Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 465

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Chapter 465: Lu Lu's Decision

Lulu looked at Mei in shock, because she just naturally walked up to her, naturally held her hands and naturally kissed her on her lips!

Why, why, why did you suddenly do that?!

I... in fact, I know your real identity... you... you are... no, I can't say it. It's a secret, I should never expose it!

"..." Mei gazed at her with a look of innocence. (╮(╯_╰)╭)

It wasn't her fault! She was just smiling and the body itself naturally walked to her!

Why was this body so skillful?

Even though Mei (Star Thunder) was innocent, she knew as a lady, she shouldn't kiss other people so casually, even if it was another girl!

"You... as expected, you are..." Lulu covered her mouth in surprise and happiness.

I felt it! I finally felt it again! The same lips, the same temperature, the same kiss!

Oh, it's you. Even though your appearance is different, but all details of your moves had exposed you.

You... you are the... my... the most perfect one in the world!

"Ooo... ooo..." Without warning, Lulu started crying.

Finally, I have waited for this time for such a long time, I meet you again.

My emperor, my faith and belief, the only one I love in this world.

This moment, the pharmacist Lulu and the swordsman Lulu finally became the same person, making no distinction.

Because they were loving the same person.

He was the chosen one of the Water God's World, he was the White Emperor in the endless mist, he was the beloved one of the Water God.

At the same time, he was also the person in the swordsman Lulu's heart.

"..." Mei (Star Thunder) looked at the crying Lulu at a loss. She didn't know what she should do in the face of these tears.

It doesn't matter, I don't understand, but the master of the body understands it and knows what he should do to let the girl smile through the tears.

With the experience of dealing with "a million brides", it becomes an instinct in this body.

Although Lulu wasn't crying for, "that thing", she was crying with joy.

However, the White Emperor only needed one method to comfort the crying girl, which had been proved countless times.

No matter who the bride was, they couldn't resist his gentle move and intimate behavior.

As the first bride, naturally, Lulu had zero resistance to it.

Kissing the familiar lips was like driving a light carriage on a familiar road, he slowly sucked her sweet tongue, until the shy Lulu's body became limp and fell into his arms.

Well... do I need to keep smiling at this moment?

"..." Mei didn't know the reason, because she had no qualifications to answer it.

When Lulu's mind recovered, her face had turned red and her body was grasped in his arms.

The feeling of the kiss was different, this time, it was more sweet with a charming fragrance.

"Whoa..." With an irresistible impulse, Lulu's sweet tongue tasted that feeling again. Deep or shallow, the two tongues tangled together, just like that time in the Water God's world. Lulu gently responded to all the demands from the person she loved, and she got rid of her confusion and inhibitions, realizing her real heartfelt wishes in this morning.

At this moment, her mind became empty and clear, instantly striding over the final impediment.

Countless spirit qi in the air gathered together and was absorbed by Lulu's body.

Her bloodline talent was totally awakened!

The road leading to the God Pharmacist was opening to her!

Finally, Lulu achieved the hero rank.

She was the gentle little rabbit in the Water God's world, she was the female knight of the Starwing Knights.

She finally made her choice.

She chose "God Pharmacist" and not "Female Swordsman" as her hero ranked career.

She didn't give up practicing her sword skill, but she realized that the Starwing Knights needed a God Pharmacist and not a new hero ranked Female Swordsman. It wasn't just for cultivating the Dragon Plants but also for the future of the Starwing Knights.

Moreover, as the wife of the White Emperor, isn't it a natural thing to help him use her best talent?

She didn't regret her choice.

As long as she could stay beside him, she didn't mind putting down her sword.

"Thank you..."

There was no earth-shaking lightning nor any anomaly that could shake the heaven and overturn the earth. Lulu quietly made the most important choice in her life in the forest garden.

Lulu pulled up her socks, stood on her toes and kissed him on his lips, as if she had seen through "Mei".

Oh, you must have known my confusion, so you come here to encourage me using this method, which could very likely cause you to expose your biggest secret.

In return, I give you my faith and loyalty, just like when we were still in the Water God's world.

You are my god.

"It doesn't matter. I will keep this secret for you... I will be your little rabbit forever."

Lulu whispered and blushed.

"So, do you want to taste the rabbit today?"


Mei chose to smile.

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