Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 626

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Chapter 626: Aroma of Wine

Behind them were caravans especially prepared for hunting. A pair of vigorous horses were beating their noses and kicking their hooves. They were awaiting their departure in full spirit.

The combination of Paladin, Berserker, and Rider seemed strange, but that was the feature of "Knights and Magic".

This team had made many achievements in the past year, and was also one of the top ranked mortal adventure teams registered in the Sky Tower.

It was precisely because they were so excellent that Hua Yue agreed to let them do the entrance test.

"Rose, haven't you lost your way?" Lancelot's first sentence had made the little witch cry.

I am not a kid, because everyone is too tall!

"Rose, you were too slow. I almost went to look for you." Mordred didn't pay attention to the other's moods. Her words gave Rose the second blow.

"Rose, do you take handkerchiefs and bread with you?" Alexander's words gave Rose's heart the final blow.

“I am a witch, not a kindergarten child!” Rose was desperate. She's sixteen, not six!

What's more, lost her way... she only lost her way once or twice in ten times at most. After all, the knowledge of witches was completely useless for her to find ways in the city!

"Thank you, Mei. Thank you for agreeing to hold the entrance test." Lancelot smiled at Yun Xi after she teased Rose.

"We will show our strength to you! Even if the green hippo hides under the water, I will catch it and kill it!" Mordred promised!

"Please give us your constructive criticism, Mei." Alexander approached Yun Xi curiously, wrinkling her nose with her knowing and burning eyes.

"The scent of good wine! Mei, do you like to drink too?"

"No, I get drunk easily. I can't drink more than three cups of wine per day." That was the truth. Although Hydra said that Yun Xi could drink three cups of her poisonous wine per day, he actually only drank a cup per day in the secret room where the light ball was.

He had to hide. If his teacher Casina knew about it, he could imagine his miserable end of being imprisoned by his teacher.

"Only three cups?"

"What kind of wine can you get drunk with in three cups?"

Alexander had a keen sense of smell. She was sure that the wine fragrance on Mei was a new wine she didn't know about at all.

This unknown wine... even with just a hint of fragrance left, it had made her stomach growl.

"Is that wine so good, Alexander?" Lancelot also came up and looked at Yun Xi curiously.

Her nose wasn't as good as Alexander's, but she also liked good wines.

As for Mordred, there was no need to mention it. She had Berserker Bloodline! Naturally, berserkers liked wines. In stories, berserkers would even wage a war for drinking.

The money that "Knight and Magic" earned, apart from the money being used to buy magic materials for Rose, were all taken by Alexander to buy wines.

Drinking was the hobby of all the members (apart from Rose) of the "Knights and Magic" group!

Although Rose was 16 years old, in their eyes, she was still a child, and children can only drink juice!

"Yes, my nose can't be mistaken. It's a wine I've never tried before!" Alexander's eyes brightened up and gazed at Yun Xi with excitement. Her flaxen ponytail flicked from side to side because of excessive excitement.

"What kind of wine is this?"

"More fierce than agave!"

"Wilder than whiskey!"

"Even the best brandy is not as pure as this is."

"Why? I've never smelled this kind of wine before. It's clear that it isn't any of the wines sold in the whole of the White Lotus Sword Domain!"

Well... indeed. It isn't the wine of the White Lotus Sword Domain, but something brewed by a god. Looking at Alexander's excited face, Yun Xi was under tremendous pressure.

He forgot that even though he was drinking alone in the secret room that no one could find, there was still a little smell of Hydra's poisonous wine left on his body.

Unexpectedly, there was actually someone with such a sharp nose in the world. She could deduce so many things from such a little wine fragrance!

"Where can I buy this wine, Mei?" Alexander came close to Yun Xi, and the elastic peaks on her chest pressed on Yun Xi's chest, making him a bit out of breath.

"Well... this... I don't know."

It's not a lie. Of course, Hydra's poisonous wine isn't being sold anywhere.

"And I only drank a small cup of wine."

Alexander's face turned so depressed. She found a wine she had never smelled before, but she didn't even know where she could buy it!

“Oh my god, why is the world so cruel to me?”

"That's all right. As long as you remember the smell, you will be able to taste it one day!" Lancelot comforted her.

"Yes, for the sake of wine, I wouldn't mind walking to the end of the world!" In an instant, Alexander had a whole new purpose in life. She raised her head and threw out her chest.

"I'm Alexander, who collects all the good wines!"

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