Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 367

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Chapter 367: One Day in the Life of the Maid "Mei" (2)

"Goo hey hey!"

Being poked by Yun Xi's fingers, Hua Huo didn't look like she would wake up. She turned over and went back to sleep.

She hasn’t grown up at all!

Only at this time, Yun Xi could see the other side of his sparkling, unrivalled childhood sweetheart.

Yes, although Hua Huo was a super genius, who even dared to challenge an entire world, she often slept late in the morning. Especially when she told Yun Xi to wake her up, she would never get up herself, which was not like a lady at all.

Yun Xi even smelled the bouquet of wine in the air. Undoubtedly, she drank last night. Although she was underage, she had done this more than once.

Just like eagles don't catch flies, Does being a hero need to mean not to be a stick in the mud?

If she kept going like this and no one stopped her, she would become a wine bibber, drinking all day, just like a useless middle aged uncle!

Even so, she was still a genius who could drink on the battlefield and defeat her enemies at the same time.

Huh? Suddenly, the appearance of a dirty and untidy bearded swordmaster appeared in his mind.

No, that can't be Hua Huo! Moreover, she was only 16 years old. From the beginning, no one is allowed to drink at this age!

"Hua Huo, wake up. Don't drink too much. How can you drink on the first day of school?" In the entire sword palace, no, in the entire world, only Yun Xi dared to say this to her.

In his memory, even Hua Huo's parents never scolded her, which was too respectful as parents. Remembering this, Yun Xi wondered in his heart. Her parents didn't look like her parents at all.

How can they have the same bloodline as Hua Huo? They didn't even dare to blame her for anything. When they saw Yun Xi criticizing Hua Huo, he only saw surprise in their eyes.

But, Hua Huo was a common girl too. She would be angry, jealous, and lazy sometimes. Yun Xi never considered her as a monster, even after knowing how strong she was.

Hua Huo was his best childhood sweetheart, the cutest and most excellent girl in the small town. This was his view of her in his eyes.

He understood her better than anyone. He knew why she was always confident.

The confidence was due to her true power.

Her talent was so great that even though her growth was endless, he didn't even doubt whether she could reach the legend rank in the future, standing on the same stage with Hydra and Casina.

Of course, even so, it's not right to drink at the age of 16!

"Hiccup!" Hua Huo belched.

No! I must do something! Yun Xi regretted.

If I knew this, I wouldn't have done that at that time!

Yes, Yun Xi invited Hua Huo to drink the first cup of wine in her life.

At that time, they were playing the game "Playing House". He mistook the red wine used to make bread with juice and let her drink it.

As a child, Hua Huo drank after only taking a few sips. She caught him and forced him to hold the "marriage ceremony".

That day, he tried his best to resist her, but failed eventually and was forced to do a lot of things he never wanted to remember.

After that, Hua Huo had the bad habit of drinking. Although she always drank secretly, Yun Xi could always figure out when she drank and how much she had drunk.

If she only drank red wine, he could turn a blind eye to it.

However, he couldn't endure this!

She must’ve drunk high wine last night, otherwise, she wouldn't still be sleeping now and even talking in her dreams!

Hua Huo, you are foul!

Taking a deep breath, he stopped poking her face.

This trick couldn't wake up a person who was drunk.

Slowly and softly, Yun Xi went close to her ear and whispered the "forbidden spell".

"Hua Huo... in fact... the girl I like is..."

"Who is she? Who is she? Who is she? Tell the truth and you will receive a lighter sentence!"

"Tell me, is she Ye Li, El'phyllis or Milei? No, can she be that 'vixen'?"

Instantly, Hua Huo opened her eyes and looked around. The jealousy radar on her forehead had started running!

In a tizzy, she finally realized that she was in her room and there was no "enemy" here. She finally let out a sigh of relief.

She would never relax her vigilance.

They were also Little Xi's childhood sweethearts, so they would be her enemies forever!

She knew how gentle his character was and how appealing he was to girls. She even found that he once considered marrying one of them in the past.

Hum? Why do I know this? It wasn't because I peeked in his diary!

Yes, as the inheritor of the exalted Sky Flying Bloodline, how would I do this? It was just because the wind was strong that day and rolled up the pages of his diary.

As for the fact that the diary was originally hidden in the deepest side of the bookshelf and wrapped by the cover of another book, let's just ignore that! Why did it suddenly appear on the desk? Why was there a wind that could accidentally roll up the pages? And why did it return to its original place after that? It must be the will of the universe, the great power of the world!

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