Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 559

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Chapter 559: The Etiquette of the Battle God (1)

It's strange, why didn't I find that he was such a gifted Star Go player before?

No, he couldn't be simply called genius, even if he was a super genius, it was too incredible to win the title of "Master of Star Go" at such an age!

"When you played Star Go... What did it feel like?"

Casina was really curious about how her youngest disciple could beat so many legend ranked wise men on the Starry Sky Chessboard, a place where she didn't even dare to set foot in once.

"It's very simple. The rules of Star Go are very simple and easy to understand." Yun Xi bluntly expressed his feelings.

From the beginning to the end, he was enjoying the game. He was extremely grateful to Teacher Casina, because if she hadn't lent him her identity, he would've never been able to enter the Sky Tower and he probably would never have known that there was such an interesting game in the world.

"Simple?" Casina recalled her experience when Orfina tried to teach her the rules of Star Go.

Every move on the chessboard must be done after thinking twice, and as time went by, the requirements on the player's calculating power would become higher and higher. Eventually, even most common legend ranked beings couldn't withstand the pressure.

All players must advance gradually and entrench themselves at every step. As one of the oldest trials in the seven towers, countless people couldn't even pass the entrance test.

Otherwise, the Starry Sky Chessboard wouldn't be recognized as the stage of the highest wisdom in the endless god's domains.

Orfina was one of the fanatics who would even forget to eat and sleep when playing Star Go, as for her, she just looked at the rules of Star Go and had known that it wasn't a game for her.

To put it bluntly, she could easily beat down three Orfina in the Battle God's Championship Contest, however, even if there were a hundred of herself, it was impossible to overcome Orfina on the Starry Sky Chessboard...

"Orfina the Ruby Princess, God of Wisdom, Black Mage, Duke Rome, Cyber Elf Alpha..." Although she had never participated in the trial of the Starry Sky Chessboard, she clearly knew these names... apart from Cyber Elf Alpha.

The Ruby Princess - the pearl of the Dragon God's Domain, the wise dragon of Star Gemstone, the daughter of Dragon God, her best friend Orfina.

The God of Wisdom - one of the oldest gods in the Western God's Domain and one of the survivors from the Twilight of the Gods.

Black Mage - Lord of the Sea of Chaos, the High Priest of the Dark Church, one of the most famous members of the Dark Council.

Duke Rome - the warlord of the Rome God's Domain, the leader of the famous sacred Legion in the Western God's Domain.

As a result, Cyber Elf Alpha defeated all of these legendary people, and her cute disciple defeated Cyber Elf Alpha by an overwhelming advantage.

Just listening to Yun Xi's words, Casina could imagine how breathtaking the battles on the Starry Sky Chessboard were.

Oh, facing such an opponent, Orfina must be excited to death!

Hey, wait a minute. Wasn't my disciple using my identity to participate in the Starry Sky Chessboard? Could Orfina misunderstand that he was me... Casina had a bad feeling about this. She vaguely realized the truth with a distressed look.

Orfina, don't mistake him with me, please!

It wasn't me who beat you!

"Well done, I'm proud of you." Even the most critical teacher would feel happy from the bottom of their heart in the face of such a perfect answer sheet.

Although, she gave him the test paper of "the Battle God's Championship Contest" and he handed in the test paper of "the Starry Sky Chessboard"... but it doesn't matter!

There's only one truth for him to achieve this success, it's all due to her teaching.

Oh, I'm really a great teacher!

"Come on, I'll give you a reward."

Since Yun Xi had obtained two Soul Jades, Casina wouldn't be stingy in giving him more rewards. From the beginning, the reason she came to Hydra's treasury was to prepare gifts for Yun Xi.

With this gift, her disciples would never die after 100 days!

"Put your arms flat, make your body and the ground horizontal, and stretch your legs." Casina taught Yun Xi by the hand.

"Uh..." Because Casina had only dissipated half of the alcohol in her body, she squinted her eyes from time to time, and her moves were also a little languid.

Without any idea of putting on her shoes and socks, her naked feet directly stepped on Yun Xi's back.

"Teacher, is this position a part of the practice?" Being trampled under her feet, Yun Xi's face slightly turned red.

"Well, keep this position for a while, I'll help you adjust your body." Casina burped while trampling on Yun Xi's body with her toes.

Although she still looked drunk, every press of Casina's toes had made Yun Xi's blood run more smooth.

Even "a part of his body" became "excited" due to the massage, which made Yun Xi feel really embarrassed.

He swore that he didn't have any strange ideas about Teacher Casina, it was just a simple natural reaction of his body!

"Oh, ha ha... I forgot that you're a man. It's a natural reaction." Casina laughed and stepped on the end of Yun Xi's spine with her toes.

For an instant, Yun Xi's whole body seemed to be electrocuted. His body trembled violently and curled up like a crooked prawn.

After the electric current went through, another cold current burst from the bottom of his spine and instantly spread to his whole body.

"Ah!" Yun Xi made a strange sound and was almost unable to maintain this posture. If it wasn't because Casina was stepping on his back, he would've rolled on the ground.

"Don't be afraid, it's just a natural reaction."

"You are still too young, you must learn to get used to this sort of stimulus." Casina teased her lovely disciple while activating the energy in his blood and flesh.

Teacher Casina, this sort of stimulus is too strong!

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