Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 336

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Chapter 336: Sky Tower

The rabbit ears not only stood for her aroused Pharmacist talent, but was also a symbol of her choice and belief.

Originally, she had decided to live in the Water God's world as the White Emperor's bride, but finally changed her mind and left.

No one knew the reason behind it. After that, she returned to the Sword Palace camp together with the other Starwing Knights girls.

It looked like they didn't change too much from before entering the Water God's world.

However, only they themselves knew that something had changed, like a white paper which was discoloured, it couldn't be called white paper again.

The two characters in Lu Lu's heart had blended, the two distinct paths had combined into one.

At this moment, she only looked at Yun Xi silently and gently, remaining indifferent whether granted favours or subjected to humiliation.

The common Lu Lu had disappeared, at this moment, the girl who looked at Yun Xi with her gentle eyes was the princess of the White Emperor, the core of the Mist Soul Army.

Being gazed at by Lu Lu, although he believed that his disguise was perfect, he still wondered whether she had found something.

"Have we arrived at the Sword Palace?" Yun Xi felt guilty and changed the topic stiffly, but he indeed felt a bit surprised.

Originally, if he took the White Lotus floating ship, the trip from the Eye of Storm to the Sword Palace would spend several days.

But now, Casina's floating ship "The Sands of Time" only flew a day and a night and now they had arrived at the destination.

It deserved to be the sixth Sky Sword's floating ship. The crashed White Lotus could fly at a supersonic speed, and "The Sands of Time" was ten times faster than the White Lotus.

"Yes." Lu Lu nodded and held his hand naturally. They walked out of the room and came to the floor.

"Look, it's the Sword Palace, the peak-point of the entire White Lotus Sword Domain!"

"Oh god, it's really a lotus! I thought that it was just a tale!"

"It's said that the White Lotus Secret Treasure is hiding there, but no one has found it."

The girls gathered together and exclaimed looking at the buildings under the floating ship.

"It's... beautiful..." Basking in the sun, Yun Xi squinted his eyes and saw the real appearance of the White Lotus Sword Palace.

Amongst all lower-level sword domains, the Sword Palace in White Lotus Sword Domain was the most special one.

Sword-shaped mountains were all over the Sword Palace and these mountains formed a layer of sword formations one layer after another.

The core of the Sword Palace was a huge white lotus formed by these sword formations.

Looking down from the floor of the floating ship, the entire White Lotus Sword Palace was like a lotus blooming at the peak of this world, emitting infinite sword-shaped lights.

"No wonder that it's Yun Hai, the Sword Master's heritage. Even a lot of middle-level sword domains don't have such a special Sword Palace."

"A lot of students will come to this Sword Palace year after year, and some of them are even from other god's domains."

"Look, the Sky Tower!" Quickly, everyone shifted their attentions to the core of the Sword Palace, where there was a tall tower.

It was made of unknown materials, soaring into the sky. It was even taller than the height of the floating ship and even though they raised their heads, they couldn't see the top of the tower.

Even in daytime, people could see countless mysterious lights that crossed, gathered and spread out from the tower to the end of the boundless starry sky.

"This is... the Sky Tower..." Yun Xi bated his breath and looked up at the tall tower, which was known as the symbol of the endless god's domains.

In the Eastern God's Domain, people called it "Sky Tower".

In the Western God's Domain, people called it "God Tower".

In the Dragon God's Domain, people called it "Dragon Tower".

No word was exaggerated in describing this tower, because it was the crystallization of wisdom of the endless god's domains, one of the biggest wonders in the entire universe.

It was said that the technique that was used to build this tower was derived from the first era of the endless god's domains.

Only the god's domains with massive intelligent beings and advanced civilization had the material and financial resources and energy to build a Sky Tower.

Sky Tower was the symbol of high civilization and the sign of the "Star Bridge", which connected countless god's domains.

No one knew how vast the entire universe was, and amongst different god's domains, there was boundless void measured in lengths of light years.

By the use of the "Star Bridges", people in different god's domains could travel to other worlds. Because of the Star Bridges, the countless god's domains could be connected together, forming this vibrant union of god's domains.

Without Star Bridges, common people didn't have any method to move between two god's domains. And a Star Bridge could only be built between two Sky Towers. The Star Bridges were the threads of the traffic network of the god's domains, and the Sky Towers were the nodes of this universe-class network.

Who built the first Sky Tower? And when was the first Sky Tower built? It was an untraceable history. But they had become the indispensable parts of this vibrant universe.

A Star Bridge corresponded to two Sky Towers. Originally, White Lotus was just a lower-level sword domain and it was not worthy to build a Sky Tower here. At the most, it could only have a transfer station between two Star Bridges.

Fortunately, because of Yun Hai the Sword Master, White Lotus Sword Domain once upgraded to be a middle-level sword domain in the past, and this Sky Tower was built in that period. Even a lot of middle-level sword domains couldn't obtain a Sky Tower of their own!

Every Sky Tower stood for the civilization of the god's domain. Sky Tower would only be built at the most prosperous region of a civilization.

The Sword Palace was such a core of the entire White Lotus Sword Domain, the king on the tip of this "sword".

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