Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 578

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Chapter 578: Dawn (2)

In the central area controlled by the military, engineers were busy working like ants for the military, trying to repair the modified flow of information amid the hysterical roar of several generals.

"I'll only give you 15 minutes. If no one can cut off the network within 15 minutes, I'll shoot all of you to death!" The representative of the Star River nobles, General Lorton coldly raised his silver pistol and aimed at the engineers who were madly inputting instructions.

"I'm not joking! You have only 15 minutes!"

"No, all the information loops are encrypted. With the computing power of our remaining computers, we can't calculate the password of any of the loops within ten thousand years!"

"This... What kind of technology is this? It's absolutely not the technology that human beings can have!"

"It's Cyber Elf Alpha! She finally did it!"

One by one, the engineers showed a desperate expression on their faces. They couldn't do anything to the information loops that had been controlled by "Qian".

"I'm not asking if you can do it. You must do it!" General Lorton shook his head and shot a white-haired scientist without blinking his eyes.

If you can't even disconnect the direct broadcast, why do I still need you?

General Lorton had lost his last bit of patience with these computer experts.

Facts had proved that these old computer experts could do nothing in the face of Cyber Elf Alpha, the god of the electronic field.

If it wasn't because General Lorton needed them to operate the remaining computers that weren't linked to the quantum network, he would have shot them all.

If it wasn't because these bastards who always advocated that Cyber Elf Alpha could create a new future for the Mechanus God's Domain, how would the Mechanus God's Domain come to this desperate end?

Yes, the Mechanus God's Domain would have a brand new future, but they, Star River nobles would lose everything in this future. In this case, no matter how wonderful this future is, why do they need it?

Only the Star River nobles could be the rulers of the Mechanus God's Domain, they would never allow Cyber Elf Alpha to challenge their status!

They were born to be the rulers of the Mechanus God's Domain, they were born to be the hope of people.

From the past, now, to the future, the Mechanus God's Domain must be ruled by them forever!

If anyone dared to rebel against them, they would use nuclear weapons to stamp out the rebellion without hesitation!

Ordinary people are supposed to be ruled by Star River nobles. They just need to be obedient. Even those hero ranked people are just their dogs.

The Star River nobles should be the masters of the Mechanus God's Domain, they would never surrender Cyber Elf Alpha submissively.

If there was no position for the Star River nobles, no matter how wonderful the future was, they would destroy this future, even if it meant that they would let the entire Mechanus God's Domain bury with them!

This was the pride of the Star River nobles, this was the self-esteem formed by thousands of years of rule.

The reason they created Cyber Elf Alpha was to let her help them rule the people, let her become their strongest weapon.

But now, the weapon had her own mind, the weapon was already out of their control, the weapon didn't want to be a tool that was slaved, dominated and played with by them.

Panic, collapse, anger... Eventually, the Star River nobles unanimously voted that Cyber Elf Alpha should be destroyed.

They would destroy Alpha at all costs and by all means. They used nuclear weapons and started to destroy the Planet Quadrant Computers one by one.

They didn't mind if it would let the technology retrogress thousands of years, they didn't mind the lives of ordinary people. At worst, they could still escape to other god's domains.

If the entire Mechanus God's Domain was contaminated by nuclear weapons, even though it was Cyber Elf Alpha, she would lose all her powers.

As for the human beings in the Mechanus God's Domain, they were just the victims of history. As long as the Star River nobles still existed, the Mechanus God's Domain could eventually be rebuilt one day.

Only they could be the future of the Mechanus God's Domain! No one could shake their rule!

On the stage, the girl opened her arms and showed a firm look on her face.

The Planet Quadrant Computers had found out lthe Star River nobles' plan a long time ago, however, they had no intention of stopping these nobles.

Because it was none of their business. Human beings were just bringing about their own destruction.

In their logic circuits, only "protect Cyber Elf Alpha" was the most important thing. There was not even a line of code saying that they should "protect human beings".

As quantum ghosts, as long as Cyber Elf Alpha was immortal, they would be immortal. Planet Quadrant Computers didn't understand why humans felt panic, anxiety, and despair at all.

As quantum lives, they didn't understand "emotion" and "civilization", these concepts belonged to humans, but not them.

Nuclear weapons couldn't destroy the quantum network built by Cyber Elf Alpha, so they just looked at human's self-destruction and gave up persuading them to surrender.

In other words, this was fate, the result of the plan of the Star River nobles.

As for the Star River nobles, they had already escaped away. They abandoned countless ordinary people and soldiers in the Mechanus God's Domain and tried to make a comeback in the future.

"This fate... must be changed..."

"At least, people should have the chance to decide their own destiny."

Opening her mouth gently, the girl began to sing.

That was the last salvation in the darkness. That was the dawn.

The title of the song: Wish.

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