Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 563

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Chapter 563: Hua Huo's Instinct

On the other side of the Water God's Fantasy Island, a small region which was also under the deep sea.

If the wine store where Yun Xi, Casina, and Ouroboros were at was a dreamy paradise, then this must be hell.

Flames. Dark green flames continuously shot out from the earth. With lethal and poisonous miasma almost covering the land, from time to time, dazzling green sparks burst out to the sky.

If the wine store was Hydra's fond dream, then this region must be Hydra's nightmare.

There were good wines in the store that could let legend ranked beings get drunk, but there were only monsters, monsters, and monsters in this nightmare place.

A kind of six-legged green lizards were the main inhabitants of the nightmare world. In some sense, they could also be seen as a kind of creatures created by Hydra. There were the bugs whose only function was to clean Hydra's scales.

Why is there such a weird world?

That was because it represented the dark, terrible side of Hydra's past and the source of the most terrible forbidden zone in the Storm Eyes.

Now, here, a battle was taking place.

"Boom!" The earth was trembling, the sky was shaking, the green and blood-colored lights tore through the clouds, constant sounds of impacts echoed between the sky and earth.

There were two people that were fighting. One was a girl who wore the uniform of the Sword Palace with a broken sword in her hand. She was also Yun Xi's childhood sweetheart: Hua Huo.

Opposite her was a thing that she didn't know whether it should be called a human being or not.

Its body roughly looked like a human, but the whole body was covered with a layer of black halos, which completely obscured its true appearance.

The only things that could be seen was the green gems on its hands, wrists, and waist, while its hair was in a diamond shape along with a huge diamond-shaped sword in its hand.

The shape of this sword wasn't suitable for battle at all. Just like Hua Huo's broken sword, it was a weapon beyond common sense.

A green band tightly wrapped around its hand and the sword. It didn't look like a decorative adornment but more like a part of its body.

"Who the hell are you?" Hua Huo watched this monster and asked in an agitated tone. Several days ago, she was haunted by it and was forced to fight with it.

Its strength was really strange.

Originally, she was having a secret trial. She went deep into this region for a relic in the sword blade area to search for a treasure. As a result, she was attacked by this monster halfway. And before she realized it, she had been dragged by it into this strange world.

She felt as if this green monster was obsessed with her, no matter what she did, it just didn't let her go.

And its strength was also becoming stronger and stronger as the battle continued.

At first, its strength was only at the fourth rank, but as she continued to increase her strength, its body changed.

At first, it looked shorter than she was, but now it was a bit taller than her.

Its diamond-shaped sword had been broken by her several times, but it could condense together again each time, getting bigger and thicker.

Now, its strength had reached the fifth rank.

As for its abilities, they should be just "Endurance" and "High-speed Recovery" and so on. Even if she cut off half of its waist, it could recover with amazing speed.

This was definitely not an ability that humans could have. She guessed that it was probably a slime or something else.

"..." The green monster tilted and turned its head 360 degrees. It shook its head and raised its diamond-shaped sword again.

Several green gems flew out and wrapped around the evil weapon, releasing a chilling breath.

"What a trouble..." Hua Huo frowned.

She wasn't really helpless with this fellow, as long as she liberated the true power hidden in her blood, she could kill this monster in seconds.

However, she couldn't do that. She couldn't control her hidden power well. If she released the power in her blood without restraint, she would probably tear up the whole of the White Lotus Sword Domain.

Once she liberated all the power in her blood, even she herself didn't know what she would become.

Her wings were not yet old enough to unfold.

"Puff... puff... The green monster emitted strange sounds of gasping. Its whole body was strongly distorted with a burst of weird laughter,

"Ha ha ha ha ha ha!"

"Hee Hee Hee Hee Hee Hee Hee!"

"Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!"

With that chilling laughter, the flying gems melted in the next second and became green flames wrapping around the monster's body.

The next second, the monster dragged the sword and rushed forward.

Every step it took, the monster would become faster and stronger, as if no matter what was standing in front of its eyes, it would rush over and crush everything.

"I'm in a bad mood. You're looking for your own death!" Hua Huo had been in a very bad mood since the trial started.

She felt like something terrible had happened in the past few days.

This instinct became stronger and stronger every day, but because she was too far away from the White Lotus Sword Palace, she wasn't sure what was going on around Yun Xi. She just had a growing sense of unease.

Little Xi, you won't play with other girls when I'm not around, will you?

It will be ok. No one will find out your real identity, they will only treat you as a maid. There is absolutely no problem!

Even so, Hua Huo was still in a restless mood, in contrast to this, the monster was nothing to speak of.

However, just now, this mood had reached a new peak!

She suddenly felt like her Little Xi was around here, but she couldn't sense his location clearly, as if some invisible force had been hindering her perception.

What the hell is going on?

This green monster and this strange world were like traps especially prepared for her, full of malice!

Who wants to do something to me?

It doesn't matter! If this world wants to stop me, then I only need to completely destroy this world!

A strand of hair rose high on her head. After she confirmed that Yun Xi was around, Hua Huo's eyes became fierce.

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