Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 594

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Chapter 594: Scenery in the Dream

Yun Xi wasn't a Planet Quadrant Computer, neither did he have a database that only Planet Quadrant Computers had.

A database and the underlying codes were the basis for the birth of the Planet Quadrant Computers, which represented the most obvious changes in their respective characteristics.

Through direct connection, Planet Quadrant Computers could see each other's code, which was tantamount to understanding each other's knowledge.

These codes and data recorded everything of a Planet Quadrant Computers, therefore, apart from Alpha and special cases like the direct connection between Eternal Gold and Eternal Silver, Planet Quadrant Computers wouldn't directly connect with each other.

Since Yun Xi didn't have a database, what did Eternal Green, Eternal Red, Eternal Blue, Eternal Gold, and Eternal Silver see in his body?

The answer is, the memories of the girls of Yun Xi's Mist Soul Army.

They saw the most profound and unforgettable memories of his brides. Through the direct connection with his body, they all experienced the same thing the mist soul girls had experienced before.

In the memory world Eternal Green was immersed in, the White Emperor gently opened her sister's soft lips and put his tongue in. The two tongues were closely intertwined and exchanged saliva.

"Ah... Um... Ah... " From her sister's fragile lips came a continuous panting. While greedily enjoying her sister's kiss, White Emperor unlocked the buttons of her sister's priest's robe.

Her sister's white robe slid down quickly, revealing her shiny white skin.

Their lips were separated, but there was still a silver thread connected.

"No... it's wrong to do this..."

"I... I'm not your fiance yet..." Her sister seemed to protest in a whisper.

Her sister blushed and tried to push the White Emperor away, but the thrust of her hands was negligible.

White Emperor reached out his hands skillfully and took off her sister's last piece of underwear.

Her sister was so shy that her body was stiff. The White Emperor gently bit the pink bud, teasing her sister with the tip of his tongue.

"Ah ah!" Her sister kept panting but could not stop the White Emperor's fingers from wandering around her body. Whenever the White Emperor's fingers changed their positions, her sister would make an exuberant voice.

Her snow-white toes suddenly opened and suddenly locked, her thin feet sometimes became tense and sometimes became powerless. She was totally not resisting but enjoying it.

Sister, no, don't do this!

I am the first! You can't enjoy it faster than me!

In the memory world Eternal Red was immersed in, "Apostle... I... feel strange..." A girl who was as delicate as Eternal Red but had a pair of little cat ears on the head was putting her hands on the Apostle's chest.

Her clear, innocent eyes looked nervous, and her soft, well-lubricated body was instinctively struggling in the Apostle's arms.

Her snorting, groaning, panicky look could seduce any man to commit a crime.

Therefore, a person really committed the crime.

Although her small mouth was closely clenched, the man still easily broke through the blockade, the tongue went straight to her sweet mouth, catching her small tongue, licked and sucked it. A pair of hands touched her elastically little round buttocks, moving up and down.

As the tip of the tongue went down, a small, tender and sensitive little red bean entered the wolf's mouth.

In the memory world Eternal Blue was immersed in,

The Caelian Queen, the sacred and inviolable human queen of the Water God has taken off her shoes and socks. Her soft feet had a white-cheese-like texture.

On the original holy face, her cherry lips gently bit and her beautiful eyes shyly closed. Her long hair scattered on her shoulders, sending out the most unique charm in the world.

Her beautiful legs, from her delicate feet to her round arches, from her tiny toes to her smooth insteps, were full of his kiss marks and his taste.

His hands held the delicate and tender feet, the palms move up gently, gradually from her lower legs to the thighs, and then towards the "indescribable land"...

"Ah..." This was Caelian Queen's soft voice.

"Ah..." This was Eternal Blue's sweet groan.

In the memory world Eternal Gold and Eternal Silver were immersed in, The twins would only enter other twins' world.

Two girls were singing.

Their cheeks still looked callow, from their cherry-like lips, slowly singing a seductive song.

Two pairs of slender feet were gently swaying in the air, like two oars rippling a pool of spring water.

Finally, it was the memory world Alpha entered.

On the chessboard, she felt the complex emotions from Eternal Green, Eternal Blue, and Eternal Red, while playing Star Go with Yun Xi.

Because Alpha was too powerful, she couldn't find any corresponding projection in the Mist Soul Army. She was still herself, the highest god in the Mechanus God's Domain.

"Yes... here it is..." Alpha's small hands shivered, feeling the tremor that went straight to her soul.

This was where she lost for the first time in her life.

So far, she had no doubt about Qian's real identity.

Except for "A Cloud in the Sky", no one could reproduce this scene!

Alpha's tiny body trembled, and her eyes became ineffably blurred, just like the Planet Quadrant Computers who were immersed in the memories of mist soul girls.

For Alpha, this was the most exciting thing she had ever dreamed of.

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