Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 469

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Chapter 469: History

"Mei... it's itchy." Ling Ling couldn't help but laugh in Mei's arms. After finding that Mei wasn't being bullied, she let out a sigh of relief.

Mei lightly patted Ling Ling's breasts and smiled, holding her hands naturally.

She restrained the instinct, as if a voice was telling her that it wasn't the right place to do this.

As for where the right place was and when was the right time... Mei's simple mind didn't understand such a complicated thing!

It was all the body's instinctive reaction!

In the Sword Palace.

In the history class.

An old, whitebeard tutor was excitedly introducing the biggest pride of the Sky Sword God's Domain.

"Today, I will introduce the life of one of the strongest Sky Swords."

"The holder of the Sands of Time, the sixth Sky Sword, Casina the Battle God!"

"We all know that Casina the Battle God is a very rare Sky Sword who has never used her Sky Sword, however, according to the speculation of other legend ranked people, it's absolutely not because she doesn't know how to use her sword!"

"As the strongest martial artist, how can she not know how to use a sword?"

"A general speculation is that her sword skill is strong, however, due to some reason, she sealed her ability to use her sword."

"Tutor!" Someone raised his hand from his seat.

"Speak. I know you are interested in this." The tutor smiled. All students were interested in the Sky Swords, the strongest people of the entire Sky Sword God's Domain.

They were living legends, the strongest people at the same level as gods! Moreover, the sixth Sky Sword really appeared in the White Lotus Sword Domain. When Casina's floating ship the Sands of Time landed, almost all people witnessed it.

Moreover, the disciples in this session were saved by Casina from the Water God's world personally. Even the tutors of the Sword Palace were jealous of their good luck.

"I saw Master Casina before, why does she look young?"

"Yes, how old is she?"

Several girls asked. Compared to Casina's strong power, they cared more about her ageless face and perfect body shape.

"Good question. I think you all have noticed it. Although I don't know Master Casina's age, she has indeed overcome the passage of time."

"This is also one of the main points I'm going to teach you. It's a bit too early for you, but you must remember."

"Legend ranked beings can overcome the rules of nature, they never need to worry about such matters as birth, death, illness and old age."

"From the hero rank to the legend rank, essentially, it was a rise in the nature of life. It can even be regarded as a perfect change of life form."

"Many of you may have touched the door of the hero rank. I know some of you have had the confidence to enter the hero rank..." The history tutor took a glance at the girls of the Starwing Knights.

"Anyway, you were all blessed by the White Lotus Secret Treasure, it's really a miracle."

It was a remarkable thing to teach a hero ranked disciple by any tutor. The names of all hero ranked disciples were engraved on the sword stele of the Sword Palace.

Amongst all the names, Yun Hai the Sword Master was the brightest. He was the pride of the White Lotus Sword Palace and even the entire Sky Sword God's Domain. Yun Hai's name was on the top of the sword stele.

Even though these hero ranked disciples wouldn't stay too long in the White Lotus Sword Domain, they would leave and look for a better opportunity in high-level sword domains, however, it wouldn't change the glory of the sword stele.

This was also the reason why the Sword Palace turned a blind eye to the disciples from high-level sword domains. After obtaining the blessing of White Lotus Secret Treasure, they also needed to leave their names on the sword stele.

The noble families also connived it. After all, even Yun Hai the Sword Master left his name on the sword stele, they would lose anything to let their descendants leave their names on it.

Most hero ranked tutors in the White Lotus Sword Palace were old and didn't have any chance to go the next in cultivating. They just chose the Sword Palace as their rest home, just like fallen leaves returned to their roots.

Hero ranked beings couldn't get rid of the restriction of birth, death, illness and old age. They could live longer than mortals, but in essence, they were still mortals who had stronger life forces.

Even reaching the sixth rank like the Master of the White Lotus Sword Domain, he couldn't resist the passage of time. Everyone could see that their respected master was becoming older and older.

However, he had the twin witches as his successors, therefore, no one worried about the future of the White Lotus Sword Domain.

After all, they were the twin witches chosen by the White Lotus Secret Treasure!

They could make the White Lotus Sword Domain great again!

The appearance of the White Lotus Secret Treasure was a sign.

"Then, why can Master Casina overcome time?"

"Is it because of her sword, the Sands of Time?"

"Have other Sky Swords also overcome time?"

Once the topic started, everyone was curious about the power of the legend rank.

"Ha ha... overcome time... it's a privilege of the legend rank..." The history tutor sighed.

Thousands of secret skills, thousands of ways of immortality, however, how many people could really overcome time, becoming a real legend?

The legend rank was a concept that was hard to understand by mortals. Even mortals still had a ray of hope to enter the hero rank, however, the legend rank was far from touchable, it already entered the realm of gods.

It was impossible to tell a summer insect what ice was.

Similarly, it was impossible to let a mortal understand what the legend rank was.

"In fact, not all legend ranked beings are immortal. Even in the legend rank, the sixth Sky Sword, Casina the Battle God is one of the strongest people. I know you don't understand the meaning of the title 'Battle God' now, but I’ll have to tell you," The tutor paused for a moment, then said.

"In the endless god's domains, only Casina is called the 'Battle God'. She is the most terrible martial artist in the entire endless god's domain."

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