Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 480

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Chapter 480: The Demon Dog's Roar

In the gloomy basement, a snow-white sheep-like creature looked at a big black dog-like creature that was hung in the air. This evil scene looked weird and unreal. Adding the blood magic circle of sacrifice on the ground, it was full of a creepy sense.

"Hoy... hoy..." Qumran, the prince of black demon dogs, the descendant of Cerberus, looked at its mutilated body and puffed heavily.

The nightmare scenes flashed through its mind.

After accepting the light of wisdom from the White Lotus Secret Treasure, it met its first love soon after. It should’ve been a remarkable day, but because of that damn maid, it was killed and sliced into pieces.

Its heart was pierced through by a sharp sword, and at the end of its mind, something dragged it into the deep underground world.

It was even deeper than hell and as endless as the abyss. A snow white sheep foot stepped onto its body, it saw an evil eye.

It was revived, then died quickly. Its body was twisted by some great power, recovered, broke again, and recovered again. The pain was even a hundred times crueler than death itself.

"I... revived!"

"I! Qumran! I'm back!" The black demon dog didn't know how to learn from its pain. Its mind had just recovered and it immediately barked frantically.

"Baa!" The feet of a snow-white sheep trampled on Qumran's body again, forcibly letting it know to zip its mouth.

"Hiss!" Qumran gasped. Its two forepaws instantly recovered and it jumped to its feet.

The wounds all over its body incredibly disappeared at this moment!

Its body was covered by a deep, dark black mist, there was no trace that it was killed by the black-haired maid.

Not only that, but the newborn body was also stronger and more powerful than its old body. Even the most feeble joints of its bones were covered by thick bone shells, which had become far harder than steel. It was the sign of the third stage of the black demon dog's evolution.

From the beginning, the black demon dog was invented as a kind of war machine. Once it reached the third stage, it could turn into a super unit on the battlefield, massacring the armies of its enemy. In this form, its combat power was far stronger than common hero ranked demons.

The Third Stage Black Demon Dog, this was the title of the black demon dogs in this stage. Starting from this stage, the black demon dogs would evolve into different forms based on the enemies they swallowed.

Bloodthirsty Black Demon Dog, whose characteristics were to attack and bite its enemies frantically.

Steel Black Demon Dog, whose body was as strong as steel.

Wisdom Black Demon Dog, who had a smart head and was good at commanding other demons.

In the first and second stage, black demon dogs were just a kind of cannon fodder that were used to consume the power of the enemy, the Third Stage Black Demon Dogs were really the elites of the demon army. In the war against demons, countless hero ranked people died under the paws of them.

As the prince of the Black Demon Dogs, Qumran's bloodline was perfect.

Its body had all the advantages of other black demon dogs: its teeth were sharper than Bloodthirsty Black Demon Dog, its defense was stronger than Steel Black Demon Dog, and its wisdom was much higher than any Wisdom Black Demon Dogs.

"It's time for hunting!" Climbing up from the ground, Qumran looked at its new body and howled. It was going to go looking for its dream lover again.

"Baa!" Again, the evil god trampled on its body with an unpleasant bleat.

"Master Evil God said that you are looking for death if you just go out like that." Childe San Quan looked at the howling black demon dog and shook his head.

Even though it had obtained wisdom, it was still a dog. Although it had the bloodline of Cerberus, it didn't know how to restrain its desire.

This kind of cannon fodder can't be of much use.

"Let go of me! Let go of me!"

"My light of life, my golden princess! She is waiting for me!"

"I will save her from that bad human! Roarrrrrrr!"

The whole basement was going to collapse because of the black demon dog's struggle. After entering the third form, Qumran's strength was stronger than most hero ranked humans, and its body was far harder than any humans.

Its paws easily scratched open the ground. Looking at this, Childe San Quan couldn't help the twitching of his eyelids.

It seemed that the notorious black demon dog race wasn't just the evil race in a fairy book.

Judging from its strength, it could probably kill a thousand green hippos easily, none of the hero ranked humans could be compared with it.

The difference between 1 unit strength and 100 unit strength couldn't be filled easily. For example, if Person A's strength was 1 unit, and Person B's strength was 2 unit, it didn't mean that 2 Peron A was match for 1 Person B. In this case, Person B could easily beat down 10 Person A.

In the war against demons, countless races were eliminated by the Black Demon Dog Race, and from the mountain of flesh and blood, finally, the monster called Cerberus was born.

As the most terrible legend rank creature in the war against demons, Cerberus was called the "God Eater Beast". Like the three Deicide Sky Swords, it really ate so-called immortal gods.

Yes, it didn't eat just a god, but a lot of gods, including the legend ranked gods of the Western God's Domain and even the evil gods of the demon's camp.

Qumran inherited the bloodline of this God Eater Beast, no wonder that the great evil god, Tlahuizcalpantecuhtli thought that it had a high value, and revived it using a taboo magic of sacrifice.

It wasn't easy to find the animals that could be used in the magic of sacrifice in this remote sword domain. Fortunately, because of the White Lotus Secret Treasure, a lot of common animals evolved, and they narrowly met the requirements of the magic of sacrifice.

Now, the magic of sacrifice just successfully accomplished, but this black demon dog was going to look for its death again? So stupid!

Although Childe San Quan thought so, he wouldn't say it out loud.

Anyway, this dog was a fool, but it had high value. He was looking forward to using it as a stud dog to develop an army of black demon dogs.

"Since you are blessed by the great Tlahuizcalpantecuhtli, you are our most honorable guest. Tell me your trouble, Qumran, I can help you!" Childe San Quan smiled and planned to humbug this brainless dog.