Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 457

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Chapter 457: Invincible

"I... will keep watching you!" As one of the incarnations of the abyss, White affirmed that he was an interesting man.

Nothing could be better than this as an amusement in her sleeping period.

She wasn't acting like a spoiled child! It must be just a delusion!

Therefore, Yun Xi obtained another special will, the gift from the abyss. It passed through Teacher Casina's body and entered his soul.

He had collected a dozen similar wills after his battle with Alpha.

Yun Xi didn't know how they went into his soul, but he couldn't stop them.

The nature of his soul was at the hero rank, how could he refuse the wills of the legend rank!

Fortunately, apart from White's will from the abyss, all the others were from his opponents on the Starry Sky Chessboard.

No one was hostile to such a strong chess player. Yun Xi could only feel reverence from these wills.

He was too strong on the Starry Sky Chessboard.

Anyway, they did no harm to his body and didn't have any negative effects, after a few tries, Yun Xi gave up and continued to play Star Go.

"Carry him out! The next!"

"Maha Mystery was defeated again!"

"I think no one would have any doubts now."

"7 star points... I never expected that I could see the birth of two 7 star points players in my lifetime!"

"No, 7 star points isn't his end! The game hasn't finished!"

All legend ranked beings looked at the name on the top of the ranking list with an air of wonder.

As for the news that Cyber Elf Alpha had achieved another 50 victories in a row... no one cared about that now.

People had understood that Cyber Elf Alpha's Star Go strength was strong, but she was still not at the same level as A Cloud in the Sky.

If Cyber Elf Alpha was the king of Star Go, then A Cloud in the Sky was the god of Star Go!

All other people were just mortals.

Only here, on the mysterious Starry Sky Chessboard, the legend ranked beings would have this feeling.

All people were waiting for the coming of an unprecedented moment.

Who could stop A Cloud in the Sky?

Or rather to say, what is the limit of successive victories on the Starry Sky Chessboard?

"I have achieved 7 star points?" Yun Xi looked up at the mark of 7 star points above his head. He felt incredible.

Isn't it too easy? Why are there so many 2 star points and 3 star points rookies?

Was it because of the newbie protection mechanism? Is it a bug?

Cyber Elf Alpha's Star Go strength wasn't bad. By analogy, 8 star points and 9 star points chess players must be stronger. Even he had to strive for winning.

Yun Xi had prepared to accept the truth that he couldn't achieve 100 successive victories this time around, and would come back after some hard practice.

"If only determining a person's star points from the number of the person's successive victories, it's really not reasonable." Mei'er also felt that this rule wasn't good.

Of course, no matter what the rule is, as long as it is still a game on the star map, my master won't lose!

Even though my master is still young, he is still the Starchild!

While Yun Xi was lost in thought, finally, his new opponent wasn't just a 2 star points or 3 star points rookie.

It was an opponent who had 6 star points!

"Oh! That pervert!" Skuld screamed when she saw Yun Xi's 7 star points.

"Oh, this is fate..." Urd shrugged her shoulders. Since the game was still continuing, this battle was inevitable.

"We can't escape from our fate..." Verdandi sighed.

No matter how they predicted it from the past, present, or future, their winning possibility was zero.

The 72nd game, "Norn the God of Wisdom" vs "A Cloud in the Sky".

"Uh... oh..." Urd looked at the chessboard and was already drunk.

"Sister... don't emit that strange sound..." Verdandi said in a trembling voice.

"I mustn't run away! I mustn't run away! I mustn't run away!" Skuld cried.

Her sisters became strange. She would become the last fortress, protecting her sisters bravely.

Unfortunately, the resistance of the weak was futile and meaningless in this world.

As the Starchild, Yun Xi was the god of Star Go!

His moves on the chessboard looked simple, but could actually change the orbits of the stars.

No matter what their attitudes were, they were destined to be defeated.

"I concede!" Urd ground her teeth and crossed her legs.

"Ha... puff..." Verdandi covered her face with her hands. Her neck was totally dyed pink.

"I must get revenge! Revenge!" Skuld was the only one who still had the strength to shout.

It was too shameful to experience that feeling again!

After defeating Norn the God of Wisdom again, Yun Xi was in a sunny mood again.

He didn't know the reason, but he felt happy when playing with the God of Wisdom. He was interested in Norn's three distinct reactions.

"It's fun to play Star Go!"

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