Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 458

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Chapter 458: 100 Victories in A Row

After defeating Norn the God of Wisdom again, Yun Xi surprisedly found that he saw no new faces now.

Precisely, this trend had appeared after his fiftieth victory, he just didn't find it out until now.

"No 8 star points chess player, neither 9 star points chess player?"

After confirming that he had played with all the other 46 chess players, Yun Xi noticed that the 7 star points Cyber Elf Alpha was actually the strongest chess player he had ever met.

He even had only met one 6 star points chess player, Norn the God of Wisdom.




With clear sounds of putting down chess pieces, Yun Xi defeated the 5 star points "Duke Rome" again.

"Awesome! You deserve to be called the Hand of Starburst!" After being beat down again, Duke Rome didn't look disappointed, but had said that in a tone of respect.

He had seen too many similar expressions from his opponents after his game with Alpha, and every time he would receive a legend ranked will from his opponent.

It was their respect for the strongest "god" of Star Go. It had nothing to do with right and wrong, but a sense of awe that even the three goddesses of Norn had to admit.

Only Cyber Elf Alpha didn't leave a similar will on the chessboard. It was because of her special attribute. As the cyber god, her power was based on the Planet Quadrant Computers in the Mechanus God's Domain, so she couldn't leave her will on the Starry Sky Chessboard.

"Infinite computing power" was Alpha's advantage, but in some sense, it was also her shortcoming.

"Hum? When did I get those titles?" Yun Xi felt confused.

"The Hand of Starburst."

"The God of Star Go."

"The Saint of Cloud."

"The King of the Sky Tower."

Duke Rome shrugged his shoulders and counted Yun Xi's titles one by one, which gave Yun Xi an impulse to hide into the ground.

These titles are too embarrassing!

He was just playing Star Go in a pleasant mood, how could he obtain these titles that sounded great?

He couldn't be the Hand of Starburst, neither the God of Star Go. He was just good at finding the changes on the star maps, it had nothing to do with himself!

For example, when he played with Alpha, he just found the trend of the destruction of stars and gave them a push. He also didn't expect it from the beginning.

After the destruction, that starfield would obtain a new life. This was the circulation of stars. And the traces of the past stars would forever exist in the star lights at the speed of light.

As long as the starry sky still existed, the memory of stars would never fade away. This was the first knowledge Yun Xi had learned.

"It's a great pleasure for me to be the witness of the first 8 star points chess player, I hope I can meet you again when the next time the Starry Sky Chessboard opens." Duke Rome bowed like a gentleman and disappeared.

Yun Xi achieved 80 victories in a row.

"Why does everyone think that it's such a great achievement? Is Star Go really that difficult?"

Till now, Yun Xi still didn't understand why the other people couldn't see changes on the star map clearly. Apart from the Ruby Dragon, the God of Wisdom and Cyber Elf Alpha, everyone always made a lot of mistakes.

"Yes, it's not difficult. Maybe they just don't understand the orbits of stars. Master, you have great talent on this." Mei'er smiled.

They were bringing about their own destruction to play Star Go with the Starchild!

However, they also gained something from their failures.

Nothing could be better than playing Star Go with the Starchild if one was seeking for the secret of the stars. Master, do you see it? Everyone presented their power of will to master. It was an equivalent exchange actually.

Unfortunately, master can't absorb them now. They are too strong for master's hero ranked soul.

The ninetieth game.

"Casina! Casina! Casina!"

"My honey, teach me how to play Star Go! How did you create the Starburst?"

"If it wasn't because I remember your smell, I would wonder if you are a fake!"

Orfina looked at Casina's body with a look that made Yun Xi feel creepy.

If it wasn't because of the protection of the star lights, he would’ve run away.

Because of that creepy feeling, his moves on the chessboard also became fast and powerful.

Yes, Yun Xi started his attack. He never wanted to finish a game as quickly as possible like now.

"Gee? No way, you can actually put down your chess piece here!"

"Slow down... slow down, Casina! Don't be in a rush!"

"Whoa! I'm miserable! I'm miserable! Gosh, how can I lose so fast?"

Orfina felt both painful and happy.

"Casina! I'm going to look for you! Wait for me!" Finally, Orfina moved her eyes from the chessboard and looked at Yun Xi with her glistening eyes, and her announcement made Yun Xi sweat like a pig.

Well... just look for Teacher Casina! It has nothing to do with me!

Yes, yes, that's it! Yun Xi hypnotized himself.

He achieved 9 star points now!

After that, he could clearly feel the wave of his opponent's respect in each game.

On the Starry Sky Chessboard, the code name "A Cloud in the Sky" had become the symbol of invincibility, just like the "Battle God Casina" in the mystery world the "Battle God's Championship Contest".

The 91st victory! Black Mage.

The 92nd victory! Maple Teeth.

The 96th victory! Hero of Might.

The 99th victory! Norn the God of Wisdom.

Finally, he met that slender girl again.

Cyber Elf Alpha.

After 100 rounds, he won.

He achieved 100 victories in a row now!

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