Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 40

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Chapter 40: Exit






After brandishing his sword ten thousand times, Yun Xi finished his first round of limit training. He felt dizzy and empty of all his strength, collapsing under the big tree.

So tired, so painful, so sad.

Was this the feeling of continuously going over his own limit?

No wonder even Hua Huo couldn't finish this challenge when she was at the 1st rank.

Vaguely, Yun Xi felt that his consciousness was fading and his body twitched with pain.

His muscle, bones, and nerves all screamed badly, suing his grievous limitation training.

The beat of his heart became fast, then slow. Its rhythm was completely messed up.

"Woo woo!" When Yun Xi felt that he was dying, he heard a familiar voice.

Opening his eyes, Yun Xi saw that his star spirit was biting a big piece of rolled leaf and running to him.

"Swish!" Cold water drops dropped on Yun Xi's exhausted body, bringing him a little vitality.

Mei'er's healing power had been already exhausted when Yun XI brandished his sword three thousand times.

She was so tiny. The only thing she could do for Yun Xi was use these kinds of leaves to bring cold and clear water from the stream outside of the valley to cool down Yun Xi's overheated body.

"You... are such a good girl..." Yun Xi smiled as he looked at Mei'er's expression of worry.

As he looked at Mei'er, he felt that he could still keep on training.


Several days passed very quickly. Soon after, it was the day before the exam of the Sword Palace.

From all corners of the White Lotus Sword Domain, the geniuses and people of good families, as many as there were qualified to take the exam, all came to this small village which was - on the map, an inconspicuous area of the sword handle.

Not only so, there were also many geniuses from other sword domains.

Among all of them, three of them were above all the geniuses as the three strongest people accepted by everyone at the Sword Palace exams.

Childe Yun He, he was the first in succession to the famous Yun He City in the White Lotus Sword Domain. He was 18-years-old, a 3rd-ranked swordsman, the master of the famous twin swords Crane Wings. He was handsome, generous, and graceful, known as the famous sword genius within ten thousand kilometers.

When he was 16-years-old, as a 2nd-ranked swordsman, he was already able to join the Sword Palace but he didn't. Due to some unknown reason, he waited till he became a 3rd ranked swordsman. And now, he was taking part in the exam of the Sword Palace.

Childe Si Nian, he was from the middle part of White Lotus Sword Domain, Sinian City. He was a genius with mixed blood from the Western God's Domain. He used a two-handed broadsword, which was rare in the Sky Sword God's Domain. He was a 3rd-ranked swordsman, too.

Unlike traditional swordmen in Sky Sword God's Domain, his career was a Heavy Swordsman. He was over two metres tall, strong and powerful, and looked pretty exotic.

The last genius came to the small village later. It was said that he was the strongest genius who came from a high-level sword domain of the Sky Sword God's Domain.

He was Childe San Quan, a real great genius. He was a swordsman, but also a taoist priest and an alchemist. In the meanwhile, he frighteningly practiced the three to the 3rd rank at the same time.

His strength already earned him a pre-approved quote of White Lotus Sword Palace; however, he refused the pre-approved quote to take the exam personally.

Yun He, San Quan, and Si Nian. They appeared as three geniuses who had inherited the name of their cities. Many people exclaimed that they would create a new history for the exam of the White Lotus Sword Palace.

Hence, they were also regarded as three top candidates of the exam, and also had the same likes and dislikes. So, they built a small group and took the strongest one, Childe San Quan, as their leader.

Nearly all the people here naturally thought that the first three places of the exam of the Sword Palace had been decided before it started.

For the three geniuses, they had reached the 3rd rank at the age of 18, and they were the strongest ones amongst them. Childe San Quan had reached the 3rd rank in three different careers.

The only question was who was the number one, two, and three among the three geniuses.

If judging from their personal strengths, obviously as a genius who came from a high-level sword domain, Childe San Quan was the number one. However, Childe Yun He had his heirloom, the famous twin swords, the Crane Wings. And Childe Si Nian was born with superhuman strength and had the strongest attack amongst the three.

In the end, among the three geniuses, who would be the number one in the exam which was conducted by the twin witches?

These people came from everywhere in the White Lotus Sword Domain, and had made various bets. Everyone was expecting the start of this unusual exam of the Sword Palace.

No one noticed that from the mountains, a ragged boy with clear eyes was walking out from the valley.

In the bright sun, the boy's body looked more firm and concentrated compared to when he first went into the valley.

Especially his big eyes. Inside his black pupils, you could see a vague sword spirit flying in them. It meant that he had engraved sword skills into his blood and touched the edge of the realm of Psychic Communion.

Starting from the beginning of the star's trial, he stumbled blindly to find the rules; to his 120 death filled battles with the green hippo. Till he killed the green hippo in the real world. In just two days, the boy had experienced too much and obtained power which was already beyond his imagination.

After practicing for several days and nights in the valley, the boy continuously overdrew himself and used the seed of the green hippo to help train himself. Now, the boy finally cleared up what he had obtained.

And then, he naturally reached the 2nd rank.

The understandings and experiences of Hua Huo's seed brought him to a door of a new world. It helped him understand the world in the eyes of his childhood sweetheart.

The green hippo's seed and his experience of death 120 times, helped him overcome his limits, and obtain the perfect state of mind to stay calm even when he was facing death itself.

The Limit Training came from Hua Huo's memories. It helped him unify his essence, energy, and spirit, reaching the limit which countless geniuses couldn't reach when they were still mortals - Psychic Communion.

The boy who walked out of the valley, Yun Xi, indeed became stronger.

Not only his body, but also his persistent heart. Overcoming his limit again and again brought him an incredible self-confidence.

You could say that at the time he fought against the green hippo, he was still a newbie who just learned parts of Hua Huo's talent and still needed the help of the environment to win his battles.

But now, he had already mastered the true key, and opened the realm of warriors. The door to a great future had been opened for him.

Much, much later, when Yun Xi recalled his naive period, he finally understood that when he stayed in the valley to hone himself... what a great change the Limit Training brought him.

However, at this moment, he still didn't know that his fate had been changed due to the twin witches.

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