Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 562

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Chapter 562: The Fragrance of the Wine

"It hurts... Casina, you bleeding me too much!" Ouroboros protested.

Against violence! Long live peace!

"Anyway, you'll have to sleep for many years, and the blood will recover when you sleep." Casina's fingertips crossed the air again.

Shuffle! More blood flew to Casina's hands from Ouroboros' broken tail and turned into energy.

"Be good, be good, it doesn't hurt at all..." Casina bled Ouroboros and consoled her, treating her as if she was just a three-year-old child.

"But... it really hurts!" rolling on the ground with tears in her eyes, Ouroboros watched Casina.

"It's your delusion! Everything is just a delusion! You drank too much." Casina lied with a straight face and continued to draw Ouroboros' blood.

"Whoa... Casina is a liar!" Realizing that resistance was futile, Ouroboros could only lay on the ground and watch Casina drawing her blood. She also stared at Yun Xi with an angry look.

Soon, she showed a bad smile.

Well, Casina is a fool! Since she loves her disciple so much, I have to do something to him.

"Boy, do you drink?" Finding that Casina wasn't paying attention to her human body, Ouroboros sneaked up to Yun Xi's face again and licked his cheek with her little tongue.

Well, it's soft, comfortable and delicious.

"No!" Yun Xi resolutely shook his head.

Are you kidding me? Is it a wine that a hero ranked Baker can drink? A drop of that kind of poisonous wine can kill ten thousands of him!

However, just like Ouroboros couldn't resist Casina, Yun Xi couldn't resist Ouroboros.

"It doesn't matter. Let big sister teach you how to drink."

"Drinking is a very, very comfortable thing."

"No matter how many troubles, how many troublesome debts you have, as long as you drink enough, everything will disappear!" Ouroboros proudly declared her creed of life.

No, they won't disappear, you are just escaping from yourself!

Before Yun Xi could say no, Ouroboros' soft lips had attached to his lips, and then the fragrant tongue skillfully slid through his teeth and tightly twined with his tongue.

Ouroboros' kiss was suffocating, and at the same time, a mellow aroma of wine spread naturally from her tongue.

This taste... no toxicity? Yun Xi was surprised to find that it seemed that the wine had lost toxicity after being drunk by Ouroboros, and also mixed with a sweet odor from Ouroboros' tongue.

This was the drinking technique that Ouroboros prided herself on (though it was of no use at all). She could break down the wine she drank into different serums and store them in her body for ready use.

The snake was a kind of creature that could store a lot of food in its body at a time and didn't eat anything for many years after that.

It was a rare opportunity to drink Hydra's poisonous wine, so after she drunk a lot of wine, she broke down and stored the remaining wines in her body.

Now what she fed Yun Xi was the liquid she stored in her body. After being broken down by her body, the wine had lost most of the toxicity and became a liquid that Yun Xi could drink.

Even so, the liquid still retained the aroma of the poisonous wine. Just drinking a sip of the liquid, Yun Xi's eyes had become fierce, and his tongue suddenly became active.

"Hum." Ouroboros noticed the change, but obviously, her drunk head wasn't able to analyze what had happened.

Anyway, it's comfortable, isn't it?

"Gu... Umm... " Yun Xi's face and Ouroboros' face flushed at the same time. Silver silk threads fell between their lips and tongues.

Casina noticed this and frowned.

Oh, my disciple is too daring.

Although Ouroboros looked so decadent, she was still a famous legend ranked augur with countless troubles and debts.

Could Ouroboros be the cause of my disciple's death after three months?

"Um... Um..." Ouroboros encountered an unexpected counterattack.

Why is your kiss so skillful, little guy?!

Speaking of that , I’ve never kissed someone so intimately before.

Humph, no! Bet on the prestige of the great Ouroboros, I must make this little guy drunk!

Ouroboros secreted more liquid from her mouth and tried to get Yun Xi drunk.

Yun Xi felt as if the whole world had become floating, this kind of feeling... oh, it seems to have happened before when he stayed with the mysterious dark elf.

In a trance, Ouroboros' appearance also became ambiguous in his eyes.

For a moment, she looked like the dark elf that night.

For a moment, she looked like his angry childhood sweetheart, Hua Huo.

For a moment, she looked like a girl of the Starwing Knights.

Ouroboros' plan failed. The more drunk Yun Xi was, the more enthusiastic he became. He wasn't a person that would topple down to the ground after drinking.

At first, she wanted to make Yun Xi drunk, but now, she was entangled by Yun Xi.

When Yun Xi's tongue licked her tongue enthusiastically, her body shook and she became ashamed.

It wasn't the same thing to kiss him mischievously, then be kissed by him forcibly!

She slightly resisted Yun Xi's tongue, but finally, she gave up resisting. Yun Xi's tongue slipped into her mouth full of the fragrance of wine and sucked it heartily.

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