Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 696

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Chapter 696: Important Answers

On the other hand, someone who doesn't know what it means to hide her emotions... yes, I'm saying you, Ling Ling!

"Prince, don't marry that White Moon." Resting on Yun Xi's shoulder, Ling Ling acted coquettishly.

Mei Lan almost made a mistake in writing the crucial judgment when she heard Ling Ling's voice.

Ling Ling, what a fool you are! Didn't we decide to come to test the king's true heart? What kind of test is this?!

Sure enough, she is just a hopeless fool!

"Ah... in fact... " his hesitation undoubtedly increased Ling Ling's arrogance and gave her confidence to advance.

"I am the closest to you, my prince!" Ling Ling began to play cute again.

"I took a bath with you and slept with you. Even our leader didn't do these things with you!"

Oh, why did she remember that ! He didn't expect she would.

What? Have they done these things?! This was Mei Lan's thought. She had a heartbreak.

Oh, it's true!

Yun Xi recalled all kinds of games they had played such as "doctors and patients" or card games, which had the rule that the loser must take off a piece of clothing.

By the way, as long as it's a duel, the stupid Ling Ling had never won against the prince once, so she was always played with by him by various means.

Hey, where does this memory come from? The setting of this world is too bad!

He was surprised by the memory about the "prince" of this trial world generated by the stars.

I know it!

Mei Lan's small hand was shaking, but even with such a sad expression, she still insisted on her duty.

As a secretary, if I can't finish my job, I'm not qualified to stay with the present prince and the future king!

Even if the kingdom is destroyed and the king is betrayed, she will stay with him and deal with his affairs for him faithfully.

This is the road she chose. No matter what road the king took, she would accompany him and advance with him.

The Secretary is the king's pen, which is used to announce the king's will.

No matter what the king is, she will be loyal to him, which is the way of the secretary's love.

"Prince..." With a sweet voice, Ling Ling launched an "attack" on him, regardless of Mei Lan's presence.

"No... No...... " Yun Xi's resistance was just as powerless as the little white rabbit facing the big gray wolf.

Every shaking of Ling Ling breast’s made his face blush and his heart thump.

Every breath of Ling Ling would speed up his breathing.

Ah, what a little succubus that can't be rejected!

With such a secretary, how can I be a gentleman!

"Whoa... Ooo... The prince is bullying me!" Ling Ling's tears announced his defeat.

In addition to Mei Lan's glances from time to time, Yun Xi felt that he was about to commit a crime.

Who is bullying whom in the end?! He issued a silent cry and finally raised his hand to surrender.

"I'm sorry... It's impossible not to get married... "

"This is the tradition of the royal family."

It's not just a tradition, it's a ritual passed down from generation to generation, and it's a pledge made by the Queen of Assyria.

"Then After marriage, will the queen still be here? " Ling Ling, biting Yun Xi's ear, asked the crucial question for the Starwing Knights.

That's it!

Mei Lan's ears popped up in an instant. The answer to this question is very important. It was not only for the Starwing Knights, but also for the whole kingdom.

In a word, Yun Xi's answer would determine the fate of the whole Starwing Knights, even the whole kingdom.

According to the historical records, the queen would only appear on the wedding day, and then disappear without a trace.

Only this time, this tradition was broken. Before the wedding day, the Queen appeared in the palace.

What's more, it's a 12-year-old girl with a recognizable name - White Moon.

For the Starwing Knights, it was a huge blow.

For the guardian Kingdom, this was also a big enough of an event to affect the whole kingdom.

If the queen is no longer a symbol but a living human, there are too many things that will be involved.

"Um... she... she probably won't stay..." Yun Xi hesitated and answered.

According to his calculation, the young Queen of Assyria's true body probably can't leave the underground lake.

In the past thousand years, all the kings had proved this.

This time, after completing the "wedding" ceremony, her majesty should return to the quiet underground lake as usual.

At least, from Yun Xi's "common sense", it's the most reasonable answer.

Well, he just forgot to think about how unreasonable his "White Moon" he created was.

"Yeah! Great! " Ling Ling smiled, licked his ear with her little tongue, and then kissed his cheek heavily:

"Sure enough, the prince is the best!"

Well, everything is still on track.

Mei Lan held her glasses and smiled happily.

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