Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 342

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Chapter 342: Nobody Beats

The crowd fell into silence. Around the ring, nobody spoke, even if a needle had fallen down onto the ground, the sound would be heard by everyone now.

The strongest person under the hero rank, Zhou Zhen was defeated.

Immediately after that, the tenth disciple, Luo Su of the "Broken Iron Sword" was defeated, and he was the first hero ranked disciple who toppled down to the ground.

The ninth disciple, Wang Qi of the "Steel Scale Sword" was defeated. He was born in the Great Yuan Sword Domain and good at frontal attack.

The eighth disciple, Bai Yun of the "White Light Sword" was defeated. He was born in the White Lotus Sword Domain and returned to this domain specially from a high level sword domain.

The seventh disciple, Xie Huanzhen of the "Blood Sword" was defeated. He was a noble born in an aristocratic family of the Great Shang Sword Domain.

The sixth disciple, Xuanyuan Xiaoyue of the "Ice Spirit Sword" was defeated. She was a talented girl born in the Great Zhou Sword Domain and was good at the ice type sword skill.

The fifth disciple, Ximen Liuyun of the "Three Blades Sword" was defeated and his standard god weapon was broken. He was a genius born in the Great Han Sword Domain.

The fourth disciple, Qin Su of the "Son of Heaven" was defeated. He was a real prince born to an imperial family of the Great Qin Sword Domain. His sword "The Son of Heaven" was an inherited god weapon and the first sword Hua Huo didn't break.

From the tenth to the fourth, they were the pride of the White Lotus Sword Palace, but none of them could withstand her attack.

Even if their swords were standard god weapons, their swords couldn't stay in one piece in the face of her broken sword! Only Qin Su's sword which was a real high level god weapon could survive her attack.

After that, even the top three disciples, the strongest three people were defeated.

The third disciple, Yin Su of the "Ghost Sword" was defeated. She was one of the candidates of the future master of the Ghost Sword Domains and her "Ghost Sword" was the inherited god weapon of that domain.

The second disciple, Rod of the "Dragon Shield Sword" was defeated. He was a talented swordsman from the distant Dragon God's Domain and his sword was a patrimonial sword of his hero family.

The first disciple, Xia Ling of the "Dragon Soul Sword" was defeated. She was a princess of the Great Xia Sword Domain and her twin swords could transform into two dragons. She once took part in the junior class of the Battle God's Championship Contest and had possessed the throne as the number one for three years. Although she was thought of as the strongest female swordsman, she was still defeated.

When her twin swords were knocked out of her hands and the dragon soul of flame and lightning collapsed and disappeared from her body, everything that happened had taken their breath looking at this scene.

They just witnessed the start of a brand new era, a moment that was doomed to be recorded in the history of the White Lotus Sword Palace.

As a freshman, Hua Huo challenged the top ten disciples on the very first day she came to the White Lotus Sword Palace, and crushed them all through her overwhelming strength.

There was never such a strong freshman like her in the history of the Sword Palace. No, the Ice Lotus Badge wasn't even good enough for her. All the disciples understood a truth after seeing her battle style:

We are not beings at the same level.

The White Lotus Sword Palace is just a shallow pool to her. A "whale" like her shouldn't stay here!

"My goal is the White Lotus Secret Treasure!" She looked around and found no one dared to challenge her again. She showed a helpless look.

Did I scare them to bad?

When I was in the Water God's world, I was driven up the wall by the White Emperor.

At that time, I was so eager to release my hidden bloodline power from my body.

Now, I finally made a step forward, but... why are the disciples in the Sword Palace so weak? Only the last girl made me become a bit serious, and I was just crushing the others.

You guys are already at the hero rank! Originally, I could find so many topics talking with the twin witches, and I know they are not inferior to me, but... why are the others in the Sword Palace so weak?

"Cough..." On the ring, Xia Ling stood up with a kind of stagger. She gazed at Hua Huo with an unbelievable look.

"From now on, you are the number one disciple of the White Lotus Sword Domain."

Xia Ling was born in the strongest sword domain, the Great Xia Sword Domain, and was once taught by a Sky Sword for a period of time. To her, the thing that happened just now was like a nightmare.

This 16 years old girl named "Hua Huo" shouldn't stay in the White Lotus Sword Domain! Even in the strongest Great Xia Sword Domain, where three Sky Swords developed, she was still amongst the queue of the strongest. Xia Ling admitted that she didn't even know where her limit was.

It looked like "defeat the top ten disciples" wasn't even harder than "trample a group of ants to death" to her. Xia Ling couldn't even feel her discontent when she defeated her.

What a monster she is!

Why didn't she go take part in the Battle God's Championship Contest? If she went, there wouldn't be any position for other geniuses!

It couldn't even be called a "battle" but was just an experience of "being crushed". The stronger they were, the more distance between their powers they could feel. Even comparing Hua Huo with the "monsters" Xia Ling had seen in the Battle God's Championship Contest, she didn't think that the other "monsters" would stand a chance of winning against her.

"Does anyone want to challenge me?" With expectations, she drew out her broken sword and looked around again.




No one replied. Some "predecessors" even pinched their faces, trying to prove that this was just a ridiculous dream.

However, several girls of the Starwing Knights itched for a try, but finally didn’t come to the ring.

"I still need time." Hua Yue calculated the time she needed before reaching the hero rank.

"No, not now." Xiao Cao pressed on her sword, stopping it from flying out of the sheath itself.

"If I can successfully make that 'medicine'..." Lu Lu bit her fingers and thought.

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