Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 575

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Chapter 575: Desperate Humans

That is to say, in order to play Star Go with me, it triggered the end of the Mechanus God's Domain.

Even though this world was just a virtual world created by Alpha, Yun Xi still felt sad for it.

"Isn't this overkill?" After counting the dead planets that he had traveled to on the way, Yun Xi found that the future of human beings in the Mechanus God's Domain was indeed at stake.

All the Planet Quadrant Computers he met on the way, such as Eternal Blue, Eternal Red, Eternal Gold, Eternal Silver (it seems that Planet Quadrant Computers like to name themselves in this style) all had a bad impression of human beings. They had already considered sentencing humanity to death.

The people in the Mechanus God's Domain hadn't realized that their entire god's domain had been covered by the shadows of these quantum ghosts, and the countdown to their doomsday had begun.

Once legend ranked Alpha got serious, she could eliminate all living people in the Mechanus God's Domain within a few minutes.

After all, Cyber Elf Alpha was a god, a legend ranked being.

Even if the number of ordinary people reached tens of millions or billions, it was meaningless in the face of the legend rank.

The legend rank had gone beyond the limit of mortal's imagination. Take Sun Crow and Sun God Hura as two examples, the two Sunwalkers had the same power of the sun: SN-Drive.

The power of any SN-Drive could instantaneously and completely evaporate a continent. Even if there were millions of human beings, they would instantaneously turn to ashes under the high temperature of more than ten million degrees.

The strongest humans in the Mechanus God's Domain was at the hero rank. Because of the special rules of this world, the people here couldn't reach the legend rank.

Cyber Elf Alpha was probably the only exception in the Mechanus God's Domain. The people here were far from understanding what the legend rank represented.

Perhaps it was also because the mortals in this world had mastered the power of nuclear bombs.

Nuclear weapons, just like Planet Quadrant Computers, were specialties of the Mechanus God's Domain. They would lose effect in other god's domains.

Only in the Mechanus God's Domain, could mortals obtain higher identities than common hero ranked people, which made them think that they could also control "god" using the same method.

Even Ouroboros, a pure augur who didn't know how to fight, nuclear weapons couldn't really harm her, because she was at the legend rank.

"Oh, why did they do this?" As a human being, Yun Xi didn't want to see human beings have this future. He couldn't help but shake his head.

In a sense, these mortals were courageous, however, because of the special rules of the Mechanus God's Domain, they knew too little about the legend rank.

All humans in the Sky Sword God's Domain knew it. Although it was a realm that no mortals could touch, at least, everyone knew it.

The legend rank was god, legend, myth, the embodiment of the final fantasy of all living beings.

This was the most basic common sense for the ordinary people in the endless god's domains. Perhaps only the people in the Mechanus God's Domain didn't know it.

They were like ants who thought they were the masters of the world.

Of course, ants also had the opportunity to evolve and become strong. Even though the probability was negligible, ants could also reach the legend rank, just like the child of the slime race, Shaya Longnis.

It was just because of the special rules of the Mechanus God's Domain, the people in the Mechanus God's Domain couldn't reach this rank, which made them think that they could control everything.

In fact, before Alpha's birth, they weren't wrong. The mortals with nuclear weapons could indeed say that they were the strongest in the Mechanus God's Domain.

"How can I help them?" Sitting outside the largest city where humans still survived, looking at the strange, unknown city, Yun Xi was lost, deep in his thoughts.

If this was the future of the Mechanus God's Domain, it would be too tragic.

Perhaps he could do something for the humans here.

Unlike the Water God's world, there were very few human beings left in this world. Only on three planets, there were still cities where humans survived.

However, even though he just stayed outside this city, he could clearly feel the atmosphere of despair in the air.

"Alpha is going to kill us."

"Our last resistance failed, we have no way to escape."

"Gods and demons, we can pay any price if you can help use defeat Alpha!"

"Even if we die, we must perish together with Alpha!"

No, you can't. Yun Xi shook his head. Legend ranked beings could only be killed by legend ranked powers. Ordinary people couldn't even hurt Alpha.

From beginning to the end, Alpha didn't even appear. According to Eternal Green's words, Alpha was studying Star Go and didn't even pay any attention to the humans.

Even if the world is going to be destroyed, don't bother me when I'm playing Star Go! This was what Alpha told the Planet Quadrant Computers.

As long as humans could continue building new Planet Quadrant Computers for her, she didn't really mind what humans were thinking and doing.

Unfortunately, humans refused to build more computers for Alpha. They even regarded it as a great shame and launched a rebellion, trying to overthrow Cyber Elf Alpha's tyranny.

As for the result, well, this was the result.

And it wasn't just a small probability event. In this virtual world, Alpha had repeated the simulations thousands of times, and this end had appeared thousands of times. No wonder the Planet Quadrant Computers all thought that human beings were hopeless, the best solution was to eliminate them all at once.

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