Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 507

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Chapter 507: Three Questions

The Sun Disk rotated, flew back into Hura's hands and shrank rapidly, disappearing together with Hura's real body in the sky.

As for Phoenix, her body had been completely annihilated.

"Huh..." The only survivor, Hura's projection breathed a sigh of relief.

In order to defeat Phoenix, he really spent a great amount of his god power.

Summoning the Sun Disk from the distant Western God's Domain, struck a blow that could even destroy an entire world and restrained its power within the range of the battlefield, it was too risky as if he was performing on the tightrope.

However, holding the sacrifice, the golden-red gem in his hand, Hura laughed happily.

It's worth it. Everything's worth it.

Even though he still didn't know what the golden-red gem was, just holding it in his hands, his heart had been somehow quieted down.

To Sunwalkers, the most difficult thing was not to obtain stronger power but to control the power they had obtained.

The Sunwalkers who couldn't control their own power couldn't descend into the mortal world, because their bodies were enveloped in endless solar storms, which would burn all living beings on the earth to ashes.

The treasures that were effective for Sunwalker was extremely rare, and the unknown golden-red gem in Hura's hand was undoubtedly one of the rarest treasures that could be used by Sunwalkers.

Hura was very satisfied with the sacrifice and decided to offer the twin witches a true god's blessing.

He went to the Door of Dusk and started to communicate with the twin witches on the Altar of Deity.

"We succeeded! A god is coming!" White Lotus opened her eyes. From the other side of the Door of Dusk, an unusually hot breath was spreading to this space.

The burning power partly broke through the unopened door, making the temperature around the altar to rise significantly.

There was no doubt that their sacrifice attracted a very powerful existence attention!

However, they still didn't know whether it was a kind god or an evil monster.

The only thing they knew was that this god or monster was far stronger than the fire-type fantastic creature they summoned the last time.

The next stage was the most important part of the sacrificial ceremony.

They must determine whether the strong "existence" on the other side of the door was good or evil.

Before they opened the Door of Dusk, they could ask the "god" three questions, and the three questions were the core of the sacrificial ceremony. If it was an evil monster and they didn't find its true identity, they may pay the price with their lives.

The god they summoned could choose to answer the questions or remain silent, and the witches would deduce who the god was from the god's attitude.

Generally, it wasn't a big problem, because witches had had rich experience in how to ask the three questions, they even had the safest "template" in theory.

"Great god, where did you come from?" In the face of a god, White Lotus' Great Circulation would be useless, because it wouldn’t be able to predict anything about a god. Therefore, the first thing she asked was the question most commonly asked by witches.

"I'm from the end of the western desert, above the earth where the pyramids stand. I am the Lord of the sky, the embodiment of order and truth, the infinite light." After killing Phoenix, well, at least, killing her temporarily, Hura was in a very good mood and declared his identity frankly.

"Gee?" White Lotus covered her little mouth with a look of total disbelief.

How could this be true? Although his name did exist on the witches' list of kind gods, however, he never responded to any witches' call before.

On the list, he was one of the top 5 gods the witches were able to summon, he was a real Ancient God!

The Lord of the Sky, the Sun God, Hura Azda! He was one of the oldest gods. Before the endless god's domains were connected together, he was already the master of hundred of god's domains.

In theory, if a witch wanted to summon him, the witch must prepare hundreds of fire-type Kryolites. Only in this situation, the strong Sun God may pay attention to the sacrificial ceremony.

In the rules of the sacrificial ceremony, the summoned gods or monsters could choose to keep silent and ignore the three questions. However, if they answered the questions, they must tell the truth.

Hura Azda had no intention of hiding his identity, therefore, the other two questions White Lotus prepared had become meaningless.

"Well, are you satisfied with the sacrifice?" Looking at her sister, who was in a trance, Red Lotus quickly asked the second question.

In the normal process, the question would be "What are you?". However, Hura Azda had directly declared his identity, this question was meaningless now.

"I'm very satisfied, I will give you a wonderful blessing from a real god!" Holding the golden-red gem in his hand, Hura Azda promised in a pleasant mood.

Everything went smoothly! Yun Xi was relieved. It seemed that this was a very kind and talkative god.

Well, in this case, can I also ask a question?

"Great god, what is love?"

Then, Yun Xi regretted his impertinent question many years.

"Oh, love." Hura Azda was in a very good mood today, and he felt that Yun Xi's voice was pleasing, therefore, he didn't mind giving this "lost sheep" his advice.

"You should love the people you like."

"Love is selfless, free and should not be bound by any rules."

"If you love your child, you should marry her. You can marry your daughter, your elder sister and your little sister."

"I bless all beings who have love in their hearts. If you love her, you shouldn't mind her race or identity; if you love her, you should marry her immediately."

"You need to protect her and let her become the happiest bride in the world. You should dress her in the most beautiful bridal dress with your hands and tell her that she belongs to you."


Yun Xi felt that his world outlook was totally subverted. Is this what love is in the eyes of a legend ranked god?

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