Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 479

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Chapter 479: The Princess Who Climbs Over the Wall

Cutting Class was a rare thing in the Sword Palace, because in non-holiday times, the formal disciples were rarely allowed let out of the Sword Palace.

All of the formal disciples were the best geniuses in their homeland.

Arguably, the disciples who could come into the White Lotus Sword Palace were already destined to be the people above people. It was hard to imagine that these elites would cut class.

Moreover, it was next to impossible to avoid the protection magic ward of the Sword Palace.

However, Hua Yue still successfully achieved it.

Compared to Mei Lan who followed the rules like a book, "learning how to use rules and form her own rules" was also a privilege of superordinate people.

Moreover, none of the eight virtues of a knight said that she couldn't cut class.

Hua Yue smiled, looking at Mei who was climbing over the wall together with her. If other people saw that the elegant leader of the Starwing Knights was climbing over the wall, they would be Petrified.

Why did she know the method of how to pass through the protection magic ward of the Sword Palace, which was called the Absolute Shield? It was because of an accident.

Her holy beetle accidentally saw Mei's secret, the secret that she could freely go out of and into the Sword Palace.

Of course, as the leader of the Starwing Knights, she would also keep this secret of Mei’s in her heart.

A secret was naturally a valuable resource. Compared to Mei Lan's behavior of controlling all of the details, Hua Yue's method was softer and more effective.

It was a knowledge that civilians could never learn from books.

Hua Yue just didn't expect that she would use this secret now.

The Shield of the Sword Palace, which was said that could block the attack of the legend rank, naturally exposed a big hole in front of them, letting them walk out of the secret garden with ease.

"Pang! Pang!" Even Hua Yue, when she passed through the Protection Shield which was said to be connected with the defence system of the Sky Tower, her heart couldn't stop from pounding fast.

Because rules can't be broken, the feeling was so addictive when trying to break it.

The more she complied with the rules, the more pleasure she would feel at this moment.

In order have a date with Mei, she had violated 13 rules of the Sword Palace, which was sufficient to force her to drop out of the Sword Palace.

Because of Mei, she had the confidence to challenge these rules, and she believed that what she did could be forgiven.

Because Mei was special.

No, it wasn't just a delusion of the girls of the Starwing Knights, because Mei was really unique.

In the eyes of the public, they would be shocked by Hua Huo's strong power she showed, and the strong potential of the Starwing Knights, however, only very few people realized that Mei, was the most special one.

Only when looking at Mei, the invincible Hua Huo's face would turn red.

The entire Starwing Knights was formed for Mei.

If Hua Huo was the golden sun in the sky, then Mei was the stars in the night sky. She wasn't as bright as the sun, however, only the people who really knew what the Star River was would understand how great she was.

Standing in the corner of the wall outside of the Sword Palace, Hua Yue held Mei's hand and walked casually in the Protection Shield.

As the Sword Palace that once cultivated a Sky Sword, the defence system of the White Lotus Sword Palace was far stronger than other lower-level sword domains. It not only had the Sky Tower that shouldn't be owned by a lower-level sword domain, but also was protected by a legend ranked shield.

However, the shield that was said that could block legend ranked attacks, totally turned a blind eye to Mei and Hua Yue, letting them walk inside it freely.

After a while, they walked out of the legend ranked Protection Shield. Even though she had confirmed it a long time ago, Hua Yue still felt as if she was dreaming after experiencing it personally.

"Mei... you... who are you?"

"Where are you from, and where are you going?"

"Will you suddenly disappear someday and go to a place we don't know?"

"How many secrets do you have?"

Hua Yue asked with curiosity and pinched Mei's face.

The longer she stayed with Mei, the more secrets of Mei she would find, and the more charm she would feel from Mei.

Hua Yue felt that she was a little bug trapped by sweet honey, and the more sweet honey she tasted, the deeper she would be trapped into it.

"..." Looking at Hua Yue's scorching eyes, Mei (Star Fire) smiled and moved close to her, trying to kiss her again.

"Ah... no... not this place..." Hua Yue emitted a cute sound but didn't really resist Mei's lips.

Since I want to date Mei, naturally, I need to pay a price, it was a basic rule in all god's domains.

In a basement not far away from the Sword Palace, a pair of bloody eyes suddenly opened wide.

"I smell it!"

"It's my dream lover's smell!"

"I must be with her. She came out from that place!"


"Baa!" A snow white paw heavily knocked on the head of the estrous big black dog. Now the black dog looked very pitiful. Its four limbs still hadn't grown out, looking like a black preserved pork hanging in the air.


"Why do I have this appearance?"

"Who am I? And where am I?"

The black demon dog emitted an ear-piercing roar after finding that it was no different from being disabled, which annoyed the evil god who was repairing its body and give it a hit on this idiot's body.

"Oh! No! No! Don't hit that place..." The black demon dog instantly cried like a castrated dog. Its body curled up.

"Baa!" The evil god knocked on the black demon dog's head and prompted it to look around.

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