Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 673

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Chapter 673: The Death Knell Rings

Ok, I disappointed you.

I can't refuse her wish!

Yun Xi had to admit that he was getting further and further away from being a gentleman.

At least, in the small town, he never wanted to marry an underage girl.

Although it was a forced choice, maybe he would be killed by the spiders if he refused, but he still felt that he had lost something very important.

Why? He had married a million brides, but in the face of the proposal of the young queen of Assyria, his psychological defense was simply vulnerable.

No matter how many reasons he had, it couldn't be covered up as a crime!

Killing the father and marrying the mother... is this the original sin of guarding the royal family?!

Alas, I miss those star trials, when I could simply solve the problem by killing monsters all the way.

The epic task of marrying the queen was too difficult!

"Then, marry me." The 12-year-old queen of Assyria was straight. At this age, she didn't know how to hide her intention like an adult.

The love in the eyes of a girl of this age was just like a fairy tale. The prince would surely fall in love with the princess, and the two would have a happy ending.

The tragedy of the millennium queen does not exist here. Here was the paradise where time freezes forever at the age of 12, just like a heaven-like sweet dream.

"OK." So far, he had no choice.

Anyway, to marry a bride couldn't be more difficult than to marry a million brides, right?

Well, at least this time, this is a real star trial, right? No one would remember me after they woke up, right?

Just regard it like the game "playing house"!

"Well, I'll wait for you." The queen of Assyria grabbed Pafu in her hands and smiled at Yun Xi, "Go and announce that the wedding is about to begin."

"Do you want me to do that?" he looked at the queen who was kneading Pafu. This was different from what she said.

"A wedding is a must." The eyes of the young queen of Assyria were full of longing.

Every wedding is a very happy day for the queen of Assyria, who was trapped in the underground lake.

This was also a crucial ritual for the whole kingdom.


In the city, the bell tolled 13 times in a row, echoing in succession.

It was the bell that proclaimed the death of the king.

All the people of the kingdom were aware of the significance of the thirteen bells.

People in the city first heard the bell and heard the news.

The bells were delivered one by one according to the special arrangement. Soon people living in other cities also knew the news. At sunset, even the people at the most remote villages heard the thirteen bells in their villages.

In this regard, people had already had a psychological preparation.

In the capital city, people who just met the attack of the dragon in the daytime gathered in the tavern and talked loudly about the coming ceremony.

"Your Majesty has passed away."

"I'm not surprised, he has been seriously ill for a long time. It's time for the prince to inherit the throne."

"The prince is very excellent. Even the desert dragon was defeated by him."

"He's not a prince now. According to the law, when his majesty dies, his highness will automatically inherit the throne."

"Let's drink to the new king!"

"To the mysterious queen who has been replaced again!"

In countless clinking cups, people began to look forward to the coming ceremony.

It was an inevitable ceremony for every king of the kingdom to ascend the throne. The mysterious bride in the black robe would appear in the ceremony called "Moonlight Sacrifice".

Every king would marry such a mysterious queen, but no one had ever really seen the true face of these mysterious queens.

It was said that this was the agreement between the royal family and a mysterious race, symbolizing a sacred oath.

Every king would marry such a bride, but no one had seen the mysterious bride outside the Moonlight Sacrifice.

All the descendants of the kings were born from the concubines or even lovers. The mysterious queens never gave birth to the descendants of the royal family, and even where they lived was the secret of the royal family.

All the kings were powerful warriors worthy of the kingdom's pride. The prince of this generation was also known as the most talented swordsman of the kingdom.

His wedding ceremony, the "Moonlight Sacrifice", would undoubtedly be a grand event for the whole kingdom.

When the old king died and the new king ascended, as long as people had a little identity and financial resources, they would come from all sides of the kingdom to witness this historic moment.

The last king was praised as a knight close to perfection. During his term of office, he worked very hard. Until he fell ill, he was a hard-working and diligent king, deeply loved by the people.

In order to remember this great king and celebrate the birth of a new king, the whole kingdom had been in a busy state since the bell rang.

"Prince, you made a choice."

"It's the right choice, the choice of destiny."

In front of Yun Xi, Robin who dressed in Royal augur robe looked at him with complicated eyes.

"Ah, as you said, I can't escape." he sighed.

He had no choice, because he didn't even have the right to refuse. If he didn't want those horrible spiders running out of the underground lake, he had to marry the queen of Assyria.

That was to say, there were only two options from the beginning.

Marry the queen of Assyria and save the kingdom.

Escape from the Kingdom and watch the Kingdom being destroyed.

It was really hard to choose one from the other. In fact, there was no choice at all.

This choice was so difficult that he had to think if there was something wrong with his life, and found out that Robin seemed to have seen through everything.

"Then, according to the ancient ceremony, Prince, you have to prepare the gift of marrying the queen." He didn't know if it was his imagination, but he felt that Robin's voice was extremely sharp today, as if she were very dissatisfied.

Didn't you tell me that only killing the father and marrying the mother can ascend the throne of this kingdom and gather all forces to fight against the terror dragon?

Why now you look at me with such contempt!

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