Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 470

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Chapter 470: Garden

Under the podium, Ling Ling and Mei held each other's hands, listening to the history tutor's undisguised praise towards Casina the Battle God.

"Mei... so Casina is such an awesome person!"

"I saw you were intimate with Casina the Battle God. Hey, tell me, is there a secret between you and Master Casina?"

Mei said nothing.

She didn't understand the reason, but when she heard the name of "Casina the Battle God", her heart suddenly started pounding, the temperature of her body started rising, and her forehead was perspiring.

It was an instinct, an instinct that was engraved inside Yun Xi's body.

"Oh... I forgot that you are practicing the so-called 'Closed Mouth Zen'!" Ling Ling giggled. She felt that Mei was more approachable than usual.

"..." Mei looked at Ling Ling's full breasts again with a trace of longing in her smiling eyes.

To Star Thunder, Star Fire, and Star Snow, they lost their mother even before they opened their eyes. Their longing for sweet milk was forever a regret in their lives.

Although their master fed them a lot of milk and delicious golden bread, that regret was still rooted in the three sisters' memories like a massive hole.

And Ling Ling's appearance knocked open their shared desire like a key.

The desire for milk was an impulse deeply rooted in their instincts.

They never sucked milk from their mother because she died immediately after giving birth to them, and this desire became a sense of loss engraved in their souls.

Therefore, no matter it was mature Star Thunder, naughty Star Fire, or gentle Star Snow, they all liked Ling Ling.

To be precise, they liked her beautiful, papaya-like breasts, which could apparently catch the eyes of both males and females.

In some sense, Star Thunder, Star Fire, and Star Snow were pure and simple enthusiasts of big breasts. It had nothing to do with their race and identity, it was simply a favor in their bloodlines.

Hiding in Yun Xi's body which wasn't being tied to a "mind", Star Thunder naturally exposed her real heart.

The moral principle of humans was never a problem to the three sisters.

After all, they were just dogs!

Ling Ling's instinct was right. Today, Mei was being too intimate with her and without any disguise.

Ling Ling couldn't stop her heart from pounding when they stayed together, holding each other's hands.

If she was a common member of the Starwing Knights, she would be restrained and behave like a lady.

Unfortunately, Ling Ling wasn't "common".

She always did whatever was her mind wanted immediately and without a second thought. This was Ling Ling!

"Hey hey... Mei's smell is agreeable..." Lying in Mei's arms, Ling Ling forgot that they were in class.

"..." Mei smiled and lightly stroked Ling Ling's hair, listening to the history tutor's lecture.

"The sixth Sky Sword, Casina the Battle God is the strongest known martial artist in the Battle God's Championship Contest."

"Every time she went to the Battle God's Championship Contest, hundreds of legend ranked beings would go to watch her."

"From her first battle to her record-breaking 999 successive victories, she didn't even lose once, not even ending in a draw."

"You probably don't understand what a great achievement that is. Think about it, Master Casina's opponents weren't just all humans, there were dragons, elf priests, lava giants, and a lot of other legend ranked beings! None of them were a match for her!"

"Mei... your smell is familiar."

"It's comfortable..." Ling Ling closed her eyes and enjoyed her happy time with Mei.

It's was too good to listen to the history lesson.

There are no other members of Starwing Knights here!

"..." Mei was thinking and questioning. A spark of wisdom was being born.

She was exploring the secret of her master's body, trying to find an answer from it.

It was probably the first time she started thinking on her own. It was an important moment for her, just like the moment the first human of the human race started thinking.

Who am I?

Where am I?

Where am I going!

Master, tell me the answer!

"Unfortunately, Casina the Battle God hasn't come to the Battle God's Championship Contest for a long time, but her disciples were kicking butt there recently."

"Let's look forward to the birth of the next Battle God!"

While the history tutor was speaking, Mei found the answer from the body, which was given by the instinct of Yun Xi's body.

"..." Mei (Star Thunder) smiled and held Ling Ling's hands, who was confused about what she was going to do.

Mei brought Ling Ling back to the familiar place from the morning, where it was told by the body.

No one would come here at this time. It was a knowledge that didn't need to be taught.

A familiar scene. Pink petals, fragrant medicinal field, and the thick growth of grass.

Yes, this was the secret garden of the Starwing Knights, where Mei enjoyed the little rabbit this morning.

The body just moved following its instinct, it didn't have a mind that could tell it "No, stop!", "Don't do it!", and "No, it's not what a gentleman should do!" now.

Which meant that Mei wasn't a gentleman at present. She was moving following her desire.

Moreover, Star Thunder who was controlling this body also had a natural impulse, which had made the thing that would happen to Ling Ling become destined.

"Mei... I think... it's not good to cut the class..." Ling Ling raised her hands. As a good girl, she never cut a class before.

"..." Looking at Ling Ling, Mei smiled.

A happy smile which was filled with desire.

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