Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 513

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Chapter 513: The Duel Between Two Suns (1)

"I support you!" Phoenix flew happily to Yun Xi and danced around him with countless flame spirits.

She didn't know the reason, but in her heart, she naturally felt an intimate aura from him.

Just flying around him, she was intoxicated in a compulsive joy.

On the contrary, she couldn't conceal her aversion to the Sun God who robbed the precious gem from her own hands.


"Thank you... but, I won't let you obtain the gem either." The unknown egg, the fantastic creature who was possessing Yun Xi's body now declared.

"Oh, you found it, too." Hura Azda took a deep breath.

At first glance, this golden-red gem itself wasn't something too precious, it looked just like a variant of a common Kryolite.

Why could it draw so many extraordinary creatures' attention?

Because there was a special aura contained in the golden-red gem.

It was hard to describe the temptation of the aura to fire-type creatures. Any gods who sensed the aura wouldn't remain indifferent.

Kryolite was a rare treasure even amongst gods, plus the special aura inside it, its value was a hundred times higher than any common Kryolites.

Especially for fire-type, light-type, and sun-type gods, its value was even higher!

Only the strongest gods could understand how rare and precious it was.

Hura even wondered if it was the polymerized substance from a galaxy explosion, otherwise, it couldn't explain the joy when he held the gem in his hand.

How long haven't I felt this joy?

After becoming a Sunwalker, he had almost forgotten all emotions as an ordinary person. He was a sun shining on all things, but he could only wander alone forever.

Only when he hunted and barbecued the "squid strings", could he feel a little warmth. The universe was too unfriendly to Sunwalkers.

Therefore, he must obtain this gem, which could let him feel warm again!

"None of you... can stop me."

"Even if you are the same sun as me!"

He had been lonely for too long! He didn't want to give up the warmth in his hand!

No, no one can steal it from me!

Loneliness made him understand how precious this thing was, that could let him feel warm again.

For this reason, he didn't mind beating down another sun!

"Little sun... you shouldn't be here..." Holding the Sun Disk with both hands, the temperature around Hura's body began to rise rapidly.

100,000 Celsius degrees, 200,000 Celsius degrees, 300,000 Celsius degrees!

A huge amount of air was ionized and projected out, forming a fierce solar storm.

Materials around Hura could no longer exist in normal forms, the decomposed particles formed high-temperature plasmas and constantly emitted "pop!" and "Crack!" sounds.

In contrast, a large number of black particles started to gather around the golden-red bird, sunspots began to emerge and formed countless shields in front of her.

Obviously, there was a huge gap between the two sides in the use of their own solar power.

Hura's control and adjustment ability to his solar power was far superior to the unknown golden-red bird’s.

Of course, the adjustment abilities was based on the unit of "ten thousand degrees". For the sun, ten thousand degrees was the basic unit, in the human world, this temperature could melt steel instantaneously.

"No... If this goes on, I will be killed again!" Phoenix waved her wings and flew restlessly around Yun Xi, seemingly trying to protect the immature golden-red bird with her own body and wings.

Of course, it was no use. Once Hura, the Sunwalker got serious, she couldn't find any way to stop him.

On the battlefield, only a "sun" could fight against another "sun"!

"The First SN-Drive... opens!" On the Sun Disk in Hura's hand, a golden mark began to shine, releasing infinite power.

Huge solar flares began to shrink, the temperature around Hura rose to more than a million Celsius degrees in one breath. Boiling golden-red plasma bubbles continued to emerge and burst around him. The entire battlefield began to falter because of the horrible high temperature.

The entire battlefield had entered its countdown phase.

This time, it wasn't because of Phoenix, but Hura who was going to destroy the battlefield using his solar power.

The Sun Disk, the SN-Drive, the light furnace, the emergence of the power of the sun. It was the inexhaustible source of power in countless people's imaginations, it was a thing that couldn't be created scientifically or theoretically. Just like Cyber Elf Alpha's "Infinite Computing Power", the SN-Drive was the core of a sun, a real existence, a so-called "perpetual motion machine"!

It was the unique ability of the Sunwalkers, owning the SN-Drive meant that the Sunwalker could transfer himself into a real sun!

Releasing the power of the SN-Drive meant that Hura had become serious, he had taken a real action to defeat the newborn golden-red bird!

The number of SN-Drives could also be regarded as one of the criteria for the strength of a Sunwalker.

As the supreme god of the Persian God's Domain, an Ancient God who survived in the Twilight of the Gods, at the peak of his powers, he could summon twelve SN-Drives at the same time.

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