Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 558

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Chapter 558: Keep It A Secret

"You... What equipment did you use?"

Casina was trying hard to think about what equipment could help her disciple to participate in the game of the Starry Sky Chessboard. However, although she had won innumerable legend ranked equipment in the Battle God's Championship Contest, she really didn't know which equipment could be useful in this situation.

Her disciple hadn't even stepped across the door of the hero rank yet, how could he enter the Starry Sky Chessboard?

"Equipment? Does it exist?" Yun Xi looked at his teacher innocently. He had never entered the Battle God's Championship Contest, so he didn't know that his teacher had prepared countless legend ranked equipment for him there.

For example, there were weapons called "Infinity Edge", after equipping six Infinity Edges, they would combine into a "Killing Suit", which could make the equipper's critical strike chance reach 120%.

Or after equipping six Black Cleavers, the "Black Cleaver Alliance Suit" could reduce the your opponent's defence to zero.

Six Thornmails could combine into a "Bloody Barrier Suit", which could reflect back the opponent's attack with 180% magic power.

Six Frozen Hearts could combine into a "Icecrown Suit", which had an ice-sealed aura that could reduce the attack speed of nearby enemies by 99%.

In addition to these, there was also a "FireStone Suit" made of six Boots of Mobility could let the equipper flash around the earth.

Any of these suits were rare legend ranked equipment. If Yun Xi equipped them all, he would be literally invincible in the Sky Tower.

That's why Casina was confident that even a newbie like Yun Xi could achieve a hundred consecutive victories in the Battle God's Championship Contest.

However, she didn't expect that he would go to the Starry Sky Chessboard!

She thought carefully and remembered that there were indeed equipment that could increase the wearer's intelligence.

"Are you sure that you didn't use the 'Little Red Riding Hood Suit'?" Casina vaguely remembered that amongst all the suits she had, there was indeed a "Little Red Riding Hood Suit" made by combining six Banksy's Deathcaps.

A Banksy's Deathcap could increase magic power by 120 points and raise mental power by 35%.

And after combining six Banksy's Deathcaps, the "Little Red Riding Hood Suit" had three effects:

1. This suit can increase the equipper's magic power by 1000 points and raise the equipper's mental power by 500%.

2. The equipper will be transformed into a 14-year-old golden-haired girl "Witch", who can cause 3 times hit to any dark-type creatures.

3. The equipper's attributes to werewolves are weakened and the attributes of "vulnerability to wild animals" are acquired.

Warning: The girl with little red riding hood needs to keep their distance from the Uncaged Wrath of Zaun.

Casina had experimented with this suit before. After wearing this suit, the equipper would automatically trigger the transformation effect and gain powerful magic power. Moreover, it was a rare equipment that had zero requirement for the equipper's rank.

However, only a "pure girl" can equip this suit, and once you put it on, you couldn't take it off for a lifetime unless you had found a more powerful suit than this suit.

That was to say, if you were chosen by this suit, you would become a "14-year-old golden-haired girl" for a lifetime!

Therefore, this suit also had a nickname "14 Years Old Forever". It was said that it was made by a god in the ancient age.

In addition to the "Little Red Riding Hood Suit", that god also made a lot of other equipment based on his fantasies, such as "Glass Shoes with Infinite Melody", "Crystal Crown of Eternal Sleeping", "Pumpkin Carriage Shuttling the World" and "Seven Matches of Mortal Prayer".

"No." Yun Xi looked at his teacher in confusion. After he entered the Sky Tower, he went directly to the Starry Sky Chessboard. Where was the equipment from?

"Oh... can it be... you didn't go to the Battle God's Championship Contest?" Looking at her disciple's confused expression, Casina finally discovered the truth, she seemed to have forgotten to tell him that he should go to the Battle God's Championship Contest after entering the Sky Tower!

For her, it was common sense to go straight to the Battle God's Championship Contest. Besides the Battle God's Championship Contest, where else in the Sky Tower does she need to go?

It seemed that her disciples didn't have this common sense.

"Well, I took part in the test of the Starry Sky Chessboard and won a hundred times."

"I didn't plan to stop after obtaining 100 victories, but the Sky Tower told me that I had obtained the title 'The Master of Star Go'." Yun Xi honestly told his teacher everything that happened before.

"Starry Sky Chessboard... 100 victories in a row..." A drop of sweat fell down from Casina's forehead.

Again, she wondered how long she had been drinking.

How many years have passed? Even my disciple has obtained the title "The Master of Star Go"?

"The Master of Star Go" is a title that isn't inferior to my own title of "The Battle God"!

If people knew that the new master of Star Go is such a little guy, they will... well, every force in the endless god's domains will want to grab my little disciple away from me!

"Well... White Emperor, how many people know that you are the 'Master of Star Go'?" Casina couldn't help but pinch Yun Xi's cheeks again. This pleasant surprise was so great that it almost became a scare.

"Apart from you, only the Guardian of the Sky Tower knows it."

"That's good. Remember, you must keep it a secret before you reach the legend rank." Casina hesitated for a while and warned her lovely disciple, "Otherwise, there will be many terrible elder sisters that will try to talk to you and try to take you away, by the way."

This wasn't a lie. If Yun Xi's identity was exposed, countless forces would try to obtain him at all costs.

The secret of the stars was still a great temptation to countless legend ranked beings.

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