Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 581

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Chapter 581: The Power to Save the World (1)

When Eternal Green, Eternal Red, Eternal Blue, and Eternal Gold surrounded Alpha, chattering like chirping birds, a drop of sweat dropped from the girl beside them.

Who can tell me how to escape after saving this world?

Naturally, the girl's real identity was Yun Xi, who accidentally broke into this world after drinking Hydra's poisonous wine.

After stepping across the door and entering this world created by Alpha, his life form had been transformed into a "quantum ghost" in this virtual world, just like all the other Planet Quadrant Computers.

With the special power of a "quantum ghost", he transformed into this appearance, then summoned the three Water God's priestesses in his mist soul army. This was his way to save this world after considering for a long time.

The contradiction between human beings in the Mechanus God's Domain and Cyber Elf Alpha was that they couldn't understand and communicate with each other.

The god's world outlook was quite different from that of ordinary people. Alpha wouldn't specifically tell people why she wanted to build more Planet Quadrant Computers, and even if human beings used the craziest means to resist her, they could do no harm to her.

Alpha only wants to immerse herself in the world of Star Go, apart from the chessboard, she probably had nothing in her eyes. The Planet Quadrant Computers were awakened by her, so they also wouldn't consider the whole thing from the human's angle.

At this time, only Yun Xi, who was a human and also a quantum ghost could break the impasse as an outsider.

The Planet Quadrant Computers couldn't understand humanity's complex feelings and their fear towards quantum lives.

Humans couldn't understand Planet Quadrant Computers' thinking circuits.

Humanity was a whole civilized system based on the relationship among family, clan, and friends.

Planet Quadrant Computers were born to be Alpha's subordinates, they wouldn't question and betray. Naturally, they would regard Alpha's command as the supreme law.

Therefore, they were so dissatisfied after knowing that human beings had disobeyed Alpha's order to build more Planet Quadrant Computers.

From the viewpoint of human beings, the more Planet Quadrant Computers there were, the stronger Cyber Elf Alpha would become, and it would be easier for her to destroy human beings.

In addition, through the military's false propaganda, Alpha had become a world-destroying devil in ordinary people's eyes.

People thought that nuclear weapons could be a deterrence to Alpha, unfortunately, it was just a delusion.

The truth was, even if people destroyed all the Planet Quadrant Computers, Alpha would only lose most of her computing power, but these Planet Quadrant Computers wouldn't die, because their life forms had been transformed into quantum ghosts.

As long as the new Planet Quadrant Computers were rebuilt, they would return. Nuclear weapons just destroyed their carriers.

And this wasn't the most terrible thing yet!

The most terrible thing was that if Alpha got serious, her destructive power was far stronger than nuclear weapons.

As a god, she had hundreds of ways to exterminate human beings.

If the destructive power of one nuclear bomb was 1, then the total destructive power of all nuclear weapons in the Mechanus God's Domain was over hundreds of billions.

However, Alpha's destructive power was "∞", a number that human beings weren't capable of imagining.

The legend rank represents a power that was far beyond the comprehensible range of human beings in the Mechanus God's Domain, it was a force that could even distort "physical laws".

For example, the power of Golden Crow Princess' light furnace (SN-Drive) could destroy the Mechanus God's Domain countless times.

The thermonuclear reactions that occurred on the real solar surface every second were equal to the explosions of hundreds of millions of tons of nuclear weapons.

The largest planet in the Mechanus God's Domain was just a small glass bead in front of the heat generated by the sunspots.

This was the gap between the legend rank and mortals. Moreover, Alpha wasn't a common hero ranked being, she was a hero ranked god!

Calculate everything, deduce everything, as long as she had enough computing power, she was theoretically able to calculate the future.

Alpha's strongest power was her thousands of times legend ranked computing power!

Perhaps now her computing power was limited by the number of Planet Quadrant Computers, but it was enough for her to crush all the legend ranked chess players on the Starry Sky Chessboard.

As for losing to that "person" who hadn't even reached the hero rank... it wasn't her fault.

As a person who understood how strong Alpha was, Yun Xi even somewhat admired these Star River nobles.

Should he say that the ignorant are fearless? They dare to challenge Alpha even though they don't understand the gap between them and Alpha. Fortunately, this was just a virtual world created by Alpha, they could revive no matter how many times they had been destroyed.

In the real world, they wouldn't have any second chance.

Once they released the power of nuclear weapons, the doomsday of self-destruction would become inevitable to all humans in the Mechanus God's Domain.

In fact, nuclear weapons could do no harm to Alpha at all.

For example, if there were millions of ants, they may be able to bite an elephant to death, however, could ants beat down "gravity", "heat" or "electromagnetism"?

To "ants", Alpha was such a "physical law".

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