Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 486

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Chapter 486: Heartbeat

"Of course, this kind of prince doesn't exist anywhere."

"The ideal prince only exists in their minds, it's just a fantasy."

"Therefore, if you can make yourself look like such a prince, you can pursue any girl easily. Trust me on this, it can't be wrong." After using his ability "Logical Inference", Childe San Quan immediately started to change Qumran's body.

"The first is your dog head! It must be changed!"

"Howl!" Qumran protested. It was the most charming part of his body! Without the dog head, how could he be called "Blood Thirsty Hunter" and "Darkness Beast"?

Ignore him! Ignore him!

"Next is your claws! They must be changed!"

"No! At least, don't change my steel claws!" Qumran protested again. Without his claws that were as hard as diamond, how could he fight against his enemies?

"No! Remember, you are a prince. How will any prince in the world fight using claws?" Childe San Quan ignored Qumran's sad cry and cut off his proud claws.

"The final step is to tidy up your appearance!" This was the main point.

Childe San Quan held a boning knife and cut off all the unnecessary flesh and blood of Qumran's body, then used the god power of the evil god Tlahuizcalpantecuhtli, transforming Qumran into a human, whose height was just 185 cm but not 3 meters tall.

Not only that. The appearance of this body was perfect.

His eyebrows were like a pair of sharp swords, and his eyes were as bright as stars. His nose was up and his hair was straight, plus his strong muscles, he was like coming out of the dream of countless girls.

"The height is 185 cm, the wingspan is 2 meters, and the body weight is 85 kilogram."

"Well, not bad. Everything is perfect." After checking Qumran's naked body again, Childe San Quan nodded with satisfaction, then knocked on Qumran's indescribable body part.

"28 cm. Are you satisfied?"

"No! I'm the real prince of the black demon dog race. Why do I have to pretend to be a fake human prince?" Now, Qumran looked totally like a human. He roared and clenched his fists, spreading a strong temperament in the air.

"I just changed your appearance. Your power isn't reduced. Don't worry, the organization will arrange an identity of a real prince for you. From now on, you are Prince Qumran!"

"Let the plan start!"

"You are bringing about your own destruction!" Qumran held the Black Dragon Lancer in his hand and dashed to his subordinates, who were still drooling.

"Gu!" The smell of the pig trotter was really tempting!

"Heh heh heh!"

"Ha ha ha!"

"We will kill you!"

Although they were stupid, they still shouted out the lines aloud. Of course, it was because of Childe San Quan. Their simple brains couldn't remember but so many words, so Childe San Quan imprinted these words into their minds.

"Oh, beautiful ladies, don't worry, I'm here!" Of course, this was also designed by Childe San Quan. Qumran perfectly did what Childe San Quan told him, including the time and the posture of his appearing, none of them were wrong.

"You... who are you?" Hua Yue gazed this black armored man vigilantly, because she naturally felt that something wasn't right.

This was the sword tip area, not everyone was allowed to come here. Moreover, the three villains were all at the third rank, it was hard to believe that three 3rd ranked people would rob food and water on the street. Isn't there a shop beside them?

Even if their minds had problems, it wasn't likely that they would be reduced to poverty. The third rank wasn't common, Hua Yue herself had just reached this rank not long ago. A lot of forces would be willing to recruit them, even if there was really a problem with their brains.


"Don't resist!"

"Give me your food and water! Or I will kill you!"

The three big fellows rushed to Hua Yue and Mei together.

"Total Annihilation!" Used the unfamiliar weapon and made the strange pose, Qumran brandished his lancer, sweeping the three robbers into the garbage of history.

After drawing back his lancer, Qumran looked at the two people behind him with a proud look.

How was it? Wasn't I cool?

He had the confidence to be a perfect prince, no matter whether he was the black demon dog prince or the human prince.

"Thank you." Hua Yue said politely, showing her demeanor as the leader of the Starwing Knights. Although she felt strange, Qumran indeed helped them.

"Awwoo!" Mei was still biting the pig trotter and looking at this tall man with curiosity.

It was the right time!

Launch your attack! Staring at the maid with your deep, affectionate eyes!

Qumran instinctively started to use "Soulful Stare" after hearing Childe San Quan's order.

Is it really useful?

Although Qumran did everything Childe San Quan told him to do, however, he didn't think that he would like a human.

He was the prince of the black demon dog race! How would he fall in love with a human, who only walked with two legs?

Only the Golden Princess could make his heart beat rock. Humans were just prey in his eyes.

However, when he carefully looked at Mei, he suddenly felt a palpitation.

Why does this human look so cute today?

It was an impulse from the deep side of his bloodline, it was the boiling sound of the bloodline of Cerberus!

"So... so beautiful..." A special feeling suddenly started to germinate in Qumran's heart.

"Hum?" Mei (Star Fire) looked at the man in front of her. She was confused for a moment, then smiled.

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