Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 664

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Chapter 664: Draw the Sword

"Come down!"

"Come down!"

"Come down and fight with me!"

On the ground, the degenerated king roared and waved his black sword, trying to attack Yun Xi.

Unfortunately, Yun Xi was suspended in the sky. He was far out of the attack range of the king’s sword.

And because of the evolution of the Crane Wings Twin Swords, Yun Xi also stopped his attack and suspended himself in the air.

He was surrounded by numerous scattered glittering fragments.

These were the fragments of the Crane Wings Twin Swords.

In order to catch up with Yun Xi's footsteps, the twin swords resolutely chose the most difficult road.

All the materials that made up the twin swords had become fragments. From this moment on, the twin swords actually disappeared.

The pair of sword souls chose to return everything to zero.

Yun Hai's Quadrant Sword only needed one heir.

The twin sword souls believed that even if they searched all of the endless god's domains, they couldn't find anyone else who was more suitable for Yun Hai's Quadrant Sword than Yun Xi.

The meeting of that day was the fate of the twin swords.

Yun Xi saw all of the history of the Crane Wings Twin Swords.

In distant times, at the top of the mountains, the tall giant hammered out the embryo of the twin sword.

Yun Hai came from the clouds, giving the twin swords their names.

"I name you 'Crane Wings Twin Swords'!"

"These two swords should be able to shelter my family for a thousand years."

"If any of my descendants can understand the 'sword meaning' I hide in the twin sword, then they are qualified to inherit my legacy."

"If not, then I have to say that they have no luck to study my Yun Hai's Quadrant Sword."

"In the world, there is no family that can never be extinguished."

"A thousand years is enough. If my family doesn't have the qualification, then when the two sword souls awake from inside the twin swords, they can choose their master themselves."

"I don't know who you are and what time it is, but since you have been chosen by the twin swords, you can inherit my legacy."

"My strongest sword skill, Yun Hai's Quadrant Sword!"

"Remember, the mystery of this sword skill is not about the sword, but in the heart!"

This was the last legacy Yun Hai left for his family before leaving the White Lotus Sword Domain.

At that time, no one in the world knew how terrible Yun Hai's Quadrant Sword was.

On that day, Yun Hai the Sword Master wandered on the top of mountains, breaking the sky and tearing the whole world apart with his sword.

A thousand years later, Yun Xi got the Crane Wing Twin Swords and Yun Hai's Quadrant Sword.

Over the past one thousand years, the two souls in the twin swords gradually grew up, becoming perfect "Yin" and "Yang" sword souls, becoming a boy and a girl.

The boy sword soul was a teenager with long hair hanging at his feet with clear eyes.

The girl sword soul was a lovely girl with a bun-like hairstyle and a gossamer dress.

They had been waiting for a hope, a promise for so many years.

For the sake of this promise, they suppressed their impulse to evolve over and over again, just waiting for the right person to appear.

Today, the time had come. The long wait had ended.

In order to follow the new master and create a new history, the twin sword souls made a choice.

"Like the twinkling stars in the night sky, our hearts are intertwined and not separated."

"Even if two people can't hold each other's hands, as long as we still remember..."

The core material for forging the twin swords was restored to the original shape.

They were the fragments of countless stars. They were the dust of stars, which gathered by chance in the endless sky.

Like travelers in the sky, the fragments of these stars didn't follow any fixed trajectory, but traveled freely through countless stars, recording the history of the birth and death of countless worlds, and eventually fell into the earth and condensed into crystals.

The crystal of stars is their name.

They are the best material for forging a god weapon, they are the best prototype to accomplish any fantasies.

Because the memory of stars contains everything.

The stars that gestated intelligent species.

The stars that were destroyed by countless eruptions.

The stars that breed super fantastic creatures and were eventually swallowed up by these fantastic creatures.

The dust of these stars floated in the void and eventually accidentally gathered together, traveled with comets and eventually fell into some worlds, gathering into crystals over tens of millions of years.

The core material of the twin swords was these crystals. Even the gods would feel jealous if they knew about it.

The two swords disintegrated themselves and return to their original shape.

Everything was for Yun Xi, for that promise.

"Oh, you are also children of stars!" Yun Xi could feel the last traces left by the two sword souls.

In order to forge a unique sword for Yun Xi, the two sword souls chose to transform themselves into materials and merge into the dust of the stars.

For Yun Xi's sake, the sword souls abandoned everything.

"Sword... Draw your sword..." The dust that danced around Yun Xi made a tender voice.

Since Yun Xi needed a sword, then the stars would make the sword he wanted.

This was also the last perseverance of the two swords before they turned everything back to zero.

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