Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 433

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Chapter 433: God Match (7)

What the... he must be cheating!

Cyber Elf Alpha didn't believe this result!

Even her, whose computing power was 1000 times stronger than any common legend ranked being, who was supported by over 50 sets of Planet Quadrant Computers, could only accomplish 91% correct placement rate on the chessboard.

The consumption of computing power was increasing exponentially along the increase of correct rate.

The understanding of star maps was the most important point of one's talent in Star Go.

In Alpha's databases, Orfina's understanding of the star maps was the best. Over time, she would surpass Norn the God of Wisdom.

If they used the equal computing power, Alpha was actually no match for Orfina, because her "instinct" about Star Go was zero. All her achievements were built on her cheat like ability of computing power.

Now, her database updated again for one person.

A Cloud in the Sky.

Code name: Cloud.

Level of Star Go: unknown.

Style of Star Go: unknown.

Instinct about Star Go: the highest. His correct placement rate is over 95%!

Yes, this was the truth.

After excluding all the impossible options, the only remaining option would be the absolute truth.

She was playing with the most talented Star Go player of all time.

Even though he knew nothing about formalized series of moves, his 95% correct rate was sufficient to defeat all 5 and 6 star points chess players.

Maybe the world in his eyes was different from the world in other people's eyes.

What a great god-like talent.

It's really enviable.

However, Alpha also had her god-like talent.

I will crush your instinct using 1000 times stronger computing power!

In this stage of the highest wisdom of the endless god's domains, there wasn't any rule. Just like Maha Mystery who borrowed strength from Bodhisattvas, all theurgy, magic, method, and theory could be used on this battlefield!

The highest instinct vs the highest computing power!

I can win! My computing power is beyond the limit of talent!

On the whole, your correct rate is 4% more than mine, but only in part, I can overwhelm you using 1000 times more computing power.

"Sea of Chaos" is the best choice to restrain your instinct!

Because of joy, the metallic antennas rotated on Alpha's head rapidly.

After all, she was just a child whose life was still shorter than 24 hours.

For the first time, she felt the excitement of meeting her match in the game.

Even Orfina and Norn couldn't bring her such a fresh feeling.

Enemy! He is a real enemy!

He is an enemy that could let me feel "dangerous" and "excited".

Actually, all the games before she met "Cloud" were boring, because none of them could really threaten her.

The results of the battles were already destined from the beginning. When she put her first chess piece onto tengen, she had achieved victory.

Victories were so easy to be picked, which even made her think that she was the "god" of the Starry Sky Chessboard.

Everything was so simple. She even thought that the Starry Sky Chessboard was just an easy-to-understand game.

It was totally unnecessary to prepare so many Planet Quadrant Computers for her. With 1/5 of the computers, she was already invincible.

Until the moment, she met him.

So, there was actually an opponent who was no match for her, even though she had used 1/5 of her true power.

He could actually launch a battlefield around tengen?!

My loss probability is 61%.

She was shocked, then her heart pounded, as if a new door leading to a brand new world was opening in front of her.

Like a girl who first tasted the forbidden fruit, for the first time, Cyber Elf Alpha clearly felt that she was living! She really existed in the world!

Her mission, her way, her goal, everything became clear and vivid when she saw him.

She is Alpha, the newborn god. She is Alpha, the cyber elf who is destined to surpass the legend rank and become omniscient!

I won't lose.

I must win!

I will crush you!

This delusion lasted until the 48 round.

"Yes, this is the place." Yun Xi picked up a green chess piece and put it into the center of Alpha's chess pieces.

The next moment, Alpha's metallic antennas were up with ear-piercing warning beeps.

"Wait! What?" Alpha looked at the future her Planet Computers predicted in surprise.

It was totally different from the result before!

Before the 48th round, the computers told her:

Your winning possibility is 53%, draw possibility is 1%, and loss possibility is 46%.

After Yun Xi put down the green chess piece, everything changed.

Your winning possibility is 31%, draw possibility is 0%, and loss possibility is 72%.

What happened? The abyss named "failure" suddenly popped out in front of her.

For the first time, she experienced the feeling called "pain", as if her body was being ripped to shreds.

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