Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 689

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Chapter 689: The Starwing Knights' Great Crisis

As the saying goes, good news never goes beyond the gate, while bad news spreads far and wide.

The news of the appearance of the legendary queen spread throughout Wangcheng in a short afternoon.

In the tavern, people were all talking about the king's bride who appeared for the first time in thousands of years.

"Have you heard that the queen finally appeared this time!" A wine drinker announced the big news to those who did not know the news with an excited expression.

"Queen? Does our kingdom have a queen?"

"Queen? Does John drink too much now?"

"Our queen? Isn't it just a mascot? She won't come out before the wedding starts, and she only appears on the wedding day."

This was the reaction of the ordinary people of the kingdom. After all, everyone was used to the tradition of the royal family. The so-called queen was basically a mascot.

"No, it's true this time. The queen has appeared."

"It's said that she's a beautiful woman!" John who got the gossip from the palace servant had a strange look on his face, waiting for others to shout.

As John expected, when the news came out, the people in the whole tavern exclaimed.

"What!? Is this true!?"

"That queen has appeared before the wedding day!"

"How beautiful is she? Has anyone seen her true face? Isn't it said that the Queen's veil can only be lifted by the king?"

Well, after a thousand years, there were many stories about the mysterious queen.

"Yes, more than one person saw her, and she is a more perfect girl than you think!" John enjoyed everyone's expression.

"What does she look like? Is it true that the queen is from a desert tribe?"

"Say it, John, drink my wine, drink as much as you like!"

"Say it, don't let it beat you!"

Looking at the people's eager eyes, John said the truth triumphantly at last, "Our queen is only twelve this year."

As soon as he said it, the people in the tavern were boiling!

"Twelve years old? Oh, our prince is really..."

"The prince is going to be the king soon. It's understandable to be a bit headstrong for a young man, but marrying a 12-year-old..."

"The queen is only 12-years-old? No, that's not right!"

Some exclaimed their indignation, some envied, more shrugged their shoulders and forgive the prince for his little mistake.

As for the king... well, after all, no one could let him change his option. Moreover, it's no harm to the people even if the prince is really going to marry an underage queen.

However, our prince, the hero of the kingdom, the son of destiny, actually likes this...

This was also a tavern, but it was forbidden for outsiders. It was just a tavern belonging to the Starwing Knights, and the atmosphere here was gloomy.

"No, I don't accept it!" Ling Ling cried. The peaks on her chest were squeezed on the table and almost flattened, "Why did that nonexistent queen come out suddenly!"

"Doesn't the queen only appear on the wedding day and then disappear?!"

"I joined the Starwing knights to fall in love with the prince!"

"No, I don't accept it!"

In the tavern, Ling Ling was not the only one with a sad expression. Other members also showed a lifeless expression, as if they just saw the end of the world.

"Ah... everybody... don't be so desperate..." Lu Lu, who was in charge of mixing wine was the only one who was trying to comfort her drunk companions.

Now, only Lu Lu still maintained her emotional stability.

Her personality was that kind of good wife who accepts all the advantages and disadvantages of her beloved without any reason.

Even if the prince was going to marry a young girl, she would bear it.

However, not all people had such a good temper as Lu Lu. Most members of the Knights still wanted to fall in love with the prince and have a baby with him.

Originally, they were all on the same running line. Even if their leader, Hua Yue had a slight advantage, it was like a three meters advantage in the 100 meter race.

But suddenly the queen directly appeared at the end of the 100 meter race!

This is cheating!

She won without even running!

No one had ever regarded the mysterious queen as an enemy, because the wedding ceremony of the prince and her was just a perfunctory ceremony of the kingdom in their eyes.

No one had ever thought that the queen would appear suddenly and defeat all the members of the Starwing knights with such an "ultimate skill"!

For the young girls in love, this was a hundred times more important than fighting against the dragon!

If it wasn't for a reason that everyone knew exactly, none of them would join the newly formed Starwing knights!

"The enemy is very strong... " Xiao Cao drank the fruit wine made by Lu Lu one after another, and a group of companions of the Starwing Knights had fallen beside her.

As the strongest girl of the Starwing Knights, her attitude was like a weathervane for the girls of the Starwing knights.

Even she began to get drunk, it meant that the spirit of the Starwing Knights was falling to the point of hopelessness.

Lu Lu sighed at Xiao Cao, who looked soberer and more dangerous.

Prince, you really don't know a girl's heart!

Even if it's just a political marriage, that White Moon is too young!

No one will be reconciled to lose to such a young girl.

If this went on, the Starwing Knights would probably soon be disbanded.

"You fool, don't be so sad! We still have a chance!" Mei Lan comforted the crying Ling Ling. She couldn't just watch it.

The Starwing Knights was in a life and death crisis!

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