Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 485

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Chapter 485: Prince

The strong, powerful body contained amazing explosive force in every muscle.

Looking at his ornate obsidian armor, the old, mysterious runes on it showed that it wasn't a common armor that could be obtained by mortals.

Plus his deep, black pupils and handsome face, he looked like the instantiation of cool!

Yes, this was the appearance Childe San Quan made for the "prince", there was a world of difference between his appearance and the appearances of the human forms of the several stray dogs.

At first glance, he looked like a protagonist coming out of a hero novel.

Qumran perfectly landed on the ground, then drawing out a black lancer from his back using the coolest posture taught by Childe San Quan.

The black lancer was made up of three components of top-level spirit weapons. A pattern of a black dragon could be vaguely seen from the body of the lancer, which looked pretty powerful.

At the same time, Childe San Quan's plan flashed through his mind.

"Qumran, remember, the world of love is more competitive than the battlefield. If you want to obtain your golden princess, you must obtain Mei first by all means!"

"Before you start, you need to know what role you will play in this plan."

"Play a role? Don't I only need to rush to her, push her down and get laid?" Qumran said disapprovingly. In his mind, this was all the method to "pursuing a female".

"No! Totally wrong! You read too few novels." Childe San Quan shook his head and looked at Qumran's confused face with pity in his eyes.

"You have read a few novels, but novels can only be a reference. Your range of reading is too narrow."

Yes, "fall in love at first sight" only happened in novels. They could be used for reference, but one could never simply copy the content in the novels.

There were more professional books for this!

"The Methods that can Even Let a Monkey Fall in Love", "The Secret that can even Let an Otaku Find a Girlfriend", "Surprise! The Ideal Men in the Eyes of Women are Actually..."

These books were the holy bibles of love, common love novels were just some introduction to love.

"According to the analysis of my Logical Inference, we can use one word to describe the perfect dream lover of females," said Childe San Quan confidently.


"Prince?" Qumran pointed at himself. Am I not a prince? I have the bloodline of Cerberus!

"No, no, I don't mean the prince of bloodline, but the prince of the collection of ideals. The more characteristics of you meet the collection, the more women would be attracted by you."

"The first, you must be tall!" Childe San Quan looked at Qumran's three meters tall body and shook his head.

"What? Ain't I tall?" Qumran protested.

"No, not 3 meters. The ideal height in women's minds should be when she hugs you from the front, you can kiss on her forehead after slightly lowering your head, and when she hugs you from your back, her face can be supported on your shoulder."

"Based on Mei's height, the height between 180 cm to 190 cm is perfect. 3 meters tall... are you going to scare others to death?"

"Ha?" Qumran was speechless. He was the prince of the black demon dog race, how would he think a bit about the ideal height in human women's minds?

"So, you need to transform into a human first, and your height should be 185 cm." Childe San Quan sketched the outline on the paper.

"The second, you must be rich!"

"Women have a high requirement to their lover. Only the person who meets women's dream for their future can easily go into their hearts. Therefore, it's a must be option to be rich."

"..." Qumran looked at himself in embarrassment. He was so poor that he didn't even have pants.

"Don't worry, I can help you solve this problem. Just don't forget that you owe me." Childe San Quan said and ground his teeth for the money he had spent.

He had bought a set of obsidian armor and a standard god weapon "Black Dragon Lancer" for Qumran, which were 10 times more expensive than their weight in gold. Fortunately, there was a trading center of the Sky Tower here, otherwise, he couldn't even buy these using money.

"The third, you must be handsome!"

"Women like handsome guys, from the mortal rank to the legend rank, no woman doesn't pursue high-quality genes from men."

"Therefore, you must be handsome if you want to pursue her!"

"Tall, rich, and handsome are the three basic elements to be a prince!" Under Childe San Quan's pen, the picture of a tall, handsome prince who was wearing a set of black armor and holding a black lancer appeared on the paper.

"Is that all?" Qumran looked at the unfamiliar appearance on the paper and asked in an indecisive tone.

"Of course, they are not enough!"

"Tall, rich, and handsome are just the three basic elements. Remember, women are emotional creatures!"

"They hope that their prince is extremely wealthy and has friends all over the world, but will also stay with them all day and have a high degree of enthusiasm toward their family. No matter what happens, the prince can always go home on time."

"They hope that the prince is drop-dead gorgeous, and is also unswervingly loyal. No matter what happens, the prince will never take a glance at other women."

"They hope that the prince is the greatest hero in the world, and can give them the most gorgeous wedding. But after that, the prince will be willing to give up everything and live peacefully, unobtrusively with them."

"They hope that they don't need to do anything, and the prince will find them by accident, then pursue them with the most fierce enthusiasm, marrying them after defeating all the opponents who also want to marry them."

"In short, they want a man who has all advantages a human can have in the world and doesn't have any flaws. They want a man who is rich and gentle, loves everything about them and can forgive all their shortcomings. This is the so-called prince."

"No! I can't do it! I surrender!" Qumran raised both his hands.

How could such a prince really exist anywhere?!

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