Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 579

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Chapter 579: Dawn (3)

With a flash of light, the stage under the girl's feet instantly transformed into an endless starry sky, as well as a chessboard with shining black and white chess pieces.

This was the stage that Alpha dreamed of, her coveted battlefield: Starry Sky Chessboard.

"Can you feel it?"

The first syllable uttered by the girl had penetrated through the hearts of all the people.

It was pious and sincere, gentle and warm, it was a voice that could reach the bottom of people's hearts, it was a song that could infect people's souls.

No one could see that behind the Starry Sky Chessboard was a beautiful whiteshell-like opera house and three singers standing on the triple stage of the opera house.

The three Water God's priestesses all went up on the stage, displaying their voices in front of the public, which were originally singing only for the great Water God.

The sacred Caelian Queen.

The enthusiastic Lamia Queen.

The charming Mermaid Queen.

In response to the call of the Water God's bride, beyond the boundaries of time and space, the three priestesses sang together.

The song was a field that the Mechanus God's Domain had never touched, because it was a song originally used to please the god. It was an irresistible charm to mortals, and the musical notes beyond the boundaries of race and nation.

In the endless god's domains, only the feelings of singing are universal.

It is the string that touches the world, it is the light that frees the mind from the bondage of flesh and blood, and the crystallization of the highest art.

"It's there, so beautiful, so broad, as if it can breathe."

"I reach out my hands and try to catch it, but I can't touch it."

As the lights rotated, Cyber Elf Alpha's appearance emerged in front of all the people, showing her game with the first opponent on the Starry Sky Chessboard.

It wasn't the cold look in the imaginations of the people of the Mechanus God's Domain, on the screen, she was immersed in the game, forgetting everything around her.

"I came to this world, observed it, understood it, and loved it."

"I won't say that all this is doomed, but the world chose me."

The girls' song penetrated through space and time, reverberating in the entire Mechanus God's Domain.

The song was soothing and moving. It was the moment when Cyber Elf Alpha was born, it symbolized the glorious future of the Mechanus God's Domain.

Cyber Elf Alpha didn't hate the Mechanus God's Domain, nor did she hate human beings. She was the life born from the God Crystal, she was the god bred by the Mechanus God's Domain itself.

She was born sacred, because she was the future that the Mechanus God's Domain longed for.

"I made a wish to step onto my battlefield."

"I rejoice in it, and I am happy about it."

"I don't understand what's wrong. I chose my future. I feel happy for it."

"Here is the stage I expected."

The stage of the Starry Sky Chessboard was expanded again, showing Alpha's games with Orfina the Ruby Dragon and Norn the God of Wisdom, showing her unparalleled computing power.

"I just want to know the mystery of the stars, I only want to seek the eternal truth."

"For this reason, I will go forward bravely and never retreat."

On the Starry Sky Chessboard, Cyber Elf Alpha finally met her destined opponent, the strongest enemy.

The Master of Star Go, A Cloud in the Sky.

For the first time, Cyber Elf Alpha was in trouble.

The rhythm of the music began to become urgent, and people's heartbeats also accelerated.

They wanted to know why Alpha suddenly became so serious and why she looked so nervous in the God Crystal.

At that moment, through the singing of the girl, all people in the Mechanus God's Domain felt Alpha's mood.

It was amazing and complicated. It was like the first time you came into contact with a brand new world, and your soul was sublimated.

On the Starry Sky Chessboard, the invincible opponent had begun his ultimate attack, "Star Breaking". At this moment, all human beings felt the despair Alpha had tasted.

"Who are you?"

"Where do you come from?"

"Where are you going?"

Under A Cloud in the Sky's fierce attack, Alpha's tiny body curled up with a painful look on her face.

Immersed in the song, all people in the Mechanus God's Domain felt Alpha's mood, feeling her pain and panic.

"I stumbled and couldn't find my way."

"I was at a loss, everything was so vague in my eyes."

"I don't understand what happened."

"Dust to dust, ashes to ashes, I lost something important."

The screen switched to the Planet Quadrant Computers. The overheated Planet Quadrant Computers extinguished one after another, as if representing the arrival of the dark age.

The next moment, a ray of dawn appeared above the sky, and the girl's song touched the chords in all people's hearts.

"I wish to create a new world."

"I have died in the past, who will know my name and life story?"

"I was lost in the unknown, who will know my place?"

"My heart has gone to nirvana, who can seek for its trace?"

"My disappearance is already doomed, but I shall never stop."

"The disaster hasn't been ended, and will last forever in eternity."

"My fear, my tear, and my heart are empty."

"I'm nothing, I'm void, I'm ash, I'm desolation."

"The gods have died, the twilight is coming. As the light is still shining on the ground, I return from eternity!"

"My name is Alpha, I'm the supreme god of the Mechanus God's Domain!"

With quantum crystalline wings unfolding behind her back, Cyber Elf Alpha appeared in front of everyone in the winding of endless starlights.

This wasn't fantasy nor polygon virtual technology, but the real Cyber Elf Alpha came to the stage, appearing in front of the people of the Mechanus God's Domain.

"I declare... the Mechanus God's Domain... will usher in a bright new future..."

This time, humans finally understood what Alpha longed for and what her existence meant.

She wouldn't be humanity's enemy, she wouldn't try to dominate the world.

She didn't need that kind of thing. She herself was the supreme will of the Mechanus God's Domain, she was blessed by the world.

She was beyond the imagination of the Star River nobles. They didn't believe that such a great will really existed in the world, affecting the hearts of all intelligent beings.

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