Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 464

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Chapter 464: The Hard-working Little Rabbit

"Mei, are you okay?"

"Mei, I don't want you to practice the Closed Mouth Zen. I feel that you are not like yourself. Whoa! I'm lonely!" Ling Ling gazed at Mei with a look like she was going to cry.

"..." Mei blinked her eyes and gave her a smile.

After all, apart from smiling, she didn't know what she could do.

"Whoa! Poor Mei, come here, eat more." Ling Ling looked at the smiling Mei with a sad look and gave her favorite butter cake to Mei.

It smells good! Mei's ears slightly shook, her animal instinct almost made her expose herself.

"..." Finally, her sense of responsibility overcame her animal instinct. She nibbled the cake as if she was a real lady.

"Mei, cheer up! I will tell everyone that you are practicing Closed Mouth Zen! I will tell them not to bother you!"

"See you later in the Sword Palace!"

"Mei, Mei, Mei. Don't starve yourself. Eat something!"

The girls of Starwing Knights left the dorm by twos and threes.

After enjoying the best breakfast in her life, Mei hesitated for a while and went in a different direction.

It wasn't the path leading to the Sword Palace, nor did Mei know why she went this way. It should be some kind of the body's instinct memory.

Gradually, green plants became more and more. This was the forest garden of the girl's dorm, the secret garden of girls.

In the garden, there was a special corner.

Pushing aside the branches, Mei stopped in front of a medicinal field.

In the medicinal field, a slender figure was cultivating the valuable herbs in the land. Maybe it was because the elements in the air were abundant here, these delicate herbs grew well.

The most important herbs showed a light red and their succulent leaves looked cute.

Apparently, the figure who was cultivating the herbs was the only pharmacist in the Starwing Knights, Lulu.

In order to become the perfect girl of her love, and for the same trouble of her friends in the Starwing Knights, Lulu was always the first one who got up in the morning.

The Dragon Plants in the medicinal field weren't easy to cultivate. Even in the Dragon God's Domain, only very few pharmacists could cultivate this special raw material, which could be used to make a dragon's favorite wine.

At this moment, the red Dragon Plants were being moistened under the morning sun. If it wasn't because of the power of Lulu's bloodline, it wouldn't be possible to cultivate them in this remote sword domain.

Lulu hadn't even eaten breakfast yet. And computing the time, she would also be late going to the Sword Palace.

"Ok... now they can maintain three hours liveliness. Little Dragon Plants, grow up fast!" After her daily care, Lulu let out a sigh of relief.

It was still too hard to cultivate these high-level herbs.

Several times, because of her instinct, she gave up her classes in the Sword Palace and ran to the medicinal field, so that she could save the Dragon Plants that suddenly needed to be irrigated.

Several times, she even forgot to eat and put all her heart into these herbs, so that she could save them from dying.

In this process, she understood the power in her bloodline more and more, bit by bit.

Finally, the memory of the pharmacist Lulu and the memory of the original swordsman Lulu merged together, becoming the same mind.

She liked to cultivate herbs, she was the wife of the White Emperor in the Water God's World.

She liked her friends and family, she was a member of the Starwing Knights.

Because of a fantastic opportunity, the two minds became the same.

She was the little "rabbit" from the poor village in the Water God's world.

She was also the girl from the White Lotus Sword Domain, the girl who carried the hope of her civilian family.

The two minds finally realized that they were the same person, they just went down two different roads due to different starting points of their lives.

During the process of cultivating the herbs, the two roads met again, the two minds recognized each other.

Lulu had become this unique Lulu. She stopped trying to hide her rabbit ears and did her best to help her friends by using the power in her bloodline.

And everyone in the Starwing Knights also accepted her and gave her a very important mission.

This medicinal field was the hope of a lot of girls in the Starwing Knights!

Of course, it didn't include Hua Yue and Ling Ling. In some sense, they were the enemies of all girls of the civilian camp of the Starwing Knights!

"Hey!" Lulu raised her head and saw the beautiful figure who was looking at her.

"Mei... good morning..."

Somehow, after realizing that Mei had seen her entire process of cultivating the herbs, Lulu blushed.

Maybe amongst all the girls of the Starwing Knights, only she realized something, which she should never know and should never tell anyone.

"..." Looking at Lulu's red face, suddenly, an uncontrollable impulse rose in Mei's heart.

Hum?... Wait! Why?

I'm not controlling it, but Master's body is naturally walking to the girl...

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