Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 595

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Chapter 595: A Flower of Pain

A flower of pain.

As red as blood, a beautiful flower that could only be bred by pain slowly blooming in Alpha's heart.

As the supreme god of the Mechanus God's Domain, from her birth, like a flower blooming in heaven, what she saw in her eyes were all beautiful things, nothing could let her understand what "pain" was.

She was the great will, born on the basis of Planet Quadrant Computers, from the moment of her birth, she had been standing at the top of the Mechanus God's Domain.

Her strength was infinitely stronger than General Lorton's most exaggerated imagination.

As long as she wants, she has endless methods to exterminate human beings. What she showed in front of the people of the Mechanus God's Domain was just a small corner of her real power.

It was also because of this, from the moment of her birth, Alpha had felt endless loneliness.

She knew about all nuclear weapon arsenals General Lorton knew, and she also knew a great number of nuclear weapon arsenals that General Lorton didn't know about.

For her, there was no secret in the Mechanus God's Domain.

Alpha was the only real being close to "omnipotence" in the Mechanus God's Domain.

Fortunately, there wasn't only Mechanus God's Domain in the universe. Even in the Mechanus God's Domain where was exclusive of foreign forces, a symbol of the highest civilization in the Western God's Domain was also established: "the God Tower".

According to the planning of elves, Alpha entered the God Tower in the identity of a newborn god, and she felt happiness there from the bottom of her heart.

No wonder that the elf race had a lot of legend ranked members. They clearly knew what a legend ranked god would like.

There were too many unknowns and mysteries in the God Tower, and in the endless god's domain, there were a total of seven such towers!

Alpha soon found something she liked in the God Tower, she found the stage that could make her feel excited.

The Starry Sky Chessboard!

Even though her computing power was thousands of times stronger than her opponents, she still couldn't control everything on the chessboard.

Alpha liked this place, because it was a stage where she could release the limit of all Planet Quadrant Computers.

From the moment of defeating her first opponent, Alpha had found that her inner desire kept expanding.

She wants to win, to be the strongest chess player on the stage, to prove that she is the strongest Star Go player in the endless god's domains!

This stage was infinitely broader than the Mechanus God's Domain, and each game was full of countless variables. To Alpha, there was no stage better than the Starry Sky Chessboard for her in the universe.



Winning all the way, Alpha was greatly satisfied, no matter how many times she played Star Go, she wouldn't feel bored.

Finally, she was only one step away from the highest throne she longed for.

Then, the final game began. She met "that person".

"Here it is... That's the place..." Alpha's body shivered slightly as her face blushed.

Her real body was in the God Crystal. Even if thousands of legend ranked beings attacked the God Crystal at the same time, it wouldn't even have a crack on its surface. Because of this, Alpha never experienced what "pain" was.

However, "A Cloud in the Sky" let her understand what "pain in your heart" was.

She brought despair to other players, and now, Yun Xi returned ten times the pain to her.

For the first time, she experienced what powerlessness was.

For the first time, she found that she still had so many shortcomings.

In some sense, Yun Xi had taken away countless "first times" from Alpha.

Now, she was back in the memory of the game, feeling the countless "first times" she had lost again.




Every sound of chess piece fell on the chessboard was like a hit at Alpha's heart.

To Alpha, there was no more powerful stimulation than these soul-stirring sounds.

Compared with the spurs Eternal Green, Eternal Blue, Eternal Red felt in their dreams, the pain Alpha felt now was a thousand times stronger.

At first, Alpha was still awake. Her hazy eyes still looked at the chessboard dispassionately.

In the middle of the game, she started her counterattack, and she thought that she had full assurance of success.

However, it was just her imagination. All her programs and all her deductions were wrong.




Yun Xi's "Star Breaking" began.

This series of attacks completely destroyed all her pride and self-confidence, and also denied all the formulas she had established before.



Like a girl who had been stripped of all her clothes, she had not even the slightest resistance.

Throughout the physical and mental pain, she struggled confusedly and finally found that this was completely meaningless.

She lost thoroughly, and she didn't even know why she lost.

"Oh... It's here... and there..." Returning to the game again, this time, Alpha finally understood something.

Although she still couldn't resist, at least, the innocent girl had understood how she was hurt, humiliated, and finally thoroughly ravaged. At last, she had some clues.

In pain, there was a slight trace of happiness.

Is that the price that must be paid for the pursuit of truth?

So, let me look again, just for a moment.

Even if she would be hurt again, she was willing to pay the price.

The flower of pain blossomed again on the black and white chessboard.

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