Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 324

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Chapter 324: The Water God's Blessing

"Ride a tiger and find it hard to get off", this was the most suitable proverb to describe Yun Xi's dilemma at this moment.

Moreover, it wasn't a common tiger but a winged tiger than could slaughter thousands of green hippos easily!

After having her energy extracted for over a hundred rounds, Hua Huo was still spirited. What's wrong with her body?!

If it was Yun Xi and he wasn't in the Water God's world, he didn't think he had any resistance in the face of the Magnificence of Sky Dance.

He was the one that was extracting Hua Huo's energy, but now, he was afraid that he would faint before she conceded.

The perspiration poured down his White Emperor Mask, the recovered wounds had started to become painful again.

"Ha... ha... ha..." Yun Xi gasped for air. Without sleep and rest for seven days and seven nights, Yun Xi was already exhausted, even the ribbons that were tying Hua Huo were slightly loosened.

"Cough... ha ha... you... you can't hold on much longer..." Hua Huo's face looked both funny and annoyed.

She wanted to laugh, but she was still tied. In some sense, she hadn't conceded, but she did face the first failure of her life.

She was still energetic, but it wasn't because she had a strong will or beliefs, it was simply because of her powerful bloodline.

Sky Flying Bloodline wouldn't be bound by any forces. It was a godlike bloodline that was doomed to fly in the sky.

At the moment Hua Huo was caught by Yun Xi, the battle had left the right path and became this helpless situation.

"Oh..." Yun Xi could only smile bitterly.

He didn't suspect that Hua Huo's bloodline was far stronger than his imagination. If Casina's will was still possessing his body and he had his one million brides' power, it was possible for him to win.

Unfortunately, reality proved that even with the help of the will of the entire Water God's world, he could only barely suppress his childhood sweetheart for a few days.

When Yun Xi despondently estimated how long he could still hold on and try to extract Hua Huo's energy again, a great will descended upon his body.

It was a strong, prideful, confident, soft and hot will.

In the sky, Casina let out a sigh of relief. She kicked her feet freely in the air and looked at the two people in the sea with a smile.

The battle was over.

Yun Xi's mind became blank. Without the support of the stars, his mind couldn't withstand such a great will now.

Of course, the will wouldn't hurt him, because it was from the source of this world, the Water God, Hydra.


Originally, Hua Huo was about to break away from the ribbons, when the will appeared, she was bound tightly again.

Hydra's strength spread through Yun Xi's whole body, each of the nine ribbons was filled with an absolute strength than could suppress Hua Huo completely.

"What?!" Hua Huo felt the terrible aura, which only existed in the White Emperor Mask and covered Yun Xi's whole body now.

"It's about time I have a talk with you, Sky Flying princess." Looking down at her, Hydra exposed Hua Huo's real identity.

"You are the White Emperor! You are the person who possessed my Little Xi's body!" She immediately understood who was talking to her.

"Yes, it's me." Hydra took the blame for Yun Xi without hesitation.

Since she was the one who let him become her Apostle and granted him the White Emperor Mask, she would take responsibility for everything he did in this world.

Yun Xi saved this world from being destroyed by Shaya Longnis, of course, she would give him her blessing.

The entire world and the beings in this world were her betrothal gifts to him.

She witnessed his growth and his love for this world, which meant that he loved her, because she was this world.

Her body turned into the ground.

Her blood turned into the sea.

Her soul turned into the sky.

Even her nightmare turned into the Mist Tide and the Mist Demon tree, becoming a necessary part of this world.

She is this world!

"Return my Yun Xi to me!" Hua Huo cried.

Only Yun Xi was her treasure and she won't let anyone take him away!

She was the first on everything! She was Yun Xi's first childhood sweetheart, she was his first love, she would undoubtedly become his bride and have a happy life with him!

The times that only belonged to the two of them, were always full of happiness. She would feel satisfied as long as she could stay together with Yun Xi.

If this still couldn't be called "love", it must be the fault of the entire world!

"He loves you too. What an admirable couple. However, you should know he won't live in the garden of peace forever. Just like you, he is doomed to step on the stage of the endless god's domains, you should know what a great potential he has, you can't monopolize him forever. Even so, you still love him and wanted to protect him?" Hydra wore a faint smile on her face, waiting for Hua Huo's answer.

Hua Huo cried out without hesitating for a second, "Yun Xi is forever my Little Xi!"

"No matter what mistakes he had made, no one can keep us apart."

"Naught can stop my love for him, even if it's you, a god!"

"If Yun Xi decides to be the enemy of the entire world, I will help him challenge the entire world."

"No matter what he will be, he is forever my treasure, and I will never let anyone take him away!"

Hydra smiled. She took off the silver mask from Yun Xi's face.

Yun Xi's body and appearance returned to normal. It wasn't his middle-aged man appearance that was disguised by the mask, but his real appearance, the callow 16 year old boy.

Take the blame for my bride, deceiving the innocent girls for my lover, what a sinful lady I am!

However, it's not bad, is it?

My cute bride, I'm waiting for your growing up.

As a good lady, I will help you become stronger.

This is a blessing from me, the Water God, Hydra!

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