Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 674

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Chapter 674: The Secrets of Kings

"The next most important thing is the wedding ceremony." Robin looked at Yun Xi seriously, with a look of contempt and pity.

"Wedding... is there anything to pay special attention to?" Yun Xi's impression of a wedding was that two people work hand in hand, vow in front of the church or parents, exchange rings and then the ceremony is done.

Well, is it to discuss the making method of the wedding cake? He had rich experience in this.

As a hero ranked baker, he was a little confidence in his ability to design cakes.

Should I design a super large cake with a nine-story tower structure?

"The wedding ceremony with the queen is special. Prince, you have to make a puppet by yourself." Robin looked at Yun Xi with some doubts and said what every king must do according to the tradition.

"Puppet?" Yun Xi asked confused and looked at Robin.

"The queen can't leave the underground lake, so a puppet must be made to attend the wedding ceremony."

"In the palace, there is a special room for kings to make puppets."

"Prince, since you are going to marry that queen, you will naturally make a corresponding puppet."

As the royal augur, Robin informed him of the very important information.

"I see!" Yun Xi finally understood why the forbidden queen of Assyria could appear in public to marry the kings.

It turns out that she was using puppets!

So, what I have to do is to make a puppet for her according to the rules?

"Yes, according to the tradition, the better the puppet you make, the more you will win the favor of that queen."

"This is a top priority of our kingdom," Robin said very seriously.

The young queen, who would only appear under the red crescent moon, couldn't come to the sun with her true body.

If her true body appeared, this kingdom would be destroyed just like the destruction of the ancient kingdom of Assyria.

The weddings of the kings and the queen of Assyria were actually the weddings of the kings and the puppets made by kings.

This secret was known only to the kings and the royal augurs who presided over the Queen's wedding.

No one would think that the mysterious bride married to the kings was not human at all.

For the queen of Assyria, who couldn't leave the underground lake, the wedding had been a long history of thousands of years. It was a rare festival for the queen to go out to see the world and feel the sunshine, even though she was in the form of filling in the bodies of the puppets.

Because the puppets made by kings were different (mainly because of the technical problems), the "mysterious brides" in people's eyes were not the same person.

This time, Yun Xi needed to help the queen of Assyria make a wedding puppet just like what all the previous kings had done.

"Well, I see." Yun Xi thought that since the kings before had all completed this task, it should not be difficult to make a puppet.

He also wondered if all the kings before had such artistic talent to make people in the kingdom believe that the puppets were the real bride.

This question was not completely solved until he was led by Robin to the so-called puppet chamber.

"This... Are these the brides of the king? " Yun Xi was stunned to see a large number of strange puppets.

"Yes, this is the work of kings." Robin shrugged. When she first saw these puppets, she had the same expression as Yun Xi.

They are too ugly!

Most of the king's handicrafts looked like the wooden man used as targets when knights practiced their sword skills.

The size of the fingers was not right, the proportion of the limbs was distorted, and even the five features on the head were in a mess. They were more like a terror monster used to scare children than puppets.

What's more, these puppets were also inlaid with precious gems. This was simply wasting materials!

There were only a few puppets that were not that bad. That meant, the ones with no mistakes in their facial features and had complete body structure.

These were just apprentice-level rough works, which could already be said to be unique and transcendent in this puppet room.

Without exception, all the puppets showed a consistent characteristic: they all look like the wooden man for the knights to practice with!

"After all, kings are also knights, none of them are artists..." Robin shrugged.

"How does this kind of puppet make people think they will be humans?" As long as he imagined that the kings were holding these puppets in their arms and vowing to marry them, he felt creepy.

"This... It seems that when the queen comes, these puppets will change automatically... at least they will look more like human beings..." Robin said in an unsure tone.

The scam lasted for thousands of years and hadn't been discovered by anyone. There must be a reason.

Perhaps, the power of that Assyrian queen had reached a level that could distort reality.

At least, no one had ever doubted whether the queen of Assyria, who came to the wedding as a puppet, was human.

"Well, I see." Yun Xi rubbed his temples and sighed for the low artistic imagination of kings.

Your majesty, in addition to practicing knights' fighting skills, you should also improve your artistic accomplishment!

"Can't you replace it with a better puppet?" He thought that it was too sad to marry such ragged puppets.

"No, only the puppets made by the kings can be possessed by the queen. This is the mission of every king." Robin replied very positively.

"Well, I can only make a new one myself."


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