Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 530

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Chapter 530: Are You Happy?

"The Unfortunate Prophecy of the Robin" was a special killing secret skill of "mysterious prediction", a power that could lead all things to death.

The dead Robin hated everything in the world and cursed everything in the world. Only those who listened to the moan of the robin in the pool of blood could get the power of the robin.

Even among all the secret skills of Blood Stamen, this was the most horrible secret killing skill. Its origin could be traced back to the Twilight of the Gods, which triggered the death of the Child of Light.

The Child of Light was an optimistic young man, the son of the Lord God.

The three goddesses, Norn the God of Wisdom predicted that nothing in the world could harm the Child of Light. All the gods and all the living beings in the world swore that they would never hurt the Child of Light.

Only a throne on the edge of the world didn't swear, because it was forgotten by everyone.

In the end, the blessed Child of Light eventually died under a weapon made of this thorn, falling down in a pool of blood like a robin.

The gods tried to save the dead Child of Light, and Osiris, the god of death said that as long as all living beings cried for the Child of Light, he could revive again. However, a devil disguised to be an old woman and refused to cry for the Child of Light. In the end, the Child of Light really died.

Then, the Twilight of the Gods was coming.

The killed robin represented this irreversible tragedy and the deepest despair.

Listening to the robin's voice, and she brought the robin out of the nightmare world, she was destined to walking onto such a road of no return.

Even gods couldn't change the fate of the robin, and their trying, finally became the origin of the Twilight of the Gods.

Robin's death was doomed, as this road she chose, which could only lead to an end full of blood and death.

Blood Stamens represented such a road, the most terrible, cruel and powerful road in the Ten Leaves Alliance.

"Let me see your hand." Robin gently grabbed Yun Xi's hand.

It was a hand that was very soft without even a tiny scar. It was like a perfect white jade without any flaw.

It was obvious that the owner of this hand didn't often work as an ordinary maid, because there was no callosity on her hand.

Looking closely, the tenderness and smoothness of the skin were also not like what a maid could have. Didn't this maid need to do housework?

No, just now, she was baking bread for the golden-haired princess and her moves were very skillful. It was probably a gift from heaven.

"Well... What's wrong with my hand?" Yun Xi looked anxiously at the mysterious augur. Could it be that she found that he was not really a maid?

At this time, he could only believe that his disguise was perfect. After all, no one in the Starwing Knights had found that he was a man, have they?

Did they really find out? Remembering Lu Lu, Hua Yue, Ling Ling and Mei Lan, Yun Xi was not really confident about this.

"Are you happy?" Robin's fingertips slipped through Yun Xi's palm and asked solemnly.

The divination had started.

It wasn't the "Unfortunate Prophecy of the Robin" used for murder, but the real divination she mastered.

She didn't choose to be the "robin" from the beginning. Before she became a member of Blood Stamen, she had also dreamed to be a Golden Branch or a Jade Leaves.

Unfortunately, she couldn't choose her fate.

When she listened to the mournful song of robins and was curious to "see" them, she was already unable to go back.

"I... I don't know." Yun Xi hesitated.

Is he happy or unhappy now?

Compared with the time in the small town, when he worried about how to separate from Hua Huo, he and she still stayed together. From this angle of view, he was lucky.

However, this luck was because of his misery in his past life.

That night, under the starry sky, his ordinary life had faded away and would never return. From then on, he had to keep moving forward, he had to hide his true identity and escape from the pursuit of his four ex-girlfriends.

"If you don't know, you can ask your heart, you just need to give me an answer." Robin said with a soft voice, because it was the necessary procedure for her divination.

Even if it wasn't for murdering, her prophecy needed to be close to the target before it could be triggered. Now she was in the second stage of her prophecy, feeling the target's fate.

"Do you accept you now?"

Yes, she just needed an answer.

Most people felt that they were full of defects and regrets.

This was a truth, because no one was perfect, everyone would feel that they were not perfect, the question is whether you accept such a self, and admit such an imperfect self.

The gods of the Western God's Domain told people that you were sinful.

The saints the Eastern God's Domain told people that human nature was evil.

There was no right or wrong when referring to this question.

When the answer came to your mind, you would find out if you had seen your own way.

"Well, I accept 'the current me'." Yun Xi nodded.

Yes, he understood this question and knew why the mysterious augur in front of him asked it.

Only by accepting who you are, can you understand what you wanted to be, and the door of happiness will open for you.

Are you happy?

The answer was right in your own mind.

In the small town, his ideal was to expand the small bread store and marry Hua Huo, it was him.

In the Water God's World, he married millions of brides and became the white emperor, it was him.

On the Starry Sky Chessboard, he defeated all legend ranked opponents and became the Master of Star Go, it was him.

From beginning to end, no matter how the environment changed and what happened, he was still himself.

The Starchild, Yun Xi.

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