Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 368

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Chapter 368: One Day in the Life of the Maid "Mei" (3)

"Good morning Love. Are you awake?" Yun Xi put his hands on his waist and looked at Hua Huo with a strange smile.

Maybe only at this time, he could gain the upper hand in front of his incredible childhood sweetheart.

"Whoa!" Hua Huo first sat stunned for a while, then held her pillow tightly and finally realized what the situation was.

"I wasn't drunk! I wasn't drunk!" She pretended to be innocent. Only when facing Yun Xi, could she be so overwhelmed.

After all, she swore in front of him that "I will never secretly drink wine again".

Of course, just like people often said "I will be moderate in eating tomorrow" or "I will go to sleep after winning this game", she couldn't keep her promise either.

Last night, she couldn't help but sneak out and buy and drink a lot of alcoholic drinks, returning to her room drunk.

The magic circles of the sword palace could prevent malicious people, but couldn't stop Hua Huo from coming in. They were nothing but air, lights and strange patterns on the ground in her eyes.

"Hua Huo, don't lie." Yun Xi stretched out his finger and touched Hua Huo's lips, then put his finger onto his nose.

As a hero ranked Baker, even if she had rinsed her mouth ten times, he could distinguish what wine she had drunk.

"Tequila? Hua Huo, don't you know how strong the effect of Tequila is?" Yun Xi confirmed that his childhood sweetheart had become a hard drinker!

"Whoa! No! I only took a sip! Just a sip! It's true!" Hua Huo looked at him with a pathetic look, just like a little cat who was caught doing something wrong.

A sip? Yun Xi didn't believe her words at all. Even though it was Tequila, a sip of this wine couldn't get her drunk.

In Caelian, Black Moon, the cold dark elf, the prototype of the commander of his Mist Soul Army was drunk after drinking several bottles of Tequila, and did that with him...

No! Stop remembering that now! He quickly shook his head. He didn't want to remember her in front of Hua Huo.

The thing that happened that day was like a key to the "tight door" in his heart. After that, he found that he gradually couldn't control his desire, and this caused him troubles later on.

Oh, Tequila is a bad wine! I should never touch it!

"Hua Huo, don't do that again! Remember, as a genius and a beautiful girl, it's wrong to drink too much!" Yun Xi subconsciously started his homily.

Although he was still wearing the maid uniform, the atmosphere around him made him look serious. Listening to his long homily, she only wanted to cry.

Ooo, there won't be a next time. I won't let you find out again!

Not surprisingly, she wasn't going to stop drinking.

Will she really become a female sword master who doesn't know to take care of herself in daily life? Looking at Hua Huo's face, Yun Xi started to worry about her future.

Her attitude really made him worry a lot.

If she could be more modest and stop drinking, she would be a more perfect female sword master!


After waking her up and offering her his bread, he started to walk around in the dorm.

He didn't do it on purpose because it was just a casual walk. Two thirds of the girls in this dorm were members of the Starwing Knights, the remaining girls were also excellent students.

Apparently, the Sword Palace tried to set up a typical example, so the dormitory attendant allowed him to adopt the three puppies.

They must think that to gather so many excellent girls together would form a "spotlight effect".

Walking in the hallway, Yun Xi quietly thought in his heart.

"Mei, can you do me a favour?" He heard a familiar voice.

Looking up, he saw the name on the door plate on his right side.

Oh, it was Hua Yue's room.

"What can I do for you?" He naturally opened the unlocked door and went into her room.

The next second, he regretted it.

Hua Yue's room was just like her impression in his heart. It was full of the style of the Western God's Domain.

Whether the gorgeous ceiling, or the candy box like ornaments, or the expensive hand made wool carpet on the ground, they all showed that this was a room of an aristocratic miss.

But they were not the reason for his regret. The leader of the Starwing Knights, Hua Yue herself was the reason.

Under the light of the morning sun, Hua Yue was trying to button the band on her back. The skin of her back was exposed in the air, making him feel embarrassed.

Although she was sitting with her back to him, from the large floor mirror in front of her, he could clearly see the shapes of her breasts.

"Oh, it's annoying that my breasts have become bigger! I can barely button the band. Mei, help me." If Lu Lu or Hua Huo heard the "trouble" in her words, they would go crazy!

"Gulp!" Yun Xi swallowed. In fact, he was really shocked by the size of the "troubles" on her chest.

What should I do now?

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