Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 434

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Chapter 434: God Match (8)

What? What happened?

Alpha looked at the chessboard in fear.

Her world, her trap, her body were all being pierced through by a sharp sword which suddenly popped out from the darkness.

Yun Xi didn't understand what his attack meant to Cyber Elf Alpha, who had given her whole attention to the game.

In his eyes, it was just a simple attack, he just found a defect amongst Alpha's chess pieces, then he attacked it by following his instinct.

However, it was a total tragedy, like unto a pure girl's secret garden being forced to open!

He saw it? Or did he calculate it?

My trap failed!

How could this be happening? It was a perfect trap calculated by my infinite computing power!

She and the Planet Quadrant Computers had planned this trap from the 11th round.

It was her secret that should never be seen or destroyed before she activated it!

However, Yun Xi actually found it, and invaded it and broke it without mercy. He directly smashed her secret garden and didn't mind doing it at all!

Computational error.

The third phase of the Sea of Chaos is stopped, it's impossible to perform the fourth phase. The ultimate plan is abrogated!

Stop again!

Feeling the pain as if she was being ripped to shreds, Cyber Elf Alpha put her hands on her shoulders and almost stopped thinking.

There were not only beautiful things in the world, but "pain" was also an existence of this world.

In the Mechanus God's Domain.

Standing around Alpha, no one was speaking.

The blood red "loss probability: 72%" on the screen shocked everyone's heart.

They couldn't imagine how it could happen and what Alpha was facing.

"72%? If it's a joke, it's really not funny at all."

"I don't believe it, it's not logical. There must be something wrong."

"Check again! Be quick! Is it a fault in Alpha's logical loop or a computational error from any of the Planet Computers?"

The engineers didn't understand Star Go. As mortals, it wasn’t possible for them to touch the highest wisdom in the endless god's domains in their lives.

However, they believed in their Planet Computers, they believed in the absolute computing power created by them!

Could "A Cloud in the Sky" be stronger than our "Cyber Elf Alpha"? No, it's impossible, just like one plus one wouldn't be less than two!

They preferred to believe that it was a computational error of the computers, rather than believe that Alpha was facing a huge disadvantage.

"It hurts."

"Is it... the feeling of 'being hurt'?"

"Because I'm being hurt, so I can feel... 'pain'?"

In the God Crystal, Alpha looked at herself in confusion. The pain in her body was a brand new "unknown" to her.

"Alpha, what happened?"

"Why are you getting this result?"

"Are the computers having machine faults?"

The several elves standing around the God Crystal were asking Alpha with anxiety. They had regarded Alpha as their daughter, looking at Alpha's painful face, they felt more pain than her.

"I... will be defeated? I will lose?" Looking at her hands with her vacant eyes, Alpha still hadn't recovered from the shock.

She never experienced such a horrible impact before, which even made her doubt herself.

Is this the end of me? Can I really be omniscient?

In some sense, Yun Xi had taken away too many “first experiences" from Alpha.

For the first time, she did all in her power, then was hurt severely, facing the horror of failure.

At this time, Alpha was looking at the huge abyss, and the abyss was also looking at her.

Clearly, something was flowing out from her perfect doll-like virtual body.

As a cyber god, she didn't have blood in her body, but now, she was bleeding.

"Am I... weak?" Alpha blankly asked her creators, the elves.

If I'm not weak, why do I feel pain and want to cry?

"No. You are the strongest. You are our Alpha!"

"You are our hope, our dawn, our future!"

"You are a miracle, a miracle created by us all!"

The elves refused to accept this. They wouldn't tolerate this! They spent thousands of years and countless resources, finally, their cyber god was born from the God Crystal. How could she be weak?!

She is strong, and contains the infinite possibility! She is destined to be the legend above all chess players on the Starry Sky Chessboard!

"You won't lose, Alpha. Remember it? You have stronger power!"

"Yes, it's not the time to concede, you haven't used all of your power!"

"Please, trust us! Believe in your creators! You are the strongest, you will obtain victory!"

This was the roar from the engineers and alchemists.

The sounds of the elves and the others, finally aroused Alpha up from her confusion.

Yes, I'm Alpha.

I'm the cyber god who must be omniscient.

I'm born great!

"Alpha... applies to... unlock the ultimate lock of total power!"

For victory, in order to overcome the enemy who let her experience the feeling of pain, Alpha made the forbidden request.

Full capability! Release all her computing power!

The elves fell in silence, the engineers hesitated, because Alpha's "full capability" was an absolute taboo.

It referred to Alpha's highest secret as a god!

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