Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 576

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Chapter 576: Hope

"Alpha... isn't a brutal god..." Sitting on the ruins, Yun Xi looked at the capital city, which represented the last hope of mankind, and was lost in thought.

This was a virtual world created by Alpha's god power.

Every human here was created by using the data in the real world. 90% of their characters were the same as their real human counterparts.

However, in the thousands of simulations in the virtual world, without any exception, human beings were extinct thousands of times.

"Alpha, go to hell!"

"Why did we create Alpha?!"

"Alpha is an evil god!"

"This is the future Alpha sees..." Although Yun Xi knew little about divination, he knew that this world was the future deduced by Alpha in her own way.

Because the Planet Quadrant Computers saw this future and got tired, so that they wanted to avoid this future.

Instead of seeing humans using nuclear weapons to pollute all the planets, it's better to eliminate all the human beings first.

Humans are helpless!

"No... that's not true..." As a human, although Yun Xi wasn't a member of the Mechanus God's Domain, he could understand why human beings had come to this point.

"They... they just don't understand what the legend rank means."

"Not everyone wants to destroy the world..."

"The only people who really are destroying the world are those who possess nuclear weapons."

Judging from the angles of human beings and Planet Quadrant Computers, Yun Xi found the crux of everything.

In fact, the vast majority of human beings don't care who governs them, as long as they can enjoy a stable and peaceful life, they will be able to accept such a world and strive to survive.

Those who rebelled against Alpha were only a small number of human beings, the original rulers of the Mechanus God's Domain, Star River nobles.

In the name of "unite", they became the masters of the Mechanus God's Domain. They wouldn't allow Alpha to seize their powers.

"So, that's the key to the problem..."

As an outsider who had never come to the Mechanus God's Domain, he could easily find the key to break the deadlock at once.

"The ruling class... The owners of nuclear weapons..."

"Human beings... The civilian class who can't decide their own destiny... The main force in building Planet Quadrant Computers."

"The world Alpha wants is..."

Yun Xi wrote a formula and worked out the solution.

"I need to change the ruling class."

"As long as the Planet Quadrant Computers can become the rulers of the Mechanus God's Domain, the Mechanus God's Domain can have a different future."

Yun Xi stood up and his blurred figure gradually became clear.

He was going to do an experiment.

In the desperate city, all people were panicked.

Even though the neon lights on the streets still shone, the world was over, everyone could feel the footsteps of doomsday.

The streets were full of people who lived as if intoxicated or dreaming. Many people were drunk and fell on the side of the street. From time to time, a lot of them would be dragged into garbage trucks by cleaning robots.

"We must fight against Alpha!"

"We must let Alpha know that humanity is a race that will never surrender!"

"We still have the ultimate weapon. The heroes are ready to go!"

On a giant LCD screen, military representatives screamed hysterically. Behind them were innumerable nuclear bombs.

In the lifeless city, only the arsenals were still working at full capacity.

The last planet of mankind was making a frantic dash towards the countdown of its final demise. Once nuclear weapons were put into battle, everything would be irreparable.

After confirming that nuclear weapons could cause damage to Planet Quadrant Computers, they became the last straw for human forces to save their lives.

More and more equivalent supranuclear weapons were produced one by one.

Now the most desirable thing for the ruling class was the strongest weapon that could solve all problems at once for them. Nuclear weapons perfectly interpreted the madness of human beings and became the train that took everyone to destruction.

All the media now were playing the declaration of the final battle.

At this time, a timid girl with a worried expression pushed open the door of the largest private network company in the Mechanus God's Domain.

Because the military and the government had controlled all the media by coercive means, this company had actually been closed down, leaving only several staffers waiting for the end of the world.

Everyone knew that human beings had lost hope. No matter how enthusiastic the slogan of the military was, they had no chance to defeat Alpha.

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