Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 41

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Chapter 41: The Trial Reopens

"Mei'er, thank you."

Holding his tiny star spirit in his arms, Yun Xi quickly moved using the skill "Quicksilver Motion" and expressed his thanks to the cute and sensible star spirit.

It was way too difficult to do the Limit Practice in the empty valley.

Every time he finished one turn of the Limit Practice and fell to the ground under the big tree, Mei'er would lick his ears. Her tiny body went back and forth between the valley and the stream, bringing him lifesaving water.

Every time Yun Xi felt that he couldn't keep on, that his soul and body both had reached the limit, it was Mei'er that made him summon up his last strength, forcing him to go on.

If the green hippo's seed supported his body in finishing the grievous Limit Practice, then Mei'er was like a lighthouse in his heart, making him see hope when he was wandering in the sea of pain.

Now, Yun Xi was confident about the second star trial tonight.

Yes, today was the seventh day after the first trial. The time Mei'er said that the second star trial was going to start.


In the deep of night, Yun Xi sat on the roof of his home, looking at the starry sky.

Around him, the small village was so lively that it almost felt unfamiliar to Yun Xi.

One after another, bamboo houses occupied the place where families Yun Xi knew should be. The bamboo houses were very tall, the taller one was even over a hundred meters with huge banners hanging down from it.

"Wishing that Childe Yun He, Si Nian, and San Quan pass the trial of the Sword Palace! "

It wasn't the only banner like this. Even as Yun Xi headed back to village, he got to know the three hottest childes of the exam of the Sword Palace.

"Isn't that too exaggerated? These childes..." Looking at the small village that was decorated with lanterns and colored hangings and bursting with happiness, Yun Xi had never seen his hometown so lively.

"In fact, you know nothing about power..." Yun Xi reached out his small hands, feeling the light of the stars emanating from the sky.

Unlike the last time, this time he could clearly feel the coming of the power of the stars.

Compared to the last trial, this time, the scale of this trial increased by ten times.

Did that mean the stars thought there were ten times the amount of people that had the qualifications to enter the trial?

If so, just let it start. Perhaps tonight would be very long. With this kind of anticipation, Yun Xi went back to his small room, counting down to the time he had to enter the world of trial.

Ten, nine, eight, seven...

"Eh? Did I drink too much?" Childe Yun He was drinking with several noble friends, but he suddenly felt very sleepy. He couldn't keep himself awake and lied on the table.

"Let's drink to our heart's content tonight!"

"Let's walk together to the west!"

The noble childes who were drinking together with Childe Yun He were already drunk, and none of them found anything weird. They fell down one by one.

At the same time, in another place of the small village, the other boys and girls who took part in the exam of the Sword Palace also felt very sleepy.

"Hoo... why am I so sleepy? That's strange..." Childe Si Nian was practicing his sword skill in the yard he just bought. He yawned and put down his two-handed heavy sword.

"The hexagrams are very auspicious and says that I should go to bed as quick as possible?" Childe San Quan was divining his luck for tomorrow and got a good prediction. He closed his eyes with satisfaction, sinking into deep meditation.

However, this time, he fell asleep unconsciously.

In the soft light of the stars, one after another, geniuses who came from all directions of the White Lotus Sword Domain fell asleep unconsciously.

Half an hour later, Yun Xi's childhood sweetheart, Hua Huo, also fell asleep.

Finally, in the encampment beside the river, the twin witches stretched themselves together.

"It feels weird. I have a bad presentiment." Red Lotus rubbed her temples, trying to raise her spirit, but her eyes couldn't stop closing.

"Let's sleep, sleep, my sister." White Lotus was humming a soft and relaxing tune. Just like her sister, she also had an unknown presentiment.

However, it was a very sweet presentiment.

"No, I can't sleep... dammit..." Red Lotus's body shook for a couple of times, then finally laid down on the ground.

"Sister, let's have a good dream." White Lotus smiled sweetly, closing her eyes together with her sister.


"The second trial starts now!"

"Final Quest: The poor princess is locked up in an evil tower. Please defeat the evil stone soldier army and break into the tower to save the princess! "

"Optional Side Quest: The brave girl is challenging the evil dragon. Go to become her partner and defeat the evil dragon!"

"Armory opened!"

"Gallery of Spoils opened."

"Forging System opened!"

A series of notification tones rang in Yun Xi's ears. It wasn't as simple as the newbie trial, this trial was more difficult, and it was the first time there was a side quest that could be chosen. There were also the new armory, gallery of spoils, and forging system added in the trial.

Opening his eyes, Yun Xi found that he was sitting beside a bonfire in the sunset glow.

As far as his eyes could see, there was a great tower sitting at the end of the coast.

The dilapidated palaces were linked together by floating stone bridges, releasing an ancient aura of vicissitude.

Obviously, the great tower was the location where the "princess" was imprisoned. Yun Xi had even expected who the princess was. After all, in the small village, only "she" could be the most glorious and beautiful princess.

Looking to the left, there was an active volcano emitting out red clouds to the sky. He could hear a dragon's roar coming from that place and there were fierce griffins hovering above the volcano.

That was the way leading to the hero. Since the heroine was so powerful that she was able to challenge the evil dragon, Yun Xi practically knew who she was.

Last time, it was a single game line of the sleeping beauty, but this time there were two choices the game line of heroine and the game line of the princess in the great tower?

The love system of the stars liked to make Yun Xi face extra-hard difficulties.

Just like last time, the stars also gave Yun Xi the map of the trial.

Yun Xi just took a glance, then the serried red points on the map scared him.

Except for the green point of himself, the green point in the volcano zone, and the green point on the top of the great tower, they were all blood red points.

"Ka La!"

"Ka La!"

"Ka La!"

It seemed that Yun Xi's coming activated the switch of this trial world. The stone soldiers in different palaces all opened their eyes one by one.



"Find, eliminate!"

Yun Xi hadn't yet walked away from the bonfire but he already felt that he was involved in great danger.

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