Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 529

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Chapter 529: Misery Loves Company

In this way, there would be a strange phenomenon.

Out of 99% of predictions building on "calculation", calculation was more accurate than "mysterious predictions".

For example, if it was to predict the future of a world, White Lotus could predict the development of the cultivation in the world, the degenerating stage of the world, and even the destruction of the world.

If a world entered the stage that no mana existed, and all fantastic creatures had died, the probability of the death of that world would be 100%. In theory, there would be no other possibility at all.

However, the augurs of "mysterious predictions" could discover some incredible futures.

For example, the world would be saved by a hero who should never have appeared, married all the fantastic creatures in this world, and let the entire world renew again.

In White Lotus' eyes, this possibility didn't even exist, but in the eyes of the augurs of "mysterious prediction", even if such a thing only appeared once, the truth would no longer be the truth, "calculation" was still defective.

Even if the augurs of "calculation" hated it and even shouted out,

"That's impossible!"

"This is unrealistic!"

"This future will never happen!"

There was still a very small chance that the future predicted by mysterious prediction would happen.

As one of the few witches who could master the secret skill "the Great Circulation", White Lotus could distinguish at a glance that the woman in bright red cloak was definitely an augur of mysterious prediction.

In legend, the stronger the augurs were, the shorter their lives were. This was the cost of capturing the future from the lines of infinite possibilities.

In White Lotus' eyes, this mysterious augur in front of her looked as if she would die at any time, which made her feel that she must be "strong".

Not all people were willing to predict the future at the cost of their lives, therefore, White Lotus was curious about what this mysterious augur had seen and what she could predict.

"Yes, I see a little of your future." Robin answered casually to Yun Xi and quietly paid her attention to Golden Crow Princess.

Sure enough, the closer she was, the nobler she could feel from the golden-haired princess, which was totally inconsistent with the information in the task introduction.

However, "the Unfortunate Prophecy of the Robin" would never make any mistakes. It would definitely be achieved.

If it really couldn't be achieved, for example, to curse a legend ranked being, the robins wouldn't make any prediction.

Once the robins predicted, it would become a reality. The targets were already destined to die, and she just lightly gave them a push.

From this point of view, Robin was not a murderer, but a witness who saw the bloody death.

She just shortened the target's death time, and triggered something that would take ten or twenty years to happen in advance.

"My future... What is it like?" Yun Xi looked hopefully at the mysterious augur in front of him.

Oh, so I still have a future!

As a man who had four ex-girlfriends, who was torn apart in his past life, he still had a future!

That's really a piece of good news!

"Um... well... your future..." In fact, Robin wasn't really going to predict for him, but looking at his eyes full of expectations, she sighed.

Unlucky people are everywhere.

She could see it from the maid's eyes, that she had a miserable past, just like herself.

Similarly afflicted people pity each other. Sigh, let me predict for you, unlucky person, it won't be "the Unfortunate Prophecy of the Robin", but a real divination that belonged to the "mysterious prediction".

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