Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 582

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Chapter 582: The Power to Save the World (2)

Yun Xi couldn't just watch the human beings of the Mechanus God's Domain looking for their own destruction and do nothing. Therefore, he tried to combine quantum ghosts' viewpoint and humans' viewpoint and got the correct answer that could save the world.

Communication and understanding are indispensable. It doesn't matter even if their world outlooks are distinct, as long as human beings understand what Alpha wants and what human beings have to pay, there will be a basis for equal trade.

In other words, it is the "principle of equal value exchange".

The Planet Quadrant Computers chose the spokespeople from the human race.

Humans understood Alpha's idea through those spokespeople.

As long as the first step was completed, Alpha would have a bridge to communicate with human beings.

In order to accomplish this first step, Yun Xi had to pretend to be these Planet Quadrant Computers' companion, and because Planet Quadrant Computers all chose female appearances, he had to pretend to be the nonexistent girl "Qian". At the same time, he used his song to resonate with human beings, so that he could obtain people's trust.

Well, so far, everything had been perfect.

Even though General Lorton detonated the last nuclear weapons, the dawn of humanity had emerged.

However, that was all Yun Xi had calculated.

He solved the problem of the Mechanus God's Domain, but he didn't think about his own problem after solving it.

Now surrounded by the Planet Quadrant Computers, he was so nervous and perplexed.

"Qian, you are wonderful!"

"The song just now is so beautiful. What is that song?"

"We searched all the databases and there was no data of this song at all!"

"Did you write this song yourself?"

All Planet Quadrant Computers had extraordinary computing power, which was the special ability born under the unique rules of the Mechanus God's Domain.

When they excluded all the impossible answers, the only correct answer was obtained.

The youngest of them had a sense of "art" that none of them had ever had.

As Planet Quadrant Computers, they could instantly calculate numerous formulas, they can deduce the trajectory of stars, however, only in the field of "art", let alone Planet Quadrant Computers, even their God, Alpha wasn't good at it.

This wasn't surprising, after all, the legend rank didn't mean "almighty".

Alpha was a god born for calculating and analyzing all truth, not a god of art.

"New possibilities... song..."

"New branch options... the future of mankind..." Countless data flows flashed through Alpha's eyes.

"The Master of Star Go... inexplicable Star Go strength..."

"Uncertain possibilities..."

With the goal of "uncertain possibilities", Alpha finally found that even in the databases of the entire Mechanus God's Domain, there were still many incomprehensible things.

Art was such a thing that even human beings knew little about it. Even some artists didn't know why they could create a masterpiece. Art was a realm that was completely different from mathematics.

"I need data... more data..." Alpha had always thought that human beings were dispensable, she didn't pay much attention to humans, but now, she started to have a little interest in human beings.

Accurately speaking, she had an interest in human's "art", including "song", "music" and "literature", which were full of uncertain possibilities.

Yun Xi's song changed Alpha's impression on human's art, and also changed the fate of human beings in the Mechanus God's Domain.

"Qian... sing it again..."

"This time, let's sing it together..." Alpha gave up on continuing her experiments of destroying the world.

Compared with this virtual world, Alpha wanted to observe the real world, which was full of uncertain possibilities.

If Qian's song appeared in the real world, what would happen?

Before human beings start to use nuclear weapons, can Qian's song change the world?

If Qian could do such a thing, she would insert these "uncertainties" into her new formulas, perfecting her algorithm.

In order to defeat "A Cloud in the Sky", Alpha was willing to try and change everything.

So, try it, if Qian's power can even affect her, then it can certainly create miracles in the real world!

"Well, the real world?" Yun Xi was dumbfounded.

He didn't mind pretending to be a girl in this virtual world, after all, it was just a fake world. But... appearing in front of the real people of the Mechanus God's Domain in this appearance?

What kind of shameful punishment is this?!

"Okay! Let me try!" Knowing that they were going to show themselves in the real world, Eternal Green got excited and began to fabricate her own human image.

Eternal Red, Eternal Blue also began to create their own human images.

Because their god, Alpha was a girl, naturally, Planet Quadrant Computers were all females. Because of the differences in their databases, their appearances were more or less different.

"Qian... According to my database, human beings should all prefer big breasts." Eternal Green weighed up her papaya-sized breasts with her hands and asked Yun Xi with a serious face.

"No, a flat chest is a status symbol! It’s a precious rarity! This is what recorded in my database!" Eternal Red protested strongly. Her human image was a typical petite and lovely girl, she was born an enemy of Eternal Green.

"I think white legs are the best." Eternal Blue also joined the battlefield. Her human image had a pair of extremely slender legs, accounting for almost three-fifths of her height.

"Twins are the best!" Eternal Gold and Eternal Silver were Planet Quadrant Computers built together on Gemini stars, their hobbies were naturally different.

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