Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 343

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Chapter 343: The Sound of the Secret Treasure

They were not at the same level as Hua Huo! Yun Xi correctly judged the true powers of the top ten disciples.

From the tenth to the fourth, they were just some newbies who just reached the hero rank. If Hua Huo got serious, she could end all the battles with one punch.

The fourth disciple, the imperial genius, Qin Su was just an inexperienced young man like a hot house flower. Even though his physical strength was strong, his practical combat skills were terrible! If he didn't have that god weapon "The Son of Heaven", he wouldn't be ranked fourth!

The top three disciples were really strong hero ranked opponents.

The third disciple, Yin Su sealed and fed ghosts in her sword. Her god weapon, "Ghost Sword" was a special sword with a total of 108 ghosts being sealed inside it. Every time she brandished her sword, the sword would emit a ghost cry. It was a standard ghost weapon corresponding to the style of the Ghost Sword Domain.

The Ghost Sword Domain was a very "special" sword domain, an anomaly in the Sky Sword God's Domain.

It was said that living beings lived together with ghosts there. The boundary between life and death was very vague there.

Very few people would come out of the Ghost Sword Domain, however, almost all of them were super geniuses. Yin Su was one of the strongest four people Yun Xi had seen in the Sword Palace. She had a great chance of reaching the legend rank.

The second disciple, Rod was from the Dragon God's Domain, a rare foreigner who had golden hair and blue eyes. He looked similar to Childe Si Nian who had the bloodline of Western God's Domain, but his body was much taller and stronger.

His god weapon was an outfit of sword and shield.

His "Morning Star Sword" could launch a strong attack and his "Steel Dragon Shield" could offer a strong defence, and his body was wearing a god weapon level alloy armor. But it was too much of a pity that he was facing Hua Huo, none of his accoutrements survived her attack.

"Rod family" was very famous in Dragon God's Domain, because a lot of strong heroes were born in his family. The reason why he came to the White Lotus Sword Palace was a mystery.

As a descendant of a famous family in Dragon God's Domain, he decided to study abroad in this remote sword domain. When he had just entered the Sword Palace, his coming caused a wave of unrest here.

His battle style was unpretentious but efficient, developing on his strong defence. He always parried the enemy's attack using his "Steel Dragon Shield" and stroke back using his wind like continuous slashes.

If he joined an adventure team, he would undoubtedly stand at the front and protect all his teammates using his shield. Even so, he was the person who had the highest survival rate on the battlefield, because after judging, Yun Xi thought that he couldn’t break Rod's defence if he didn't put on the White Emperor Mask.

The last was the first disciple, Xia Ling. After observing her battle, Yun Xi had to admit that she was stronger than him.

Xia Ling was the princess of the Great Xia Sword Domain, whose title was "Dragon Soul Sword", because she had a pair of god weapons called "Fiery Dragon Sword" and "Thunder Dragon Sword". She was the only person who made Hua Huo get serious.

From the ninth to the second, only Rod's shield was slightly harder. Only Xia Ling, the girl who had possessed the throne of number one for three years, made Hua Huo feel satisfied with her combat power.

Her secret sword skill of turning her twin swords into two dragons really fed Yun Xi's sight.

Essentially, her sword skill was similar to Yun Xi's Mist Soul Army, and her strength was even stronger than Yun Xi's since he had left the Water God's world.

"I understand... she was controlling the energy in this world in this manner..." A new door opened to Yun Xi after he saw her swords turned into dragons.

Since the Mist Souls could turn into girls building Wonders for me, they could naturally become other things.

At any rate, the mist from Hydra's dream couldn't be inferior to her twin swords. I can do everything she did just now if I put on the White Emperor Mask.

She deserved to be the genius from the Great Xia Sword Domain! If she hadn't met Hua Huo, no one would be able to push her down from the number one throne.

At least, Yun Xi knew her combat ability and combat experience were all stronger than his now.

As for his childhood sweetheart... she was just an exception!

"So, from now on, I'm the strongest disciple in the White Lotus Sword Domain! The White Lotus Secret Treasure, did you see my battles?" Hua Huo looked up at the Sky Tower.

From the beginning, she didn't mind ranking amongst the disciples, but was pursuing the secret treasure.

There were very few treasures in the entire Sky Sword God's Domain could make her bloodline resonate, and the White Lotus Secret Treasure was one of them.

No one knew what the secret treasure was. Probably only Yun Hai the Sword Master really touched it before he became a Sky Sword.

The projection of the secret treasure was a heritage he left for the Sword Palace.

She didn't know what it was, but her Sky Flying Bloodline let her know that something special was here.

Hydra wouldn't just find a random sword domain to sleep in. She must know something about this secret treasure.

"I want you. I have the identity and qualification to obtain you. If you are looking forward to such a result, respond to me! I believe you and Mei are both my treasures!"

Of course, your importance was slightly lower than him. She whispered in her heart.

Oh, I said it! When I said "I want to be the secret treasure's master", I was actually saying "Mei is my most important treasure".

To the shy Hua Huo, it was like a straight confession in front of Yun Xi.

She was actually saying "Even the secret treasure isn't more important than you, my Little Xi!".

"Hua Huo..." Yun Xi was moved.

If this is your wish, Hua Huo. If you really are such a valuable secret treasure. Can you react to her? The great, mysterious, dreamlike White Lotus Secret Treasure!


A strange echo suddenly came out of Yun Xi's heart.

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