knights, and she didn't find that Hua Yue had been putting a bad look on her face for a long time.

She asked Mumu to ask for information and find out the weakness of the other party. Yes, she didn't ask her to take any bride lessons with the mysterious Princess White Moon!

Although it seems to be a success, what's the matter with being the dowry of Princess White Moon!

This kind of good thing... accident, is too bad!

"So her engagement with the prince has long been decided?"

"When the last king died, it was time for the prince and her to fulfill their agreement."

As the leader of the Starwing Knights, Hua Yue smelt some conspiracy from Mumu's words.

"Well, she said it was an unshakable agreement. All the king's need to marry the queen."

"It's just that she doesn't seem to know what a wedding night is," Mumu told Hua Yue everything.

"Did she tell you where she came from?"

"Where is her family?" the more she investigates, the more she can find out the abnormality of the queens.

Why does everyone think that this engagement is a matter of course?

Obviously, the queens are so weird, as if they don't exist in the world before their appearance.

No matter how Hua Yue investigates the ancient documents, there is no trace of the existence of any queen family.

It's not normal.

If the queen was born into a noble family, she would leave traces on the documents of the kingdom.

The so-called mysterious tribe is nothing at all. This is the judgment of the leader of the Starwing Knights after investigating all the noble family heraldry since the founding of the kingdom.

As long as there is a family, it is impossible to leave no record in all literature.

There is no such thing as the family the queen came from!

After discovering the truth, Hua Yue couldn't believe her eyes.

The queen comes from the most mysterious, the oldest family has always been firmly believed by the upper class of the kingdom.

They seem to believe for generations that there is such an ancient and mysterious family in the Kingdom, that is, the great family known as the "Queen’s family".

But Hua Yue's investigation totally denied this answer.

From the records of selling luxury goods to the records of using carriages, all the records closely related to aristocratic life have been checked by Hua Yue. It can be 100% sure that the so-called queen family is a legend that does not exist at all.

As for the rich dowry of the queens, the luxurious wedding that made the whole kingdom boiling, they were all from the royal family!

In other words, the mysterious queen family in the eyes of nobles is essentially the royal family guarding the kingdom!

This secret has been hidden for thousands of years!

More than one-third of the wealth of the royal family is used to hold such weddings.

Almost none of the kings is hedonist, most of them are serious knights. Most of the wealth they accumulated as the leader of a kingdom was spent on their once-in-a-lifetime wedding.

It also creates a false impression that the dowry of the queen of every wedding is so rich that no one can doubt that the mysterious queen comes from the noblest and oldest mysterious family.

Only a mysterious noble family can support such a luxurious dowry and wedding.

No one would think that these dowries were all made by the royal family itself, and all the costs of the wedding were borne by the king.

The queens have never produced a gold coin or a piece of jewelry, after the wedding, they will disappear without a trace.

After discovering this, Hua Yue couldn't believe it.

What debt did the kings owe to the queen? Unexpectedly, every generation of the king would use all his savings to hold the wedding.

The kings, who have always lived a life of a knight, are only extravagant and wasteful at this wedding, which is not in line with the impression they give to the people.

It was not until the leader of the Starwing Knights, who was serious enough and careful enough, began to thoroughly investigate everything about the queen, that the royal family's great lie was revealed.

No, maybe it's not a lie.

The royal family has never said that these dowries, including the cost of the wedding, are the life savings of the kings.

Because this is the wedding of the king and queen. All the expenses are consumed in the name of the "wedding".

Even if Hua Yue tells the truth, no one will believe it, let alone it is not a crime.

All the kings of the past are willing to do it.

Including Yun Xi, he also took the initiative to approve all the wedding expenses without any hesitation.

The water in it is too deep to see the bottom.

"There is a problem... the problem is too big... " Asked Mumu about the information about the queen's family, she still got nothing useful information, Hua Yue affirmed again.

There is a plot!

All the weddings of kings have problems!

After spinning the cocoon, Hua Yue found that all the roots can be traced back to the first king of the kingdom.

He is known as the ancestor of the royal family and the bravest knight.

He was such a perfect king, naturally, when he first announced that he would marry a queen who had never been seen, he had encountered numerous objections.

This was also the first king's wedding in the history of the kingdom to be opposed.

For those who objected, the powerful knight chose to suppress and beat all the subordinates who showed their objections, and finally married the mysterious queen in the dispute.

This custom lasted for three successive generations of kings.

When the nobles realized that it was impossible to reverse the kings' strange behavior, they finally accepted it.

As time goes by, the custom of the king marrying the mysterious queen has naturally become the tradition of the kingdom until now.

"Sure enough... this is not normal..."

"This kind of wedding... it's not right!"

After discovering the truth of history, the leader of the Starwing Knights, Hua Yue made up her mind.

She wants to change this history and accomplish what the nobles failed to accomplish.

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