Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 512

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Chapter 512: That Sentence

"This power... terrible..."

"Sun God... Hura Azda..."

Looking at the several fake gods' true bodies being dragged out of the Abyss, the remaining human gods finally understood what a strong opponent they were facing.

Soon, realizing that they would be killed by the solar flare if they still stayed here, they made the right choice, gave up the sacrifice and ran away without hesitation.

No matter how good the sacrifice was, only the living one could enjoy it. They weren't Phoenix, who wouldn't die no matter what happened. It was impossible for their projections to withstand the Sun God's flames of fury.

In the blink of an eye, only Phoenix, Yinglong, Bifang, the egg, and the three "squids" who had been toasted, remained.

"Now, does any of you still want to stop me?" Looking at Phoenix, who was blown into pieces again, Hura Azda decided to complete the contract quickly and actually obtain the special gem in his hand.

"I... I want it..." A somewhat hazy voice sounded on the battlefield, which made the two fantastic creatures astonished.

"It's... my thing..."

"Little guy, I came first!" Hura Azda quickened his pace and wanted to complete the contract as quickly as possible in case that Phoenix revived again.

As the supreme god of the Persian God's Domain, he faced too many frustrations today. He felt as if there was an evil spirit in the darkness that was trying to stop him from grabbing this special golden-red gem.

"No, I came first, I was here first! You're the robber who robbed my gem halfway!" Out of Hura's expectation, Phoenix had revived and flew back!

"So... Am I the third? The callow voice echoed on the battlefield of gods, and soon came to its own conclusion, "No... No matter who came first... Only the person who gets it... is the number one."

"Ha ha... That’s a cunning speech, but it's true." Hura nodded his head and endorsed the egg's words.

"Indeed, there is no such a rule in the world that the person who saw the treasure first could be the treasure's owner."

"No matter where we are, only the strongest person can have the best treasure!"

"If you want it, you should come and steal it yourself!"

"If you don't steal it, then someone else will rob you. No matter how much you like it, once you are robbed, it will never be yours."

"If you want something you like, try to be stronger, new little sun!" Hura Azda realized the true identity of the egg. He reached out his hand and millions of fiery red spears appeared in the air in an instant, locking on the fantastic creatures.

Millions of flame spears blew up like a trumpet, declaring the end of the world.

The solar flare finally evolved to the last stage.

If the human gods still stayed on this battlefield, none of them would survive under this attack.

Even Yinglong and Bifang the two fire-type fantastic creatures were unable to fend for themselves in this situation.

Only Phoenix was still struggling, after all, she wouldn't die.

"Even if you said so... I want it..."

"Because... I am... the sun!"

On the Altar of Deity, Yun Xi's body was instantly covered by a golden red light and suddenly disappeared.

The next second, he saw endless golden-red flame spears in front of him.

Countless strange golden-red fire clouds boiled and rotated around him, countless light and fire spirits cheered and danced around him.

In his body, an unimaginable power was controlling him, declaring its own voice to the world.

"I am... the sun!"

"I am... the sun?" Yun Xi duplicated this sentence foolishly and thought that he must be dreaming.

However, the horrible power that kept pouring into his body let him know that it wasn't a dream, but a miracle that was happening.

This... This power is... Yun Xi remembered it. On the Starry Sky Chessboard, in the game with Orfina, he once summoned the projection of this unknown fantastic creature.

However, it was just a game! In the real world, it should be impossible to encounter such a strong fantastic creature.

Its beautiful wings showed a miraculous golden red color. The two colors reflected each other as if they were light and fire spirits.

Even in the destructive solar flare, the glory of its wings was unique.

"I... am the sun..." Again, the youngest daughter of the West Queen declared to Hura Azda, the Sunwalker.

"How is this possible? You are not even born yet. How can you appear?" For the first time, Hura Azda couldn't hide the shock in his heart.

None of the Sunwalkers could utter that sentence before they were awakened.

"I am the sun", This was what all Sunwalkers would say after they realized the essence of their bodies.

For all Sunwalkers, it was the last thing they wanted to remember, but they had to engrave it deep in their memory. After saying it, they would forever embark on a lonely road that no one would understand.

It had nothing to do with genius, race, origin, or gender. The reason why a Sunwalker could become a Sunwalker was all because of this sentence.

"I am the sun."

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