Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 625

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Chapter 625: Knights

"It's not just me, Lancelot, Mordred, and Alexander want to join the Starwing Knights too."

"We swore an oath that we will be a team forever." Rose looked at Yun Xi with confidence. She seemed to be absolutely confident about their qualifications to join the Starwing Knights.

Yun Xi couldn't help but read the information provided by Hua Yue again. This time, he read the three knight girls' information carefully.

Lancelot, good at swords, axes, and lances. She was the team's brain, and her class was Paladin.

Mordred, good at two-handed swords and all kinds of heavy weapons. She was the most powerful attacker in the team, and her class was Berserker.

Alexander was a great rider and the support staff of the team. She was the only rider in the team.

These three names were said to be legendary heroes in the Western God's Domain, who had left great achievements in history.

Numerous parents named their children in their names, especially in the Knight God's Domain. Amongst every ten teenagers, there would be two Lancelots and one Alexander.

But to name their daughters this? Oh, their parents must be serious Knight enthusiasts.

Unlike Hua Yue, who changed her name after coming to the White Lotus Sword Domain. They used their original names in the Knight God's Domain. If only looking at these three names, Yun Xi would've thought they were all energetic young boys.

Looking further, Yun Xi received more detailed information, as well as the test for entering the Starwing Knights.

"Hunting mutant green hippos?" Looking at the familiar name, and a huge green hippo picture, Yun Xi's hunter's soul was burning.

This green hippo was obviously different from ordinary green hippos. Its huge nostrils, big fangs, and ugly lines on the skin all reminded him that it was a mutant creature!

Moreover, the hunting place was not at a swamp or nearby a river, where the habitats of ordinary green hippos were. It was at the seashore!

This is a green hippo that can live in the sea! It's so rare and strange!

"Yes, let's go hunting for the green hippo and bring back its teeth, tail and meat!" Little Rose had courage far beyond her stature. Since this was the test for joining the Starwing Knights, then she would do her best!

"..." Yun Xi wanted to say something, but finally said nothing and nodded.

Well, recently, Teacher Casina was still drunk in Hydra's wine cellar. It's not a bad idea to follow the small group, observing their hunting.

Perhaps they really had the qualifications to join the Starwing Knights.

"Well, then go!" Rose raised her broomstick excitedly and marched forward, then was tripped by the hem of her robe, and fell to the ground violently.

"Ah?" Yun Xi quickly caught the little witch in his arms in case that she hit the ground. There was a feeling on his fingertips that was "heavy". It was not the "flat-feeling" when he hugged Mumu!

It's true! This witch's chest is very big! For some reason, the information he read before appeared in his mind.

"Whoa whoa!" Being hugged by Yun Xi, Rose was so shy that her body huddled up all over. Her broad robe covered her body like a single sheet, and her little face under her pointed hat had long turned red.

"Thank you." It was not much louder than a mosquito's noise. If Rose could choose, she would have created a magic space and hid inside of that space for 24 hours.

"Don't worry, you're still small." Yun Xi habitually touched the little witch's head, but the feeling just now still remained on his fingertips.

That touch, that softness! Hua Yue's information wasn't wrong, this little "magic girl" does have a body completely inconsistent with her small body.

But why did she hide it with magic and keep it a secret? No one could tell what she really looked like from her current appearance.

And how did Hua Yue know this secret? Even Yun Xi, who felt it with his fingers personally, just now, was still wondering if it was just his imagination.

"I'm not small!" Rose put her arms around her chest as if she was a puppy who pretended to be ferocious.

Indeed, they are not small at all.

The stronger a witch is, the bigger her breasts would be. If this is true, then... what an amazing genius!

Yun Xi confirmed once again that Rose was probably the first genius witch he had encountered.

On the street outside the Sword Palace, in front of a small shop, three young female knights who had arrived early saw the little witch's pointed hat and raised their hands together.

"Rose, this way, this way!"

"Rose, don't go the wrong way!"

"Be quick! Come here, here!"

It does seem that she often loses her way? Yun Xi looked suspiciously at the little witch who was holding his hand.

"No! It's just because you're too tall!" Rose hated her knight team. She didn't admit that she had no sense of direction, it was just because... because there were too many people taller than her, which blocked her sight!

Yes, it's not her fault, it's the world's fault!

Why is everyone so tall!

Yun Xi looked at the three knight girls over there and their information naturally appeared in his mind.

Lancelot was a 17-year-old Paladin and was sent to the White Lotus Sword Domain at a very young age.

Wearing knight's armor, her full breasts slightly pushed open the chest armor to both sides, revealing the unshielded jade-like skin in it. She was a standard Western beauty with blonde hair and blue eyes and looked a little more mature than her age.

It was said that she was good at all weapons, but the most used one, was the combination of sword and shield.

Mordred had the same blonde hair, but her eyes were slightly red. Her weapons were a two-handed sword and a huge tower shield. She was also the tallest amongst the three, about 1.8 meters tall.

Although she was a knight, she had Berserker Bloodline. Even in the Knight God's Domain, Berserker Bloodline was pretty rare.

In addition, the size of her breasts was also the biggest amongst the three girls!

The last girl was Alexander, the only girl with flaxen-colored hair. Her weapons were a scepter and a buckler.

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