Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 695

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Chapter 695: Their Temptations

It's probably the favorite thing for all teachers that they have a student who is interested in learning and keeps improving day by day.

If there's anything more pleasant, that is there are two such students.

The female official looked at the two little girls with complicated eyes.

Most of the time, Mumu was more active and played the role of "king", while the gentle Queen of Assyria played the role of "queen".

In the study called "body position course", the two little girls changed their postures and enjoyed it.

However, once remembered that the two underage children would usher in a real wedding night in a few days, the female official couldn't help sighing.

Your majesty, please be gentle with them.

Experienced she could imagine how terrible things would happen to the two children on their wedding night because of the problem of size.

It will be a night full of pain and blood.

Unfortunately, this is politics and destiny.


"Ah-choo!" Yun Xi, who was doing business in the room suddenly sneezed. He always felt that someone despised him somewhere.

Is this a delusion? It must be a delusion!

He has been really wronged. There were so many kings who married the Queen of Assyria, why am I the only one who is looked at by so many people with strange looks!

Is it wrong to make a good marriage puppet?

It's clearly right to do the best you can about what you're going to do.

"How can there be so much trouble in this trial?" He felt his head was going to explode when he saw the piles of documents in front of him.

He never thought that the so-called king would be so busy!

The bridge of a small river was destroyed by the flood, which needs the kingdom’s funding, waiting for the king's approval.

Some wheat fields were plagued by locusts. The leaders hoped that the kingdom would reduce taxes this year and wait for the king's approval.

The port's Business Federation appealed collectively, crying that the port's earl embezzled too much tax and asked to replace this "vampire" earl, waiting for the king's ruling.

He never knew that there were so many affairs that need the king to make the final decision in the kingdom.

The king is the core of the kingdom and can dominate all the rulers of the kingdom.

The result of super centralization is that the future of the kingdom is entirely decided by the king, and everyone takes it for granted that this is the responsibility of the king.

The king himself is the supreme force of the kingdom.

Knights are the strongest armed group in the kingdom, which is responsible for almost all of the military operations in the kingdom.

The wedding ceremony with the mysterious queen symbolizes the orthodoxy of the kingdom.

Even though the prince, Yun Xi, has not officially ascended the throne, all people regard him as the king and send him the government documents waiting for approval but piled up because of the former king's serious illness.

Oh gosh! He was just an ordinary baker in a small town not long ago, how can he handle these things!

Looking at these piles of documents, he had a headache!

Rather than deal with the documents, he would rather challenge the Forgotten Ruins that could make him die over and over again!

At least, even if his challenge failed, he would end up back at the bonfire.

If these government affairs are not handled well, it will affect the lives of thousands of people and even the stability of the whole kingdom.

Where did I go wrong? This trial has changed from the death journey of blood and fire to the king's game!

He didn't want to be the king at all!

"Knock, knock! " As he looked at the papers on his desk, wondering if he would like to turn a blind eye to them, and the door was knocked on gently.

"Prince, are you there?"

"Prince, it's us."

The secretary of the Starwing Knights is coming!

"Come in, the door is open." Yun Xi tried to pretend that he was dealing with government affairs.

"Prince, is it hard to deal with government affairs?" Mei Lan looked at him with a serious expression and wanted to say something.

"Prince, it's the opposite." Ling Ling giggled, pointing out what a mistake he had made.

"Ah..." Yun Xi found out that he had taken the paper in the opposite direction.

Let a baker deal with the government affairs? This kingdom is going to be finished!

"Let me help you." Mei Lan took the documents from Yun Xi, as well as the king's special seal and pen, and began to deal with these documents skillfully.

Her serious look, her speed, including the gesture of stamping, all showed that these things were routine for her.

This was the secretary of the Starwing Knights. In both the real world and the trial world, Mei Lan had been used to this.

"Prince, I'll rub your back for you." Ling Ling also did her job skillfully.

That pair of soft and elastic breasts were pressed on his shoulder, plus the kneading of the small hands, it was really hard to know whether she was using her chest or rubbing his back with her hands.

"Thank you, you saved me! I can't handle these things." Yun Xi breathed a sigh of relief. The hours he spent in this room were more painful than his bloody battle in the Forgotten Ruins.

At least he could fight these monsters when it was one on one. In the face of this hill of documents, Yun Xi had only one idea - I surrender!

"King, you don't have to deal with these things by yourself."

"People's energy is limited. There can be no one who can do everything and still do their best."

"If there is such a man, it is not man, but God."

"The way to run a kingdom is to assign the right jobs to the right people, let them work hard and get the right pay." Mei Lan's voice was steady and soothing. It was the work of the secretary to deal with these documents for the king.

She was used to being in this position, able to calmly help the people she likes, and exert her talents at the same time.

If she couldn't be the one closest to the prince, she could at least be indispensable.

For her, that was enough.

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