Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 663

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Chapter 663: Sword Souls

"My unfilial son, die!" The holes on the degenerated king's body increased, and the king's mind became crazier.

It was the persistence that would burn everything up. It was an incredible power.

The king sacrificed everything he had in exchange for power, without considering what impact it would have on the last kingdom of the world.

The mad king, the mad power, and the red crescent moon made everything mad.

"Boom!" The slash was stronger, faster and more violent than before. Like a cross to cut open the earth, a larger crack appeared on the ground in the center of the ruins of the palace.

More crow doctors emerged from the black crack caused by the sword. This time, they grew wings and flew in the sky, making ominous howl under the bloody crescent moon.




However, Yun Xi was higher and faster than them.

The king's attack couldn't even touch Yun Xi's clothes.

Like Hua Huo, there were transparent light halos that appeared behind Yun Xi's feet. They were the lights of the Sky Flying Sword, they were they marks which could ignore gravity and transcend the shackles of the earth.

The king who had sacrificed his legs couldn't imagine the sword flying freely in the sky.

For the vast majority of swordsmen, the battle takes place on the ground.

For the Sky Flying Sword, its battlefield is infinite!

The earth, the sky, and even the stars are all its battlefields.

Yun Xi could feel the heartfelt joy from the twin swords.

Just like a good horse needed a good saddle, to god weapons, it was their luck to meet a master who could exert their power to the fullest.

Because of this, only real geniuses could obtain god weapons' recognition. If the user was too weak, many god weapons would even refuse to release their true power.

However, Yun Xi was different. As a mortal who had mastered two god sword skills, he was qualified to inherit and exert any god weapon's true power.

In the face of his rapid growth, even the Crane Wings Twin Swords could barely follow his footsteps.

For this reason, the sword souls in the two swords finally made up their minds.

It was time for rebirth.

If we can not catch up with our master's footsteps, then we have no meaning of existence.



With Yun Xi's flying, the blade of the twin swords began to drop tiny debris bit by bit.

The twin swords' exquisite bodies began to break up slowly.

Like a butterfly hatched from a cocoon, the Crane Wings Twin Swords began to evolve.

Even with thousands of years of historical accumulation and the inheritance from Yun Hai the sword master, it was still a dangerous leap for the twin swords. If there was an accident, they wouldn't have any chance to survive.

However, swords are lethal weapons. If they couldn't help their master in battles, then they would lose the meaning of existence.

Crane Wings Twin Swords didn't want to be such decorations. With Yun Xi's talent, he met the requirements of almost all ownerless god weapons.

As Yun Xi's first standard god weapon, Crane Wings Twin Swords would never allow such a situation to occur.

"It's time." In the twin swords, the male sword soul held the female sword soul's hands.

Although they appeared as teenagers, sword souls actually had no gender. They just chose to visualize according to their preferences.

"What kind of future will we have?" The girl sword soul looked at the boy sword soul somewhat uneasily.

Like the two sides of fate, left and right, Yin and Yang, heaven and earth, the craftsmen who cast the Crane Wing Twin Swords had decided this future from the very beginning.

The twin swords would merge into one, and this future was also the future the two sword souls expected.

However, the sword souls didn't expect that after thousands of years of inheritance, the future wouldn't be created by the original descendant of Yun Hai the Sword Master, but by another teenager.

Now think of it, maybe that's fate, Yun Hai's Quadrant Sword chose Yun Xi, not the descendants of Yun Hai's family.

It had nothing to do with his bloodline, but something else had been inherited by Yun Xi. He was the inheritor Yun Hai the Sword Master hoped for.

"It depends on our new master."

"Believing in him will bring us a different world."

The boy sword soul closed his eyes and pulled up the girl sword soul's hands.

The girl sword soul closed her eyes and gently recited the mantra that had been engraved in her mind when they were forged.

"Like the twinkling stars in the night sky, our hearts are intertwined and not separated."

"Even if the two people can't hold each other's hands, as long as we still remember..."

In the wavering glory, in the real world and in the world of souls, the twin swords and the two sword souls all fragmented.

All the rules had been reproduced.

All the history and knowledge had been transformed into materials for casting a god weapon, and began to weave according to the rules only belonging to Yun Xi.

This was the day the Crane Wings Twin Swords disappeared.

This was the day Yun Xi's god weapon was forged.

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