Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 335

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Chapter 335: A Small Temptation

After finishing the unexpected practice, Yun Xi slowly walked back to his room with fatigue and fell on his bed.

Tired, I’m too tired! He didn't even want to open his eyes. If he hadn't eaten the last golden bread on his way back to his room, he would have fainted about half way.

Casina's martial arts, especially the second position Treasure Ship Style even squeezed out the remaining energy from his body.

Fortunately, he didn't tell her that he was also a hero ranked Baker and ate his last fourth ranked bread, otherwise, he would probably sleep on the floor.

Although he complained, he still accepted the fact that he had become Casina's disciple.

Since I can't refuse her, I have to accept it and adjust myself.

Moreover, Casina means no harm, doesn't she?

"Good night, to myself. Everything will be fine tomorrow. I can't concede!" After encouraging himself, he closed his eyes and went off to dreamland.


I smell, a very nice and familiar fragrance.

A light smell of herb, a strong smell of milk, and the smell of honey. They are all mixed up dexterously.

No, there is another smell, the delicate fragrance of a young girl.

He opened his eyes, seeing a "flower" blooming in the garden of a hundred flowers, swaying in the wind.

For a moment, he thought that he was still in the Water God's world and this was another roseate night.

He habitually stretched out his hand that was a heartbeat away from the cute "little rabbit".

No, it isn't right!

I have left the Water God's world!

Looking at Lu Lu's eyes full of hope and expectations, he trembled and realized that he had almost made another mistake.

Finally, his fingers lightly dropped down and pinched a strand of Lu Lu's hair. This behavior shouldn't have overstepped the boundary.

"Mei... good morning..." he could see that she was slightly disappointed. It seemed that she was looking for something to happen.

Danger! Danger! I had almost exposed myself! His back soaked in cold sweat.

Lu Lu shouldn't know that "Mei" was the "White Emperor". She didn't even know the name "Yun Xi".

She closed her eyes and waited for something... It must be just her instinct.

Her cute, meek look almost made him think that he was still in the Water God's world and he was still the "White Emperor" who married a million brides.

Fortunately, he wasn't wearing the White Emperor Mask and reined in on the brink of a precipice, so he could still keep his secret.

The White Emperor Mask didn't disappear. Hydra's White Emperor avatar was just wearing a replica of the mask, and because it was Hydra's avatar, no one could find that the mask was a fake.

The real White Emperor Mask was still in Yun Xi's hands and was his exclusive artifact as the only reward he obtained from the trial of the Water God's Fantasy Island.

In other words, once he put on the silver mask, he would become the "White Emperor" again, who could control the Water Mist Field and the Mist Soul Army.

After leaving the Water God's world, the power of the mask was decreased, but could still let him enter the hero rank, becoming the perfect White Emperor.

"Lu Lu, good morning." Looking at Lu Lu whose appearance didn't change after leaving the Water God's world, he felt as if a generation had passed.

He just spent a month in the Water God's world, but he felt he had lived a lifetime there.

The White Emperor was the savior of the world and the Water God's bride. If he didn't still have the mask, he would doubt if the White Emperor was really himself.

"Mei, we will arrive at the Sword Palace soon." After that small temptation, she quickly returned to normal. However, her shaking rabbit ears exposed her true emotion.

Before entering the Water God's world were just "common acquaintances". To him, she was just one of the girls who had his seed.

However, they both had a feeling that they had a different relationship now.

Yun Xi obtained a new talent from Lu Lu's seed, Pharmacist.

He had never learned pharmaceutics, but through her seed, he mastered this knowledge totally.

At the same time, she also obtained his sword skill talent and his strong mentality talent.

Lu Lu wasn't the only person who obtained his mentality talent but the entire Starwing Knights girls. It happened after he became a hero ranked Baker in the Water God's world.

After that, over ten new girls reached the third rank.

Lu Lu had the highest intimacy with Yun Xi, so she obtained the most benefit and reached the peak of the third rank. She wasn't a girl who was good at sword skill in the past, but she had touched the edge of the hero rank as a female swordsman at this moment.

Not only that, through the seed, he could see that she had also touched the edge of the hero rank as a Pharmacist.

Apart from Yun Xi, she would probably become the second member who obtained two hero ranked careers in the Starwing Knights.

Her rabbit ears were proofs of her Pharmacist talent. Amongst all members of the Starwing Knights, only she still kept her appearance from the Water God's world.

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