Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 690

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Chapter 690: For Whom Do Girls Cry

It was clear that most of them were only about sixteen years old, but they drank like a group of sad old men.

Looking at the appearance of her companions, Lu Lu silently concocted the medicine and wine that was beneficial to the body and mind, and frowned.

Even though she tried to make the wine harmless to the body, they would only be intoxicated in the alcohol anesthesia. The girls' melancholy almost infected everyone except Lu Lu.

They couldn't easily accept that their dream had been taken away by a young girl suddenly.

In this respect, there was really no more mature girl than Lu Lu, who was so kind-hearted in nature.

"Tinkle!" Just as everyone seemed to be about to get drunk, the doorbell at the entrance rang.

Almost all the members of the entire Starwing Knights were here.

At this time, the only person who would come here was...

Not only Lu Lu, but everyone who was drunk or crying looked at the door.

There, the golden spiral of blonde hair was shaking, like the last ray of sunshine in a long night.

Compared with the girls in the tavern, only she still raised her head high, just like a princess who was confident and proud.

No matter her mind or her calm demeanor, she was worthy of the name of the leader of the Starwing Knights.

Behind her were the last two new members of the Starwing Knights.

Mumu who was looking around curiously, and Robin who had a helpless expression on her face.


"Leader Hua Yue!"


Seeing Hua Yue, many frustrated members of the Starwing Knights saw a glimmer of unrealistic hope.

Before today, undoubtedly, the person closest to the prince in the Starwing Knights was their respected leader.

She was the most outstanding noble girl of the kingdom, the founder of the Starwing Knights.

Her personality and charm supported the Starwing Knights. No matter if it was the daughter of the noble family or the children born in poverty, they all agreed that Hua Yue was the most perfect leader of the Starwing Knights.

At this moment, her emergence undoubtedly brought a little wave of hope to the lifeless members of the Starwing Knights.

Everyone looked at her, waiting for something, or expecting something.

"Hello, everyone." When Hua Yue glanced at the tavern, she knew that the worst situation she expected had happened.

The entire Starwing Knights had fallen into despair, just like when she saw the young bride for the first time.

Except for Lu Lu, others could be regarded as if they had abandoned themselves.

Xiao Cao was drinking in silence.

Ling Ling was crying to death.

Mei Lan was completely disorganized.

The more hope and bigger dream they had, the stronger the blow they would suffer when they faced this rattrap.

Like the darkness before dawn, the Starwing Knights had come to a dangerous situation of disintegration.

At this time, she had to stand up.

"Are you going to give up?"

First, ask them what they really think.

If they really want to quit the Starwing Knights because of this, it means that they will only reach this level after all.

"Ooo ooo, I don't want to... don't want to... but... " Ling Ling cried like a child. She was the one who suffered the most after knowing that the prince would marry White Moon.

If it was a 100 meter race, then Hua Yue was three meters ahead then others, and she was at least half a meter ahead of others. She was very satisfied with this situation.

Why would the underage bride pop up and occupy the flag of the destination?

Foul, it's a foul!

She wanted to report anonymously! It's cheating. It's cheating!

"Um... I don't want to give up, and we can't give up... Ling Ling." At this time, only Mei Lan comforted Ling Ling.

In her eyes, although Ling Ling was stupid and couldn't handle everything well, Ling Ling's love for the prince was the most straightforward.

The confused Ling Ling, the crying Ling Ling, the childish Ling Ling made Mei Lan feel the same.

Her tears were for all the girls of the Starwing Knights.

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