Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 508

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Chapter 508: The Opened Door

"What the hell are you asking?!" Red Lotus looked at Yun Xi with discontent. The sacrificial ceremony must be dealt with carefully, any error would make them pay a heavy price.

At any rate, Mei shouldn't ask the last question. It's totally irrelevant to the god!

What a layman she is!

"Sorry... I suddenly wanted to know what love is in the eyes of a god." Yun Xi lowered his head embarrassed and apologized sincerely.

However, the answer from this god had been unconsciously impressed in his heart.

So, is this what love is to a god?

"Please come through the door, great god." White Lotus was also satisfied with the Sun God's answer. No witches would refuse to accept the blessing of the ancient Sun God.

If the noble families knew that it would be the Sun God who responded to the sacrificial ceremony, they would be willing to pay any price for assisting at this ceremony!

However, White Lotus wouldn't let any noble come and hold her hands in the sacrificial ceremony.

Only her sister and the prince could hold her hands!

"Open the Door of Dusk!"

After asking the three questions, the most critical moment was coming.

In the evening twilight.

The door connected the mortal world and the god's world was slowly opening.

A golden light shone through the half-opened door, shining on the twin witches and Yun Xi's bodies.

At the end of the western desert, above the earth where the pyramids stood, the Lord of the Sky, the incarnation of order and truth, the infinite light, the Sun God, Hura Azda's figure was visible through the door.

It was a god with a golden scepter in his hand and a dog-headed mask on his face.

Just looking at his figure, Yun Xi felt as if he was staring at a shining and brilliant sun.

"Sun God... Hura Azda..." Reading the god's real name out, White Lotus blushed and was a little excited.

Although she was known as a genius who had mastered the Great Circulation, she never thought that she could successfully summon the legendary Sun God one day.

This was an Ancient God who had participated in the Twilight of the Gods and survived! He was the incarnation of the sun, walking on the earth in the form of the Sunwalker.

Among all gods in the endless god's domains, he was one of the strongest gods, the Sun God of the Persian God's Domain!

"The strongest god, the Sunwalker." Red Lotus was not good at holding the ceremony, however, she also knew what the Sun God stood for.

In any myth or legend, the sun symbolized the origin of life and was worshipped and praised by countless people. As long as it was a place where intelligent beings lived, there was the legend of Sun Gods.

However, there were only a few gods in the endless god's domains who were really a veritable Sun God.

To be the god of the sun, they needed to have the ability to transform into a real sun!

Accurately speaking, all Sun Gods were also Sunwalkers, the real legends walking amongst the infinite stars!

Hura Azda was the strongest and the most famous one amongst all Sunwalkers.

The cost of summoning such a god was unthinkable.

Did my sister just accomplish an extraordinary feat?

What's that golden-red Kryolite? Is it really so special?

"Witches, I am very satisfied with your sacrifices!"

"Prepare to receive the blessings of the Sun God!" The Sun God's voice was tremendous. Even though he had not yet stepped across the Door of Dusk, his god power had begun to shine in the room.

He's really a kind god! Yun Xi also saw the Sun God's figure through the door, however, compared to the dazzling golden scepter in his hand and the mysterious dog-headed mask on his face, he paid more attention to the bracelet on the god's wrist.

Incredibly, when Yun Xi saw the golden bracelet on Hura's wrist, he had a strange feeling as if he had seen the same bracelet somewhere in the past.

From the golden lines on the bracelet, he felt as if he was looking at the record of the memory of the stars.

The door opened.

Hura Azda held the golden scepter in his hand and was going to step directly into the door from the void.


"I came first, I was the first, I found it earlier than you!"

"I will never let you obtain it!"

After a sharp, high-pitched sound, endless wings surrounded the Sun God, who was about to enter the Door of Dusk, and finally formed a pair of crimson wings.

Phoenix was back!

"Impossible! Have you not been annihilated?!" Hura Azda looked at the crimson wings in astonishment.

The next moment, Phoenix's wings forcibly pulled up the Sun God’s body, flying madly into the sky.

This wasn't a common attack but a suicide attack!

Phoenix didn't snatch the golden-red gem in Hura's hand, but carried the Sun God's body, crashing into the dome of the battlefield.

"You're crazy!"

Aware of what Phoenix was going to do, Hura Azda's voice became flustered and shrill.

He brandished the golden scepter in his hand and summoned a million sand soldiers again. He was going to use the Sun Disk again!

Unfortunately, Phoenix had learned a lesson before and would never give him another chance.

"Boom!" With a sound, Phoenix's wings carried Hura Azda's body and the golden-red gem, brutally crashing into the dome of the battlefield.

The sky was broken.

A big hole appeared on the dome of the closed battlefield!

The aura of the sacrifice, which was enclosed in the battlefield created by Hura Azda's god power before, now was totally exposed in the void.

In the next second, more than ten legend ranked wills had locked on this area from all directions.

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